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[(US) Aries] Extra's free "2-in-1" cuss burst service

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Posted on 2018-04-29 13:46:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi, this is my first forum thread and will keep it as short as possible. XD

I will be providing free "2-in-1" cuss burst services for any level up to 100. :3

2-in-1 basically means cussing two characters at the same time with a fire wit and fire killer. This team requires high attack power to compensate for the loss of one killer, while minimizing the EXP loss.

Why 2-in-1?

- It saves my overall SP consumption, compared to "one by one" cussing.

- Both players get about the same EXP together, therefore reaching 100 together. :D

- Maximize EXP utility. (Both cussee's getting about 200k EXP vs. One cussee getting about 250k~300k EXP per round)

Maximum damage output (1 fire wit & 2 fire killers) = ~240k

Maximum damage output (1 fire wit & 1 fire killer) = ~170k

You may mail my IGN "Extra". If possible, avoid whispering. I usually minimize my chat due to lag issues.


Please do not abuse this free service. (1 character per player)

First come, first serve.

I will pilot your account.

E-remote will be provided.

SP food will be provided.

Add so I can have means of communication.

I am not responsible for any lost items.

Do not log in while burst in progress.

I might not burst during 2x. (Training)

Be patient.

Spammers/Rude players will be blocked.

Change your password before & after the service.

I hold the right to revoke the service.

Donations are welcomed~



1. Slowdown

2. Poison Spell

3. Fiery Attack

Total stats = 18 WIS


1. Water Shield

2. Freeze

3. Sleep

Total stats = 2 INT / 47 WIS

Earth (GS)

1. Shield Defence

2. Tree Bind

3. Blockage (GS)

Total stats = 4 CON / 38 WIS

Earth (non-GS)

1. Shield Defence

2. Tree Bind

3. Terrafication

Total stats = 4 CON / 4 INT / 48 WIS


1. Speedup

2. Shield Smash

3. Cord Spell

Total stats = 4 INT / 25 WIS

1. Genthru (1-180) [8th May 2018]
2. Kionii [8th May 2018]
3. xSoulTaker [9th May 2018]

Waiting list (ranked in priority)

Currently bursting - Free slot :D

Posted on 2018-04-29 14:19:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

I need it very hard
I want cuss burst to my fire name Genthru

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Posted on 2018-06-17 17:03:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

Would you possibly do a free 1 180's for me.

I just came back to Wlo, 

I was a silly child, 

And my Wit isn't...

The best 

I need at least 1 good char

The rest of my chars are sloopy.

I would deeply appreciate the help...

` ☾