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[(US) Aries] Lantern's Cuss Selling!<3(Please Read All)

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Posted on 2017-03-09 19:51:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

  Hello Everyone!:heart:

        My name is Auzu(Short for Auzuraya).

IG you probably know me as:Lantern//LampzzZ//SpoonzZ

~I've decided (and figured out how to use e.r hack >.< ) to start selling cuss!~

I would like to be kind to people and gain trust though helping others in game and maybe outside of game!<3

Our server is packed to the brim with scammers and liars so I would love to add some positivity back into Aries!~

The Chars I will be using atm will be:Lantern/LampzzZ/SpoonzZ


1-50= FREE!

(Anyone who wants a start 1-50 new players or alts welcome!<3)

1-100= 1SS



If you are at a level not on the price chart please PM Lantern!

We will discuss the price point!


The average exp I get is between 34k-45k


I can burst pets including


I still have no clue how long it will take, I will update the thread after I find an average time.


I will be honest, I have no idea how long it will take. Around two weeks depending on my schedule for 1-180, a week or few days for 1-100, and a day or so 1-50(ON NON 2X DAYS)


1. I pilot (please change your password before to something like "cusspassword19" for example and after)

2. Please give me time, I'm new to selling cuss and still don't know the general times as mentioned before.

3.Please take off all items of value before I cuss, I don't want to risk something going missing and being blamed!

4.I will supply food and E.R so don't fret

5.Please do NOT try and log on while I'm cussing. Use an alt or add one of mine to check the progress of your acc.

6.Leave the payment in the Inventory of your character that I am cussing, if it is not there when I log on I will not continue.

Thank very much for reading my thread! 

This is my first one like this and I hope it helps ^-^

Feel free to critique and let me know if anything is missing, just PM Lantern.

I'm almost always "Online" but sometimes AFK, I'll get back to you ASAP 

Have a lovely day!<3


No one ATM

Next up will be:


This is first come first serve, please know I only have one team and if Im helping someone it will be a little until your turn!<3

Posted on 2017-03-09 21:31:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

I like the self made images of SS and PL. Good luck with your sales. If there's any help or advice you require you can contact me either on forum or ingame. I must confess though that with your current damage and team you will take 2 weeks for sure, if not more, for 1-180.

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I'm not sure about the timings as well but when I first started with a team of 1.1k~1.3k I had the following timings:
1-180 15~17days
1-100 17~20hours

You'll probably get slightly slower timings to those or faster If your doing It 24/7.

Good luck with your sales regardless and I wish you success In your business

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Posted on 2017-03-10 04:26:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

Are the pets you burst, the ones that are in the picture only? Or do you also burst Xaolan?
Good luck with your business, nice team!

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Good luck ^^


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Hey.. are you still selling? i would like to buy...

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