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[Experience Discussion] Game Status [2018-08-05]

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Aries section seems to be the most alive section and most my examples are based on Aries, so I'm going to be posting this here.

It doesn't seem like there's any detailed information posted anywhere or as to what really happened to WLO or atleast one that is THIS detailed.

I'm not going to elaborate on the dupes that happened on Taurus because most of what I know is hearsays and not complete facts.

Here's several timelines & info posts I made on facebook - meshed together, edited & cleaned.
Also added some more information different from the facebook one.
There might be some parts that are wrong cause I'm basing all this on old facebook posts.

This might be a long read but if you don't know what happened to the game or is a "returning" player,
Then this might just be a *must* know.

Skip ahead to July 2016 if you don't want to read about the far past and just want to get straight into what most people would call "WLO's last leg" and or the main reason why the game is so dead right now.

IGG was founded!

Around 2008-2009
IGG started receiving funding from 3 sources;
A major one called IDGVC [a world renowned venture capital firm] http://www.idgvc.com/en
Vertex [an investment firm under Temasek Holdings] http://www.vertexmgt.com/
And lastly; Hearst [a renowned media corporation in the US]. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hearst_Corporation
It was also around that time that WLO was picked up!
But remember that they don't own the game nor did they create the game.
They merely purchased a license to host an english version of it.

I don't remember the exact dates when they removed buzz zone & surveys but these 2 closures were random & sudden.

IGG started transitioning client-based games to browser games..
From then on for PC gamers that played IGG games, entered a "dark age" as profits only continued to soar for IGG, giving them a glimpse of what they could possibly earn & do as time went on, which only encouraged IGG to focus on their transition.

Around 2013 IGG went public on the stock market [8002.HK].
Their 2014 revenue increased by a whopping 133% as compared to 2013, 680 million HK$ to 1.59 billion HK$ / $205 million USD.
This shown that IGG's decision to focus on the global mobile gaming market wasn't wrong and their profits shows it.

It was this year; 2013 that service for WLO started it's massive decline.
Around April 2013, WLO live support was discontinued.

April 2014
Final GM event & final in-game event, the end of all drop events.

October 2014
Final patch, no more from this point on.

December 2014
IGG decided to spam / flood advertise their mobile games on WLO's main site & social platforms.

July 2016
Players who seemingly never did anything in-game nor bought points before, started catching the attention of late / end game players due to the random abundance of items they've shown but this was brushed aside as just another whale [someone who spends a lot of money] being born.

Forward early September 2016
Cheap +60 diamonds that seemingly appeared out of no where started circulating around the market in Aries.
Appearing out of no where as in - there was no indication that points were even purchased.. as a little IM would trickle up in the market whether in SS or another shape or form.. but there was nothing [nothing showed up except diamonds].

As for the diamonds itself? They seldom showed up in the market in the first place, as it would always be the same people trading them back and forth.

Mid September 2016
Random IM Packs started being spammed for half / a full day every after Maintenance in Aries.
Many treated it as if it was just the second coming of a Tony [a guy who literally spent over 30,000 USD on WLO].

Late September 2016
Packs started being spammed every three / four days to an excessive irregular amount.
It was to a point where it started bearing resemblance to the repeated situations that happened in Taurus.
This was when the "Time to get out" alarm was raised for many old players.
However, many old players didn't lose hope.. yet.

Multiple VIPs [and several VIP 3s] from multiple servers discussed what was going on and decided to raise the issue up to IGG multiple times because really started to sound an alarm, bearing utmost simularity to what happened in Taurus.
However, that proved to be futile as the situation in game quickly escalated and progressively got worse as time went by and the only thing IGG responded with was a "Everything is ok".

Near the end of September 2016
A player >claiming< to be from Chinese WLO started showing off inventories of +60 diamonds for potential RMT [Real money trades] in Aries & Leo.

However that didn't really get too far, as most people who engaged in trading end-game stuff all knew each other and started wondering where this guy got his stuff.

It was later on that Taru brought it up to some players [including me] to further try and check out the situation.

However everything proved futile in the end and many VIPe gave up trying to find out what was going on as IGG only repeated their answers.
The situation only continued escalating downwards.

To those who stayed, some started sucking up to this player for potential benefits, i.e grenades, diamonds, etc.

It was at this moment that anyone who payed any attention to the distribution of items in Aries, realized that this game was going to hell and IGG would do nothing about it.

At around this time, anyone who haven't fully left the game yet, decided it was now the time to give up.
Anyone who wanted to sell their stuff, now was also the best and possibly the last time and so there was a mass exodus on almost all WLO facebook groups about selling stuff for $.

Forward to early 2017
The game is in absolute chaos, the amount of points being bought is also negligible compared to previous months. IGG decided to up the rewards for buying points to crazy amounts.

As for fixing the solution?
Nothing happened. Literally did nothing except threatened to ban players who engaged in duping.
However.. that's a hard claim to back up when nearly everyone had access to duped goods - it was that readily available.
This disappointed a large amount of loyal players and people started quitting by the dozens.

Forward to May 2017
After many spam mails & demonstrations on how to dupe, IGG finally patched the easiest methods to dupe but didn't do anything to the existing duped goods in every server.

Raised the hopes of many and then killed it just the same.
People still quitting by the dozens.
People stopped buying points, there was no longer any point in buying anything.
The amount of duped goods saturated the game to the point where - no matter what you do now = you're practically one of them.
The only way that you arent a duper - quit the game, don't trade anyone whether it be items or services or anything in general.

September 2017
IGG FINALLY started realizing something is wrong and their problem solving led to....
Server merging and closing excess servers like 2-3-4-5.

November 2017
No more point events

Near the end of December 2017
IGG decided to announce server closure for WLO.. but..
2 days later, WLO withheld their decision to close WLO.

And now we're at 2018.
How's the game now?

Nobody buys points, if there is anybody, it's not an amount that even matters to IGG.
IGG stopped making point events because they realized all their spenders left, a clear indication that they've pretty much given up [if you stuck around long enough, you would know the importance of point events.]

In-game progression wise?
In the past, if you talied up all the 190 characters in every server, you would probably get 3-4 pages [prob less than 50?].

The ranking pages are maxed out with 190 RBs [over 1000+ 190 RBs] on every existing server.
The dupe literally allowed people to make a level 1 character to 190 RB with the time it takes to make a cup of instant noodles if you knew what you were doing.

How about item status?
If before the dupe there was around 10,000 SS worth of stuff spread around every character/account in the game.

There's definitely more than billions SS worth of stuff available on WLO now [no joke or exaggeration].
I stopped my estimate at billions because trillions seems excessive.

As for game status? It's literally full of egomaniacs who like going around saying;
"I am 190 RB, I have max atk/matk/spd - hail me"
"I can beat u in pk with grenades, that means you're a failure in life - etc"
"Jajaja I am richer/stronger/better than Tony/kia/noah/etc now"

The amount of stuff on every server is saturated to the point where to this day and I mean literally - to this day.
If I asked 9 out of 10 people for free stuff, I could accumulate more or less 100 stacks of SS worth of stuff just by asking / begging.

"Wow that sounds fun"
Does it? This means that anything you do or earn means 0, anything you achieve is 0.
Is there any fun in a game where you can't differentiate between anyone else in progress?
Whatever you can do, anyone can do by begging or asking.
Anything you earned or gained, anyone can do by begging or asking.

For the PK enthusiasts - people duped the hell out of grenades, potatoes, bananas and they use it to do the dumbest things ever.

For the item collecting enthusiasts - everything has been duped to oblivion, there's more than 100,000 [literally] 199 rides of all types laying around. Almost every single rare IM has been duped to oblivion.

Now the game is primarily for those who just want to chat or those who want to stroke their egos.

The upside of all this
You can no longer get scammed in this game because anything you lose can just be obtained again by asking or begging.
And anything you potentially lost in the first place - was never yours / never obtained with effort anyhow.
[This may come off rude but you gotta face reality, yeah?]
Now everyone is potentially equal, yay, hurray equality.

If some guy decides to be a less than welcoming person at A1 SB, you as a new player can easily get a 190 RB team full of maxed gears, rides, pets and challenge them or just rely on a fast wind & grenades - kek.

True status of the game - No item is worth truly anything, no item is rare.
Only service and gold "matters" to most people now, the ironic switch compare to the past where gold was worth nothing.
Anything traded for real money is a lie and I hope you don't get ripped off when you can potentially get things for free.

And to those of you who want to learn / know about the dupe;
The dupe was omnipotent, unlike the ones that keep happening in Taurus.
The dupe that happened this time could be done in ANY server and at anytime.
All that was necessary was a packet editing program [which is readily available on the internet].
By sending a packet to the game servers that you're trying to delete your character while in-game.
This would result in a disconnect that rollbacked your entire character.
This means that anything you traded or dropped would reappear in your inventories [Character, storage, tent] .

What did this all mean?
The game would eventually close down if nobody spends real money on the game, as there's server costs and wages for customer support [lolwatcustomersupport?] to be covered.
And don't get me wrong, you can still enjoy the game but it would require you to blot out a lot of stuff.. and that stuff more or less what makes a game.. a game.

So what is the point of this entire message?
I am not telling people to quit the game.
But at least try to know what's going on in your very own game that you play.
And also I made this post due to how many people still don't know what's going on and

But I digress, if you haven't given up on this game yet and still have even a shred of hope, I can only give you my best wishes and hope for the best.
The many VIPs of Aries has already tried their best for month(s) to try and remedy the situation by reporting dupers or requesting a rollback.. but you know..
IGG is none the less........ IGG.

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Is very sad the situation on WL and I really hate when people is trying to sell stacks of items, ACC or whatever via Paypal. I think that people never felt the real essence of being a wonderland player (this is my point of view).

I try to buy point from time to time, now I can do it, maybe is not enough but I want to do as much as I can to keep this game up and I hope people who truly love this game do the same, maybe not by buying point but in the best way they can. 

It really pissed me off to know about dupe, honestly, I do understand is amazing to have whatever you want in game but what is the point of having everything without any effort?
where is the fun by doing that? Having Chars, Pets, Items maxed does it really make this people feel like they are amazing? by cheating whichever can people...

On my end I keep enjoying the game, I have some acc non of them RB 190, I have only 2 Maxed Items some one trade me for compound. I have nothing compared with other but you know what? I dont care, I feel happy because little by little I´m getting everything I ever wanted in game, learing about the game even more than I was younger and that means I have months, years (hopefully the game will be alive for many more years) with tons of fun and just think about that makes me feel fulfilled.  

Best wishes for those who truly love Wonderland. ♥

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Funny how when i was writing about this, a bunch of people on the forums bash me for it. Stating i was either complaining or whining about the situation. Ever since post-dupe, the community in WLO has been bad. I'm glad i'm not the only one who notice it. I love this game, as much as i no longer play English WLO, i'm still playing in the HK version of the game. It is where i truly can start all over again from the very beginning. A lot of these reasoning has been stated by me time and time again(never failed to get bashed each time,unfortunately.) Right now all i can say, is that you play WLO as if it is on its last legs. Otherwise, you wouldn't enjoy the game at all.

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this thread completely glossed over the fact that IGG hadden't updated the game long before the duping happened, and players had started quitting, and stopped buying points long before. 

was duping bad, sure, but the game was already on a massively steep decline long before they duping event happened.

WLO started it's brutal death when IGG's shares/stocks were put on the market, and investors wanted IGG to focus on there mobile market, this was the beginning as IGG started making more money than ever before due to the mobile market, they became less and less invested in there PC/MMO games, and started shutting them down 1 by 1, the fact that WLO even still exists, is quite miraculous 

I'm so tired of these posts about "Dupe killed the game" when the game had already been butchered by a company that no longer cared, and had much more lucrative avenues 

Aries simply stood out from the rest as it was the "First" server, so the majority of players who came to the game simply went there, but all the other servers player base were anemic at best, the games decay was just unnoticed to certain players, apparently.

~Mod-EDIT: Small change made to make nobody feel offended. Thanks for understanding.

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@Landmine36 and Lust,

Both of you aren't wrong in the slightest. I'm sure landmine is just annoyed because this topic have been brought up way too many times within this year(and the ending of the 2017). I was one of the first. Hence, i understand how both parties feel.

~Mod-EDIT: Small change made, thread has been adjusted overall. Thanks for understanding. ~

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To this very day, there's still some people who don't know what's going on [astonishing, right?]

To continue on from that, there's some people who "return" to wlo and also don't know what's going on - nor do they use FB or the WLO FB groups.

There's still people who engage in RMT or fall for RMT rip offs because they don't know any better or don't know the true extent of what happened to the game.

There's some people who're curious as to what really went down and not hearsays as to what happened between 2016-2018 and hesitate to ask because they would otherwise get lambasted like so or either just don't know where to start.

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I was surprised not to read about how the game was almost shut down in very late of 2017 / early 2018.

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