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[(US) Leo] NEED HELP (WARNING: It's quite a massive task)

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Si smallviel nawala..(smallviel is missing)

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Wow... going through your list, this really brings back memories for me.
On the tracks of some people I admired on Aries, I came to Leo many many years ago, to learn about their time they spent on Leo, to get to know Leo and the people they knew.
Back then I joined the guild "Misery", but I was just a guest for all this time, not an active player.

Taru - is this actually me? Because I never played actively on Leo like training characters, that's because my main servers were Aries (2008 summer-2010 summer) and Capricorn (2009 winter-2017 big merge). Maybe there is another person called Taru on Leo.

Ayasha - I think Ayasha and Ayasho on your list is actually originally one and the same person.
I really admired Ayasha and everything he accomplished with his guild, he really wrote history on Leo, and it is probably the person I respected the most from entire Leo server over all those years.
I really looked up to this guild, more than I looked up to any other guild of any other server, ever.
Misery was a one time deal, nothing compared was ever to be seen again.

- she was Ayashas wife, an absolutely kind-hearted person, I believe the whole guild loved her.

TheScholar and Rosie - they used to talk with me in guild chat of Misery, they were kind and very supportive players.

Metatron - we were really close friends for a while, and we are still friends, but rarely have contact like before, but I meet him in WLODB-forums again and sometimes here, always my pleasure.

KaozReaper - we were really close friends, including some others in the same group like Gargoyle. I didn't really play on Leo, still we were in contact via MSN always the same group of people and I really enjoyed being with those guys, because they were good friends among each other and really funny, always made me laugh. Those were great times. I am not sure if everyone stayed friends until the end...

Wakka - he was part of the same group of friends I mentioned above, he is actually German, so I remember always speaking with him in German. He used to call me "little sister". :-) I remember he already had family and was a really young father in real life.

Isis - I remember her. She once started a team on Capricorn too, trained for a while at burst area, but at some point I didn't see her anymore. I got to know her on Leo actually. I always thought she was smart and it was quite interesting talking with her. She was a really confident girl.

Aerial - did she actually play on Leo too? I knew her from Capricorn as an active player, and knew she also played on Aries. Surprised she was as well on Leo. A good old friend to me, from really nice Capricorn-times.

june911 - we got to know each other at the forums, became friends and talked now and then, she visited me sometimes ingame on Capricorn.

Mercury, Tyrande and Nathaniel ring a bell. But I am not sure anymore, too much time passed.

Tramy - I remember it now, seeing the picture, and that was actually my alt character. So it shouldn't be on this list, I was only a guest in Misery and only a visitor on Leo server. I am sure she (Tramy) got deleted by now, during the big merge. The low level proves that I was just a visitor, level 10 on Leo. =)

"kag0me" rings a bell too, but too many wear this name on different servers, so maybe it means nothing.

There are many other names on your list of people I know from the forums only, not from the server ingame exactly. :-) E.g. silverhaze, Landmine36, ...

Your list is great, I love it, every server should have it, it makes everyone remember times that they loved so much and memories they kept in their hearts.


Missing on your list would be Gargoyle, Gargy and I were friends back in the time and I liked watching him fight, because he was really strong yet still had a friendly personality.

Actually, I think there should as well be a wall of fame just for Misery. I think no guild on no server ever held the castle as long without breaks as Misery did.
*Taking a bow*
Misery wrote history in US Wonderland Online.


Entertainment? Here: https://youtu.be/zJGWv_axOiY
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My main used to be Rapblast23 (but it got hacked)

I wouldn't mind if you add my character, RapRap, in the list. (I consider it as my main now after Rapblast23 has been hacked long ago) :)

Edit: Wonderland Online Wedding - Ayasha & Ledgerly this could help?

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Another one would be eedas

Posted on 2018-04-25 21:44:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

after reading taru's post on misery members wasn't there a guy named reo that came over with gargoyle and isis? 

fenrir (might of been fenris don't recall which called him fen)
zizzer (not sure what this says about me but was my cousin that got me into the game, so i forgot my real family...oh well)
muur....something i can't quite remember

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Administrator on wlodb.com, just returned to WL after a 3 year break. Visit http://wlodb.com/topics/18213?page=1#p104863 for some little light to be shed about riding pet choices.
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Metaaa help give me more Leo player IGNs :D:) Thanksss

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I don't know if you can see it well, but my friend and I were on the Leo server. His character is ThunderGod and mine is Vexsan (who is actually my alt.) My main was Saven. My sister also played on the Leo server with us before the merge. Her character is Titania2.

Man, I miss the Leo server. I lost contact with so many friends because of the merge.


It is so good to be back ~ Saven

Posted on 2018-07-26 06:10:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi fellow Leo player! Thanks for the player character names. If you have more, please don't hesitate to comment them too. It's a very nostalgic feeling right? Whenever you get to remember Leo and the players. :)