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Posted on 2017-03-19 17:09:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

UPDATE / 20th March
Did my first ever Sealord key quest. Made the mistake of bringing 1 water wit, 2x fire wit, 1 fire killer and I the 4th person was a guildmate.. BUT WE DID IT! It was so bad, but also exciting. Had a lot of fun inbetween the rage and feelings of hopelessness hahah
Thank you SHIP71 for joining me in my SL experience. Also thank you so much for making it so fun. I was in tears at some point due to what the things did to you.. and your reactions to it. Hilarious! SADLY I forgot to take the screenshot DURING the fight.. All I have are screenshots of the chat during the fight (because they were hilarious). :<
Also another shoutout to delta for letting me use his fire mage and water support!

First ever SL. Battle was messed up. Had lots of fun. Succeeded! YAY

Sadly I do not think I will be providing help with this quest outside of Wardens YET, because I still need practice. :>


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