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[Questions & Answers] Stopped WLO closure, but why?

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Posted on 2018-10-04 08:20:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

I mean we do not know exactly what happens behind the scene. Only IGG knew. Don't really care though. Games always tend to die no matter how famous, unless you are from blizzard.

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This will be a bit of a rotten burp.
It is always funny to read, when people state that they don't care if wlo shuts down or not. Still they spend countless hours of their one and only life on it.   And it's always the people, who are always on and very addicted, who says those things. LOL. In my server there is a guy. He always says that he would laugh, and that he couldn't care less, if the game shuts down. Lol the guy is one of the 5 or so players, who is on 24/7, literally. Like all social contact with the world outside is in wlo. What's up with that? Stop saying you don't care. If you didn't, you wouldn't be wasting your precious time in game or here in this forum. So just stop bsing. Just had to get that off my chest.

The game is still running, be grateful. Igg can't fix things, no matter what they do. Rolling back years to before dupe, will make people quit. Updating the game now is pointless, since servers are wrecked and filled with people trying to earn money from selling dupes. It's a hopeless situation. But the matter of the fact is that people are actually willing to spend quite large amounts on such an 'old school' game, if the game is maintained and updated. Just look to wlom, where most people are willing to spend, even though gems are free with hard work. But this version of wlo is dead. Frankly, I understand igg. Nice of them to let us keep the game, but for what? A big percentage of the remaining player base is not very nice. Naturally there are still some "normal" folks left. But for most parts the people left in the three servers are mostly people with no real life, poor social skills and with tremendous issues with low self-esteem. So they hang around in the dead servers, being pricks and thinking they rule the world. No, wlo is not real life. Being high lvl, knowing the base stats of pets, being able able to do 20r in 20min and so on don't make you anything. It's an old game, that's all. The players ruined the game with dupe, and these days they are scaring off any new player entering their domain with their obnoxious know it all, I'm best attitude. Igg ruined the game by not updating, not keeping security high and by not controlling servers with gms. It's too late! At this point anything goes and anything is fine, no standards for anything. So for now, if you still play, be grateful that they let us have our wlo, where we can be jerks and think that we accomplished something. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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Everyone states good point's and some others have posted solutions to WLO and how to update it but perhaps it is too far gone. The fact that they kept the game up is appreciated but they need to take responsibility for the fact that their neglect contributed to the death of this game. 2013-14 the game was till heavily populated and many were contributing, from the players to the gm. I have gone on different versions of WLO (mobile & Chinese) and see how full the servers are too the point of lagg lol(chinese). The age of the game doesnt mean that people won't play or love it I mean look at Runescape, because it was supported by it's company and done well it still has a large population even in 2018. Also the mmorpg scene isn't doing that well because a lot of games have lost the quality that a lot of these old mmo's have. If WLO wasn't abandoned in 2014 maybe it could have still been great.

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You need to understand that when i state that i don't care about the game, it doesn't mean that i gave up on it completely. I haven't played the game since April. It matters not to me if the game closed down or not. I'm one of them who feels that game should had closed down back in January. Unfortunately as you know, the game somehow lived because IGG decided to keep it up. I have been here on the forums for almost the past year helping people in the forums be it with advice or in discussions. So before you wanna say that i'm bullshitting, check out who you are saying it to first. There are a number of people here who does this as well. Whether or not they cared if the game died, i wouldn't know. Spent plenty on this game and i had already gotten the most out of the game in terms of memories. Every sweet memory have to end somewhere. 

What i'm doing is call contributing back to the society that helped me in the first place. With that said, majority of the players playing now are all scumbags. Not worth going back into the game and watch people spit on the game that i enjoyed playing since 2009. 

Though i have to say, that guy in your server is probably the most ironic person in the game at this point of time.