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[(US) Aries] Marks Cuss Burst Services

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I am new to this forum stuff so i'll try my best.
I started selling cuss burst because i noticed not many people do it anymore.
My prices are quite low for now since im just starting. Here's some info:

- Selling 1-100 and 1-180 for human and 1-100 for pet
- I pilot and i'll provide Eremote
- I sell cuss burst for every pet except for Charlotte and Monkey

My clients exp right now (no 2xp) - Exp lays around 40k-65k during no 2xp. (80k if really lucky)

When 2xp:

The accounts i use:
Fearreaper: Killer - 2.4k Atk (32% crit)

Koroko: Killer - 1.5k Atk (22% crit)

MrMark: Wit - 2k Matk (36% crit)

With damages inbetween 36k( no cuss) and 101k (Cuss and crit)(130k if very lucky)

You can also come watch the team. I burst in Aries 3 at the beetle spot. Leading: Fearreaper

I have asked the clients if I can use them as referendum. So they accounts you see on this thread agreed.
You can ask them about their expirience with me. =)

Now to the prices:
1-180 = 2SS (Free Rb if wanted)
1-100 = 1PL
1-100 = 1PL

Leave the payment on the char. I provide food and I pilot it.

To apply or for more info mail MrMark or Fearreaper

Finished clients:
MRI: 1-100. Shasha 1-100

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Decent prices. Could add more exp pictures maybe. Good luck!

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Package 1 has a weird pricing.

Package 1 is a combine of Package 3 and 4 + additional RB.
However the pricing completely doesn't adds up buying separate packages(3,4).
Costs a grand total of : 2SS+PL
No way Is RB 1SS+PL,Shouldn't a combined package be cheaper then separately?.

Along with that package 2 has the same exact problem I've listed.
I understand this Is completely based on your choice.However from a buyer's view It feels like a force buy strategy to force the consumer to purchase separately.

Regardless Good luck with your business.

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Adjusted your suggestions

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Why are you hiding the team level? Isn't the point of posting pictures of your team is to view ATK/MTK and level? If your characters are a decent level people would consider buying off you even more.
I also find your price listing kinda confusing. It made me look more than twice to understand what each package offers.
Like package 4 is just basically Human 1-180 it's not even a package. I would suggest you would list separate prices first, then proceed with your packages. 
Human Burst:-
1-180 = ~~~~
1-150 = ~~~~
1-100 = ~~~~~

Pet Burst:-
1-100 = ~~~~

Special packages:-
1-180 human + 1-100 pet + RB = ~~~~

You know just a thought to improve if you want.
Good luck with your business.

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