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I am willing to help those in need with Quests not 

exceeding my coverage(coverage below).



Cloudy Sword
Crit Weapon Quest


1. Talk. Let's always talk.

2. I only do stuff or go on WLO on my FREE TIME ONLY(e.g. Weekends, Holidays and etc.).

3. Do not go AFK while we are in battle:ermm:.

6. Be Nice(and I will also be nice to you).

6. If instructed, please do as i say(please).

7. If possible, you provide ride. I AM NOT TRADING MY RIDE TO YOU.

8. Always have Battle View(BV) on.


Strictly no FB

My Time Zone is GMT/UTC + 8h

If interested please mail Yuju.

Any requests, mail me your request

After I have finished your Quest, I will post a pic at the bottom

Humor isn't allowed.
No intentions.

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I'm awesome 8-)

If you don't hurt me , then I'll not hurt you .
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So out of Generosity and your Utterly Will to help...you couldn't even provide a ride...
Talk about half-baked..You sure you aren't doing this for the pure sake of getting attention or building up rep?If not..you would have done this a long time ago(its been close to half a year)

By the way MODs,If my message is offensive..Please edit it to the point that it isn't offensive but at the same time gives out the same intention that im trying to imply.

I have to state one thing though...Whatever stays in this post..stays in this post.So any atrocious things(however true it is)stays in here..It is also a way of venting out frustration in this game and towards a particular community..By the way you aren't the only one in WLO that have this discussion with me before.It just didn't happen in the forums but in the game itself.You just so happen to be the unlucky one with the post that actually ticked me off.

Mod Edit: No need to insult someones nationality, removed -Zuka

<3 Nico Nico Nii   
Posted on 2017-09-03 14:17:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

Welcome to the Aries help zone where people offer help stating It's completely out of goodwill and generosity.
Not gonna lie It's nice that your doing such a thing In the community,I appreciate It.

But please I don't care If this Is offensive to you In anyway.
Flaunting In the front page "Out of generosity and goodwill" "The bestest person In the world".
Yes I'm aware this Is probably sarcasm or whatever you call It,
But you don't see any help threads stating such factual statements.
If your sincerely keen on helping people You wouldn't need to state such meaningless crap.

You could add In a rule for battle view(fighting On) as It could screw you over In a hard quest.
As for rides you could be the leader of the party which will neglect any possibility of a unfortunate event.

&quot;Failure is a different kind of success,the wrong one&quot;
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so nice of you, omg i love the pic in the beginning *W* good idea


My Threads ~:

Cuss B: http://wl.forum.igg.com/topic?ctid=96902

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Help Mi , Mi Nib , Moni Pls :) :]]]] , & ignore fags

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Nice thread bong, hope you have fun questing and all. Miss you <3


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I will not attack you as you already been attack harshly from above posts. I will say you are right to be cautious and not trust players so easily. It is your help you are offering so you setup the rules. I don't known you so I taking what you wrote as it is. Maybe you have good intentions or just saying you are kind hearted but really have devious intentions underneath. I don't know and I will not judge you since it is wrong to Dons. Anyway, congrats are being kind and helping others. I hope you help a lot of players and :-)

Show kindness; not hatred to others :-)

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Posted on 2017-09-09 05:24:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

Congratulations killer702

I took forever to finish but still, its help

Note: zain is NOT me. That is Vegitta

Another Note: if you're just gonna comment meanly, go away please :cwy:

Humor isn&#039;t allowed.
No intentions.

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OMG Bong you`re so pro:heart: :O

Ready to set the world on fire.