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[Experience Discussion] Game Status [2018-08-05]

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Should I include that and the previous years? I remember making a few timelines & info posts on facebook in the past, it wouldn't be hard to copypasta it and mesh it together with some edits.

This would make it a lot more to read.

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EDIT: Thread has been adjusted!

@About what Amy said: Actually a good point, September 2018 IGG merged most of the servers, three months later no earning increase, dupe impact played the role in IGG's decision about closing WLO - that one moment at Christmas, all of us held our breath.

(We had people breaking out in tears, throwing away all they had, giving away their accounts without another thought, calling IGG in their main office asking for the big boss, a flood wall of tickets, ... it was a shock moment for me too, so I don't easily forget how I felt, and many others might share this memory.)

I agree, if this thread is meant to be a timeline for later readers, this detail cannot be missing.
Fortunately IGG changed their mind, and I never heard of a game before that was announced to get closed and then the decision was taken back. Maybe a unique deal in online-gaming-history?!
(Doesn't need much words to add that, if I write it, haha.) ^^

PS: Dupe ended in May last year, not "mid / late" in 2017. I believe that the time when dupe was "big" and "famous", meaning many people attended the duping, only lasted for a few weeks before the patch finally came. Still much too late, of course. Few weeks were enough for the result we all know.

Ok those were my 5 cents, care or ignore, hehe. ~


Entertainment? Here: https://youtu.be/zJGWv_axOiY
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post dupe community is a joke. bunch of cheaters pretending to be good at the game

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Nothing is eternal

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Thanks for the info; been out of the loop for a while and wanted to see if anything changed (Haha didn't really expect some significant change, but reading how bad/good(?) the change has affected wl was a new read for me).

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As I sit, I often think of the memories. Thank you for filling up the gaps I might have missed when it comes to time lines. This game had a lot of potential to reach heights that couldn't be imagined. However, IGG just gives up on the client based stuff because they feel mobile is where it's at.

From this gent, they will get a one finger salute as I won't play any of their games due to the neglect that happened. Many of us wanted better but it never came.

NSL and WLM will be my LAST two I will play to the end.

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Great post, tyvm. An informational good reading... RIP WLO <3<3<3 LONG LIVE THE MEMORIES OF WHAT ONCE WAS!!!!