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[(US) Gemini] Restoring Gemini

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Posted on 2015-04-17 15:56:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

As many players remember when wonderland use to be alive, all the servers were full and alive, even our beloved server. It was tolerable at times and enjoyable, though we all had our ups and downs with each other, we were apart of that server and was comfortable with each other. Now, as many people can see, even the remaining players among Gemini can see that our players, that were once faithful to our server, has quit or moved to another server. The reason for this is that Gemini is slowly reaching its limit and in no time, there will be no one left to talk too#/monkey (212)
This is bad, even for us, and I noticed as I ventured around each other server, that others are suffering as well, all except the very first server, Aries. I for one do not wish to give up on Gemini, because I love all my mini-characters and worked so hard to get them to their current level and made many friends. Maybe if we as the community of Gemini can pull together and somehow improve our server, maybe it has a chance of surviving. I have a few ideas on how we can help restore Gemini to once it was and if people agree to this, maybe we can pull together and help each other out.

Economic Change

I know there have been many chances of restoring the economy to more "affordable" means, but you can't do that if you have two people. You need more than that, and I am currently working on talking to all the alchemist and sellers of Gemini to formulate a plan to achieve the goal of finally working gold back the original value of the game.

First of all, I have nothing against trading, but seriously I'm tired of others having to trade an arm or leg to get IM or equipment. Or in most cases, having to pay $110 or more, for items...I'm sorry to say, but you guys are greedy! Stop that! As you know, some people in this game are still young and cannot afford that or some of us do have the money and probably don't want to pay that much for it. I understand valuable items, but come on, don't make us all pay that much for it. I also understand rarity, but I would like us all to not make each other in a game broke, because you want to be money-hungry like IGG.
The idea of the economic change is that equipment should all be reverted back to gold price, but not only that, but cut the original price in half to affordable standards.



Red Dragon Gown (RDG) = (Current Price): 1,000,000 gold.
Cut that in half. RDG = 500,000 gold. In other words, 500k.

Book Prices:

Will be discussed among sellers

I would like to do that instead of going full price on it and raising it to ridiculous standards. #/monkey (14) I would like for you guys to think about that and consider it

*Side Note*

I understand the risk of players who resells items and make new players pay that price and have them thinking, maybe this is the price and we need to follow it. NO! Do not follow that price, it will only bring the gold back up and we are back to where we started.

To avoid anything like this with resellers, those that know the price and want to keep this price as to cut them in half, please help spread the word among the server to keep this under control. If you are unsure about prices, feel free to ask the sellers of Gemini who seems to be selling the cheapest equips. Or ask for a trusted seller, they will not lie to you (I think). Or if you are still unsure, whisper or ask among world chat for LillyLuu, then you will get the right answer you desire.


If we plan to restore Gemini, we have to recruit other players who are spread among the server and give them a reason to come to us and stay with us. I thought about when new players come to the server, new to the game or from another server, let's give them a lovely hand with questing. I know we all ignore world chat, but if we do, they will leave us and we are back to square one. We must pay attention to world, I'm saying this because I use to ignore world but if I do, it's because I am afk. I understand people who are afk from the game and you are excused but others, who are very active, give them a hand#/monkey (14)

For Example:

Pet Quest:

When it comes to obtaining the pet, the remaining players are high enough in game to obtain almost all the pets, I say almost because there are difficult pet quests, that are long and difficult and this leads us to not want to help out because of this. But, when it comes to helping out with getting pets, like the ones they cannot get, let’s give them a hand and not charge them with anything. Some players do this already, but I will still say.

Pet Death Quest:

Killing a pet, depending on who they are, is easy. Some pets do not have a death quest yet, so I’m positive that everyone in the game knows all the pets that need to be killed off and brought back. I understand that with some pets, you have to travel through the map, just to kill this one pet or more and I understand you wanting some fuel for that because most of us have the “fancy” vehicles that require some demanding fuel and I understand.  I will say this, if the specific ‘death’ quest involves a lot of traveling and your low on fuel, you can do a charge either gold or fuel wise.

(Opinions are Open)

Rebirth (RB):

Free since this does not break any equip, unless you are a low level rebirth or a low level non-rebirth that do not strip in later rounds of the quest. If you do not, we are not held accountable for the loss of items, just put your newbie clothes on, once you get to higher rounds and you should be fine :)

Job Skill and Dragon Skill:

Will be discussed later


Now, this is why people come to new servers in the first place, to ask for burst from players who are already there and buy from them to get their team started. However, when they come to our server, they have to pay for cuss burst or regular burst if they wanted to, but I rather provide an easier route for them. This is what I had in mind:

Cuss Burst (1-100) Player:
Free, as they will not have much gold when they start out in Gemini, unless they are an alt of someone who is already high enough in our server, they will be charged with gold price.

Cuss Burst (1-100) Pet:
Same as above.

Cuss Burst (100-180) Player: They can be charged for gold, equipment, or IM (if they have any) as I don’t expect them to have many items on a new server, unless they buy IM themselves, but this is also open for any of the possibilities up there. (Don’t ask for all three)

Cuss Burst (100-180) Pet: Same as above.

Cuss Burst (1-180):
Now, this is a long process depending where you burst and how your team is, this is up to the person that burst you if they want to charge for IM, equipment or gold.

(Opinions are Open)

This is just some ideas on how we can save our server and be helpful to one another. If we get much support from players, this could work, but only if you want to make a change for Gemini. I hope to get some support from you guys.

#/monkey (35) Bye!

Do what you wish, but just don't expect nothing from it yeah?
Posted on 2015-04-18 03:57:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

You have some good ideas in there, but how can any of those help when there are almost no people left in gemini... I usually see the server is pretty empty when i get online , so a good idea would be bringing people frome aries or other servers , but we should be able to help them and make them not leave back becouse there's almost nobody around... What i want to say is that we can't have them come there and then just move back to aries or their older server... we have to make them feel like home
We also need some people to be responsible with helping them in quests and leveling up... For example, i would love to colaborate and help newcomers with the quests that i can do. For that i have a thread with more details, so i volunteer to help anyone who comes or moves to gemini... That was all i wanted to say and i hope you got my idea xD... If not, feel free to ask .

Posted on 2015-04-18 19:57:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

I get what your saying :) yeah I was going to try and get people from other servers and try to make them feel welcome and at home as much as I can. I just need to see who all can help cause I can also assist bursting them #/monkey (14) and quest help also

Do what you wish, but just don't expect nothing from it yeah?
Posted on 2015-04-20 07:29:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

YAY, i'm here to support you, and help gemini #/monkey (14)

Posted on 2015-04-20 12:47:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

Me and some other alchemists agrees with you. But before we even start  to reduce the price of anything. We would like to discuss the price of the alchemy books. Normally, to make a RDG  we would need  2 books of 3, so if a book 3 would cost 200k, then the new price could be 500k,  which would be pretty much fine for aclhemists. This is just an example. Any suggestions people #/monkey (38) ?

Posted on 2015-04-20 17:11:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

Yeah that price would be reasonably fine with me which would put the book 4 to 300k, which isn't too bad. However, like you, I would like suggestions on prices of books before we get started #/monkey (14) I wouldn't want any setbacks, instead I would like to move forward rather than backwards.

I will try to think of some prices to start off with, keep in mind we will have to price the other 2 books.
All of the drop rates for books has decreased, besides book 3 and book 4, I don't see many sales in book 2 or book 1.

So if we followed the example of book 3 being 200k it would be like this

Book 1 = 90k
Book 2 = 100k
Book 3 = 200k
Book 4 = 300k

(That wouldn't be so bad really right there)

#/monkey (35) Any other suggestions people or do you agree? Still open for them!

Do what you wish, but just don't expect nothing from it yeah?
Posted on 2015-04-20 17:27:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

Seems legit xD

-Takoharn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


"As If God Will Save Me If I Just Wait Here, I Don’t Believe in Prayers Anymore."

Posted on 2015-04-20 17:36:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

@ Goharnkun

#/monkey (38) Yay!

Hope so

#/monkey (163) Any more ideas peeps?

Do what you wish, but just don't expect nothing from it yeah?
Posted on 2015-04-21 00:03:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

You're wasting time sir

Posted on 2015-04-21 00:42:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

It's a nice idea but mostly noone would use these now xD
Many plans like these failed :3

-Takoharn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


"As If God Will Save Me If I Just Wait Here, I Don’t Believe in Prayers Anymore."