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march orders

check out my business page www.facebook.com/cutecrafter

Estimated Time
(time may vary depends on how many stacks of mats I have and the number of items you ordered)

1 vehicle is 3-5hours 
5 vehicles are 3-5days

1 furniture is 10minutes-2hours
bulk furnitures are 3-5days

mostly needed furniture

All furnitures

wallpapers and tiles are FREE to every client who orders 

2x magic gloves for Shiela3
2x eagle headwear for ChuYhenZ
1x evil gown for iTammy
16pcs shadow pestle PantyRin
25x shadow pestle for carrel01
9x kunlun cuffs for gaziey
5x gold rip bracer Nyachan
2x shining staff   Nyachan
1x swiftbracer      Nyachan
15x shadow pestle Macadez
5x swift bracers Macadez
x10 kunlun cuffs zlunatic
x6 swiftbracers  zlunatic
x6 jadehelmet   zlunatic
x2 concealment clothes zlunatic
4x heavy spear Nexuskillr
4x RDG Nexuskillr
4x silvery star Nexuskillr
4x magic gloves Nexuskillr
4x skyboots Nexuskillr
4x gold rip bracer Nexuskillr
4x bloody war boots Nexuskillr
3x heavy spear Jineen
3x eagle headwear Jineen
6x RDG Jineen
6x gold rip bracers Jineen
6x bloody war boots Jineen
1x shining staff Jineen
2x silvery star Jineen
2x magic gloves Jineen
2x sky boots Jineen
2x gold rip bracer xoHannahxo
1x shining staff xoHannahxo
5x shining staff Moonel
2x eagle wand Moonel
2x swiftbracer Moonel
1x Spacecraft Nyachan
1x RDG Nyachan
1x Heavy Spear Nyachan
2x Sunny Doll Nyachan
2x Swift Bracers Nyachan
2x Daffadily Shoes Nyachan
1x Sky Clothes Nyachan
25pcs grasshat Sirhc
1x gold rip bracer irfancool
1x concealment clothes irfancool
2x swiftbracers irfancool
1x long knight boots irfancool
5x DEF SET eqs Jineen
2x ATK SET eqs Jineen
4x shining staff Jineen
2x gold rip bracer xShadows
1x MATK set EraSama
3x RDG xShadows
1x eagle headwear xShadows
1x gold rip bracer xShadows
2x gold rip bracer Nicoler
2x shadow pestle Decim
1x ATK SET Hakaze

5x Cabinet nyachan19
3x Mailbox Nyachan
100x Rose Plants Nyachan
10x Sofa Nyachan
5x Great Sof Nyachan
10x White Sofa Nyachan
4x Cypress Desk Nyachan
150x Cushions Nyachan
2x Piano Nyachan
2x Fish Tank Nyachan
3x Tatami Nyachan
20x French Window Nyachan
12pcs shelfs Sirhc
1x medicine case FREE irfancool
1x ATM irfancool
1x mailbox irfancool
1x elevator and night sky tiles DANIMAN
1x desktop computer RisJ
1x garage RisJ
5x coin machine RisJ
12x shelfs RisJ
6x food shelfs RisJ
2x mailbox RisJ
1x mill RisJ
25x roseplants iFreeze
1x Mill Nicoler
1x Elevator Nicoler
1x desktop computer Nicoler
12x shelfs Nicoler
5x coin machine Decim
5x fortune egg Decim
1x elevator Decim
1x garage Decim
4x dumpling deco Amaya
6x classic light east Amaya
2x parterre Amaya
4x calligraphy Amaya
2x red window Amaya
2x blue window Amaya
4x french window Amaya
2x great sofa Amaya
1x small carpet Amaya
2x white sofa Amaya
25x cushion Amaya
2x cypress desk Amaya
4x sunflower plants Amaya
1x elevator Amaya
1x door plate FREE Amaya
1x blue carpet Amaya
2x tumbler toy Amaya
4x lovely octopus Amaya
2x floor lamp Amaya
1x cute round table Amaya
1x ATM Kingfire
5x fortune egg Kingfire

1 submarine OwEe
2x Subamrine carrel006
2x Spacecraft carrel006
1x motorbike vehicleFREE for Nyachan
1x submarine Jineen
1x spacecraft Jineen
1x submarine iFreeze
1x steamship Decim
1x spacecraft xoHannahxo
1x submarine EnEn
2x spacecraft OYmonoaYO
1x submarine Nicoler
2x spacecraft Astronomy

stack of stuffed bun Sirhc
stack of airship steer Sirhc
stack of vertical wing Sirhc
stack of propeller Sirhc
10x stacks soyseafood rice RisJ
stack of stuffed bun Mysterious

~~~ edane

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Original posted by mj1409 at 9-29-2013 03:13 PM
evening wear's 1m each
snow mask's 1m each
peace wand's 1m each
thunder wand 150k each
black jades 15k each/750k (STACKS)
book 2 800k each/40M (STACKS)
book 3 1m each/5 ...

Good Luck /fox5

Posted on 2013-10-01 10:05:59 | Show thread starter's posts only

.nyahaha thanks Rin, hope to see lot's of sellers for books and Eq's s51@

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.I'd like to bump this thread!

Posted on 2013-11-08 10:50:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

edan could you please lower the price for all those items , im sorry but . if you want to buy something demand a lower price and sell for cheap tx .If you dont want too , its fine #/monkey (7)

Posted on 2013-11-09 11:28:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

.but but that is already the cheapest price I've ever seen nowadays, If Im going to lower it more, no one will mail me s26@ specially that blackjades, I'm soo thankful coz I still see a lot of players selling it for 15k, coz others sell it for 20k to 30k... s16@

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-poke- Gonna be buying equips soon. Expect that mail to flash! #/monkey (14)

Posted on 2014-01-18 11:16:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm buying Magic Glove and War Demon Armor, how to find you ingame?