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[(US) Taurus] Journal of a Normal Player

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Posted on 2018-08-04 01:29:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Fiara, nice to see you again here.

TBH, seeing the game's current condition, I don't think there is a way to play without encountering dupped items or free stuff.
1) It's everywhere
2) It's sometimes too tempting.

Which was why I took the decision to leave the game with the memories I had built on my own. Some players did continue to play on and still have kept those memories and still manufacture everything by themselves. I can name a few on my FL. However, mostly everyone now just gave up, took the dupe. I would say don't be so hard on yourself, but also don't go overboard if you still want to enjoy the game as it is.

Your guild idea does sound really good, but then again how can you be so sure that your rules are being followed all the time? Maybe someone can have an alt inside your guild that doesn't have any prohibits, but his other character is full of them.
I don't think IM and forging was a bad thing, especially that it was the reason why our game was free and running. So no harm in people investing in some IM, however I do understand your opinion.

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All our words from loose using have lost their edge
Posted on 2018-11-30 08:43:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

Well, surprising no one, the threat of shutdown has come to wlo again.

I haven't decided if I'm going to move to chinese wlo or not after this, but starting up there, honestly, wouldn't be too hard.

Here's my mini-guide to starting over:

Step One: Only add CON until level 10 (you think you don't want to but you do)
               -Grind from 1-10 at kelan cave (you start with an erem so you dont even need to do a quest for that anymore)

Step Two: Grind 10-30 at chickens (permanent 2x so this actually isnt even that slow)

Step 3: Add at least 50 Con and move to cirrus, stop using pets until you can solo elin quest; Grind Cirrus until lv 50

Step 4: Add enough wis for fiery attack if fire, or all your assist spells if earth or water. Rest into att or int. If fires have all their attack skills, go solo elin quest.
           To get the harl grass to start elin quest, recycle vine grass from cirrus. Craft them into rope ladder

Step 5: Get Belly Chain necklace to grind elin 1-20 with
           Leave elin at lv 20 if you want to lethe her, otherwise 20-30 at senior beetles and 30-56 at cirrus

Step 6: Cirrus lv 40-42

Step 7: If you want to train at Osyla you are going to need to manufacture a gas stove oven. That, or a large supply of red potions from daily spins. Get one of these. Level Osyla 40-60. Get rock armlet before training here if you want to bring pets. Should be able to solo elin gun quest by now too.

**edit: Train south pole from 56-70

Step 8: Now that you are level 70 you should be able to farm the mats needed to get Superior Alchemy (or to sell for shadow pestles). Train alchemy and make shadow pestles. Get -30T weights from riddle paper in fishing village.

Step 9: Burst. You won't have 100% combo till around lv 90 on all chars because of average level issues, but it is still better than grinding. When fires speed is higher than 129, set their burst settings to def->def->def->hf->att->att so they dont gain any more XP.

Step 10: Your fires should be around lv 100-120 with that much speed, pick out a burstable pet of your choice. Level it to 20. Do every pet lethe quest and lethe the pet into a CON build [str/con ; agi/con ; int/con] of your choice. Burst pet to 100

Step 11: GL getting rb with a 180 wat/earth and two 100-120 fires, so maybe rb your pets and grind those for a while and save up for real weights so your fires can burst to 180.

Step 12: with rb pets and lv 180 you should be able to solo RB quest, I guess (if your stat build is good enough). Be sure to do the daily maha for a chance at x10 pots for training after rb (using this pot is 40x xp on weekends!, 20x otherwise).

**alternatively, skip most of these steps and get -30T weights and burst from 15-50. But GL getting gs solo before lv 70
***You might not even need food for osyla or cirrus, actually. After your water has all the assist spells, since erem is permanent, you could prolly just have her keep the party healed. Still more consistent with food tho.