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[(US) Taurus] Journal of a Normal Player

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Before I begin, I would like to say that I was inspired to this task by the maker of this thread: http://forum.wl.igg.com/viewthread.php?tid=74298&extra=page%3D1 . Please feel free to look at her thread first, as the Diary of a Daily Grind Player thread is very good. I am originally from Sagitta, but my guild with most of my friends died while I was taking a break for school. I had wanted to try ever since reading the thread linked above, and losing that guild pushed the GO button.

Hello, and welcome to my guide/journal of a normal player. I’ll start off by saying that I plan to never burst any of my characters, nor buy an e-remote. If you’re curious on how well that works, or just want to lend your support, then, by all means, follow my progress in this journal. If you’re a new player and anything is unclear, feel free to message me or whisper one of my characters and I’ll be happy to explain, and will probably update this journal/guide with the clarified information. Also, let me know if you think I should include more pictures? And should I try to incorporate some of the monkeys/emotes that I see in a lot of threads?

So, I have 2 primary goals with the team that I am grinding out. Firstly, I want to help anyone I can with quests. Assuming this doesn’t take up 100% of my time, I want to do it free. Secondly, I want to get strong enough to get Joan D’Arc with just my team alone. If I get overeager, I may allow a guest 4th player in my team for the quest, but as of now I want to do it with just my 3 characters alone.

As my team is a team to help others with quests, I am making it a team of 3 characters. The first, my “main”, will be a wind. Wind was the first element character that I made, and so I like the idea of making that my main character wherever I go. Since my team is a quest helping team, I figure I will want a stonewaller and someone to revive players. So my other two characters will be an earth and water. This may leave me a little low on damage, but I’ll manage.
I also plan on grinding this out with pets. Hopefully they will all build con. I plan on getting a Victoria for my wind, so that my wind’s damage will be a little higher. If I manage to ever afford pet IM equipment, she’ll double as an attacker herself. Otherwise, all my pets will primarily be meatshields (that is, they will take damage for my team). Purple is my favorite color, so I plan on having a Roca in my team (hopefully one will build con>str naturally). Finally, I will have an Elin in my team, because Elin is awesome. While I admit Xao Lan would be useful for the extra stonewall, I don’t want to train a squishy pet, and I find Elin, Roca, and Victoria to be cooler.

So, day 1: My characters wash up on the Wonderland shore. Sorania, the strength based wind, Kierhawk, the intelligence based Earth, and Kinarien, the support based water.

Before I go any farther, I will give a comment on my stat points. I have 1 agi on all my characters, and I dump all leftover points into con (for the entirety of this day). Roca does enough damage to kill things for me, and higher con lets me use less healing items.
I did as I will suggest any new player do. I did all the kelan village quests (besides a couple of xao lan’s, I forgot to finish those), which put my characters to lvl 2-3. Keep in mind that if you talk to Roca again after she leaves your party, she will rejoin it! I then exited the village and caught 3 poisonous mushrooms. This isn’t too hard for any new character to do, it just requires you to learn the interface. Finally, I traveled to welling village, running from fights (I suggest having Roca out on the lead character for this, in case your leader fails to run). Welling village is in the southern-most portal. In here, I found the 3 children for 5 white clay, gave the little girl her poisonous mushrooms, retrieved grapes for a guy in the upper right of the village, got the old lady her potato (THIS GIVES YOU THE REMOTE, 1000% recommended), got the boat design/pet from the lady in her house, started the woodcutters quest, talked the the flower lady, and found the squirrel for the guy in the woods. This sounds like a huge amount of quests, and it is, but they do not take very long, and can all be done from within the village itself. As a new player, definitely get the remote from the old lady with her pot of stew, and feel free to explore. These quests gave enough experience to bring all my characters to lvl 6 (one was 5% away, but its close enough to be true).
Being the busy bee that I am, I then “spawned” to starter beach with all my characters. (this is done on the computer icon, 100% recommend all players learn how to spawn) I then traveled to Kelan Village (the starting village), and entered the cave in the back (just past the rabbits). In here, I took out my pet Rocas, and set my remotes to autowalk. (at this stage, my characters are training solo with roca, since Kelan cave exp is too bad to split in failed combos) I clicked my characters into just autoattacking, and then set the remote to auto fight as well.

I left them here until their rocas were level 6, and then moved to rabbits, which can be found on the way to welling village.

After today, I ended with my characters between levels 8-9 and my Rocas between levels 9-10.

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i forget how easy and fun it is at the start :) you just made me remember all the fun iv had while training :)
i hope you like it in pisces, give me a shout sometime if you ever need help or advice :)

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hope you won't break ur promise for not buying e-remotes.

Question? Which one of ur characters r mages or meeles?

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My wind is going to be melee, I am thinking about making her a killer. My earth and water are going to be mages.

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Oh, nice, another diary~! >w< I hope bests of luck to you ^^

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Good luck on your grinding! #30$

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So much progress over this weekend! x2 Events are amazing.
I'll just start off with saying that I plan on making my wind into a killer, my water into a knight mage, and my earth into a wit. So don't be too confused as to why I don't add any int to my water for a LOONG time.
So the day before the 2x event, I made a storeroom, coconut basin, knife, and saw for each of my tents. I kept a couple ores and wood for future crafting, and sold everything else. I finished getting the alchemy skill on Sorania, and then proceeded to make some bows. To make bows, I gathered ordinary wood from around kelan and welling village, and compounded them with common grass from welling village. I got 1 lvl 4 bow, 4 lvl 6 bows, and 1 lvl 10 bow. I couldn't trade the extra bows to my other characters yet, but I drop traded them later when I reached level 10.
So, I then moved to the chicken farm in a party of 6.

That basically concluded the non-2x day. I believe I reached lvl 14 by the end of that day. So, on 2x, I remained at chickens, but I split my party of 6 into 3 solo+pet groups. By now, my team was tanky enough to do so, and it meant that failed combos affected my team's exp a little less. This persisted until my Rocas reached level 20. Then I set them to rest, and trained in a group of my 3 characters (since roca needed scrolling).

I let them train overnight into sunday, and my team reached level 23 each. Excited, I sold their seeds and left them with about 5-6 stacks of food each, and I gave all their barley stacks and 2 seeds to Sorania, and then moved the team to senior beetles. These were giving me about the same exp for a much shorter fight.

I leveled my alchemy to 6 around now. (I believe making the bows had brought me to about lvl 2) I compounded 1 seed + 1 barley, resulting in a seed (and alchemy exp) every time. I barely had enough to hit level 6 alchemy from all the chicken training.
I ended 2x day at level 28. I'm still debating whether to take a break from leveling con to 100 now, at 76-78 con, and work on a few skills.

Still, it was an exciting 2x event. I progressed a good 20 levels. I'm excited to do some things besides level, and I'll post again when some major progress occurs again.
*edit, numerical typo

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you have almost the same con as me already o.o

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Oh, you've leveled so much already s51@  Congratulations !
It's a pleasure to see other grind players too /bunny47  Truely amazing progress you've done already /bunny47

Good luck! s21@

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pretty soon u'll have a junior alchemy if you keep this up =p