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[(US) Aries] Selling EQS/Furnitures

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Update 1.0 - Added New Furnitures

Update 2.0 - Due to studies, I would have to

temporary close this thread

I would be back as soon as possible

To continue for this thread

Update 3.0 - Back from school, shall receive new orders :heart:


Golden Qi Pao

Wave Clothes

Morning Wear

Verbant Wristband

Fairy Wand

Demon Wand

Long Handled Ax

Skeleton Steel Sword

Pirate's Hat

Leaf Headscarf

Sky Boots

Steel Thorn Bracers

Titanium Sword

Most of them are gonna be priced between

50k-180k because their lvl 40+ Equipments

(due to my laziness of not getting books+senior alchemy):P

Furnis <3

1. You can order from me

2. Prices are shown

3. If your unhappy with the prices,we could negotiate?:D

4. It takes time to make+collecting materials so don't rush8-)

5. If u order bulk items, I'll give out a free equipment(even though

its not a good one like the heavy spear but still) or a free furniture:angel:

6. For every 5m, there would be an additional free furniture!!

Here we go!


Shelfs-1.5m each

5 Shelf for 6m(1 free eq/furniture)

Sunflower/Rose Plants-200k each

10 Sunflower/Rose Plants-1.5m(1 free eq/furniture)


3 Cabinets- 230k (1 free eq)

Wardrobe/Locker - 50k each

4 Wardrobes/Lockers -150k(2 free eq)

Material Cabinet- 120k

Wooden Bed-2m


Coffee Table- 50k

Cute Round Table - 60k

Bookcase - 10k

Potion Cabinet - 100k

Cypress Desk - 120k

Great Sofa - 2m

White Sofa - 1m

Small Red Carpet-150k

Garage - 5m

Handcart - 200k

Show Platform - 4m

Mailbox - 300k

Food Shelf - 2m each

French Window(pink/modern) - 200k

LCD TV - 1.5m

Fish Urn - 2m

Stairs ( may take 2 or more days to complete

as I may be either questing or busy with rl)


Bunk Bed - 4m

TV Cabinet - 400k

Wall Furnace for 250k

Medicine Case - 120k

Lovely Octopus - 150k

Hammock - 500k

Stand Bell - 250k

Doorplate - 70k

Message Board - 350k

Christmas Tree ( Takes one day to complete 

Reason: Well i have to afk at the pine forest :D)


Picture Frame - 20k

Good Picture Frame - 20k

Modular Stereos - 3.5m

Classic Light - 200k

Rose Love Wreath(rose red/surrounded by roses)

- 200k/150k

Fortune Egg - 3.5m

Coin Machine - 4m

ATM - 5m

Elevator - 6m

Red/Blue Carpets - 200k

Small Carpet - 150k

Fence - 70k

Wallpapers - 25k

Tiles - 25k

Orange/Green Tatami - 25k

Decorative Dolphin - 50k

Gugu Clock - 200k

Cushion - 200k

5x Cushion - 800k( Free Decor Furni)

Toy Bambi - 350k

2x Toy Bambi - 600k(Free Eq)

Dumpling Decor - 400k

2x Dumpling Decor - 650k ( Free Decor Furni)

Dragon Boat Decor - 450k

IGN: twingirl2

I sincerely hope for a happy co-operation :P


FREE PET QUESTS!! :http://wl.forum.igg.com/topic?fcid=36&ctid=96593&fcp=2

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Whoa, those are some unique items you got. Any updates?

Posted on 2016-12-10 01:53:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Oops :D Sorry haven't been to the forums for long :P I'll update the thread:angel:

Posted on 2016-12-13 06:23:54 | Show thread starter's posts only



Hitsugro : 2 Great Sofas: 4m

1 Coffee Table for 50k

MsMeow: 15x Cabinet (5 free eqs!)
1x Mailbox
1x Doorplate
1x Bunk Bed
5x Classic Light West(Additional Furniture: Rose Plant)

Fish Urn x 1

Orange Tatami x 1
Black Gown (Free)
Wizard Gloves(Free)
Star Cap(Free)
Modern French Windows x4
Fences x 10
Red Carpet x2
Small Carpet x1
Picture Frames x 2
Good Picture Frame x 2
Toy Bambi x2

Posted on 2017-11-07 05:11:21 | Show thread starter's posts only


- Repairing Potions x9

- Sewing Tools x3

-Qing Ring x2

-Snake Earrings x1

-Leisure Shoes x1

This section YOU would offer

PS: I just include this because I'm too lazy to create another thread,so since I'm selling stuff, why not?


- Message Board x2

- Windmill x1

- Rose Plants x2

-Toy Bambi x2

- Medicine Case x4

- Sofa x1


-Steamship x1

Posted on 2018-01-22 12:38:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello there, may i know if you still take in furniture orders?