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[(US) Leo] goodbye from Shrek

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Posted on 2017-12-27 16:08:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

i wasn't known on the forums here much, and i haven't played in 4 years at least. and i don't expect many people i did play with to ever see this. but upon hearing about the game closing i started reflecting on that time in my life and the place wlo had in it. i had to come here and say a goodbye i never said when i stopped playing. 

most didn't know that i am a loner and have major anti social issues, i straight just don't like people or dealing with them. so for those years on this game that was my escape from that. when i think about the game a few things come out, i'd have to thank the misery guild from back then for letting me join and have the family atmosphere.  from it's height til its downfall it was home. then i have to think about mystic my final guild of friends that just wanted to play together and help anyone that needed it. the countless jobskill quests fiona and i did, i believe in our day i certainly earned my spot on that throne in the cave. and how could we forget the great rabbit rumble of 2012?

anyway, i won't name names in here since my long term memory is poor and i know i'd miss someone i shouldn't. i'll just say to everyone i helped, or helped me. everyone i hung out with and called a friend. everyone i fought alongside and against. thank you, we may have not talked for years, and may never again but i hope you are all happy where ever you are. 

there is one person i want to mention, for who would shrek be if not for fiona? sarah, thank you for all the fun times in game and out. my life wouldn't be what it is without you. and to anyone from back then that knew us and sees this, yes, shrek and fiona are still a thing in our own way. 

this is shrek, signing off, and saying goodbye to leo sever, to wlo. and a hope all is well to the leo family from all those years ago. 


i don't expect many to see this, it was more for my own closure.

Posted on 2017-12-27 17:18:10 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi Denny, 
Sarah sent me this link and it made me feel quite emotional. I think I left WLO even before you and Sarah did, and like you, I have no idea who, or if anyone would remember me, or even if you remember me, but I felt I had to reply in the slimmest of chances that you, and maybe some others do remember. 
It was a tough decision to leave WLO, I was leaving some of the best friends and family I had ever made both online and in life, some of whom are still close friends, though these days I don't get to speak to most so much, and that is something I very much regret and am sorry for, especially my darling Sarah, who is more than a friend, more like my sister and I love her dearly, and Ephraim (Angelus) who still visits us once a year. 
WLO helped me through some of the toughest times in my life and since leaving my life has changed dramatically. I went back to work doing a job that I love, with people I love. I managed to get pregnant and although I lost the baby, it was still a miracle as we were told I would never ever conceive, then got pregnant again (an even bigger miracle) and now have a 19 month old baby boy, Tyrion who is the absolute love of my life!!! and I've just started my own business and am entering a new stage in my life and a brand new adventure. 
There a lot of people I would like to thank and acknowledge but I wont name people because you all know who you are. ANd for those would like to reconnect I would love to hear from you. My email address is cezball@outlook.com or you can find me under cez ball on facebook (I think there are a few old ones but the one I actually use will have me in a bauble on my profile and tons of pics of Tyrion) drop me a hello, I would love to hear from you. 
With love and hugs to all 

Akira Chou - Cez xxxxx

p.s Thank you Denny for your original post and hope you are one of the ones that drops me a hello.

Posted on 2017-12-27 18:28:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Denny and cezzy I’ve missed both of you guys, haven’t heard from either of you in so long,

It’s sad to say bye to a place filled with so many good memories and friends, because a company no longer cared :(

I hope all of y’all are doing well (Sarah too)

Posted on 2017-12-28 03:23:10 | Show thread starter's posts only

I just feel happy how WLO helped so many people's lives indirectly. This just truly proves that WLO is not just a game, but an experience in life that you can't just help but look fondly back to.

We don't know each other, but I hope you and everyone else are doing well. 



So I was looking at my past tweets and look at what I found:
Posted on 2017-12-29 11:56:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

yeah cez, i remember you and angel, and the overly complicated 15r teams we had so we could all play together. i'll try to email you when i can. if it takes awhile just know its not due to not remebering you or our friendship. i've been dealing with depression for the past 10 years or so and when it hits i have trouble doing anything, so things gets pushed back, but i'll try to do it.

ryan, yeah i've had ups and downs as i'm sure has everyone, but over all i'm in a good place all things considered. 

land, how could i forget your deep seated love for igg. but this isni't about that. even if the game had been 100% supported and backed we all would of went our different ways eventually. as is the general nature of online gaming. at some point real life has to come first. we'll always carry the people we met, the good and the bad with us in some way. 

mr/mrs mad tater guy/girl (i shall not assume gender here) wlo was and is more than a game for alot of people, its a community, a family environment, or whatever the individual needs from it.  i've heard the contract has been picked up and game is continuing, but even so i still have no desire to return, maybe hope on randomly but no return. but i'll always have the memories (the ones i can hang on to) of the people.  

ps...may you some day stop being a mad tater and become the delicious french fry that you can be.

Posted on 2017-12-29 12:00:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

it's kinda sad, and kind of funny, that after all these hearfelt posts... IGG decided lets keep it going after all.

also i hope you're dealing with everything well, don't get overwhelmed

Posted on 2018-01-07 23:30:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello my long lost buddy Denny!! I have so many memories with you and Sarah, without you both who knows where i would be today. You showed me much patience in dealing with Shanty and I when we had our down times. I am grateful to hear that you two are doing well and continue to be a couple after all this time. I am not sure if you remember some of the deep conversations we shared about each others short comings and issues. But your chats definately left an impression upon me. You not only helped the wife and I, but also so many people to include my daughters within the guild and with quests. You are one of a kind guy that was always willing to lend a helping hand. I sure wish we could keep in touch some how. If at all possible please reply in a message so we can exchange contact info. Shrek and Fiona forever!!! Love you brother hope to hear from you soon!!
FYI Shanty and I do from time to time log into Taurus. Maybe its time for a Leo reunion of sorts.

Posted on 2018-01-11 21:27:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Zax i swear i wasn't lost, i just took the long way round. i've been getting on randomly again, thinking about doing the i think its 20rounds now thing on fridays, see how far i can get with my 2. if i ever remember its going on anyway. as for a reuniun, sarah can't play due to her computer so wouldn't be a complete one.