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[Experience Discussion] Princess Kacy's chain quest

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Hi guys, here i've compiled chain quest guide in one thread. Hope you enjoy!

1. Pretty Dancer

Location : Rome - Forest (X:3000, Y:1150) 
Reward: 3x exp potion
No (?) marked, so just walk on to the lake and there should be a dancer and a bunch of soldiers.

Talk to Dancer and ready for fight with the soldiers.

Monster LV: 90+ HP: 8k+

2. Princess Kacy's Wedding

Location: Persia - Palace Hall
Reward: Glaze Bag

Quest starts automatically as you get close to the throne. There is a short dialog about how pretty she is and that you saved her life. Her parents decide she needs to get married, but she doesn't want to, so she runs off, they ask you to find her and you agree automatically. Go outside to X:2340 Y:515, it's in the grass in front of the palace. She decides that she will pursue her freedom and runs off again. Go back and tell the king.

3. For Peace

Location: Rome - Jungle (one room south from Pretty Dancer quest)
Reward: 5% exp bolus

Enter the path, you see Kacy standing on the hill, talk to her and she tells you to watch. Odyysea is telling the other soilders that he will get a peace agreement between Rome and Persia. They don't agree with this and say they will have to use force. Kacy runs to his side. Walk down to them. Talk some more and guards attack.

Enemies are the same as the first fight.

4. Honor & Peace

Location: Rome - Senate Hall

Simple quest, you just walk into senate and talk to Odyssea and read dialog, everyone runs off and quest is over.

5. Tell The Truth

Location: Rome - Peak (behind Rome, two rooms after For Peace , bottom paths)
Reward: 1% exp bolus

You enter the room and Odyssea is standing there, talk to him and you hide and listen in

6. Warrior & Dancer

Location: Rome - Hotel
Reward: 3% exp bolus

Walk into the Hotel, talk to the two drunk guys at the table in the middle, they will talk about how Odyssea ran off with the girl. 

Go to Ghost Hall (it's the room with all the doors under the colosseum). In there is General, talk to him. There is dialog, they go to fight intruders and you search more for Odyssea and Kacy. 

Go back to this room before Peak, from the last quest and go just south of the path. They are there with guards blocking them in a corner. Time to fight!
Fire Lv. 102 9500 HP, Earth Lv.104 9800 HP, Water Lv. 103 8800 HP, Wind Lv. 102 9000 HP

Note: They all use assist and seal skills. It's still easily soloable.

So thats all for now (There are more quest of Princess Kacy, because it's very long quest so i need a break hahaha). 
Thanks for reading.


7. Danger! Princess!

Location: Persia - Sand Valley
Reward: 2x exp potion

First, go to the city and head to the palace. The quest located on the left outside the palace.
Conversation will start automatically.

Then, you need to go to the Sand Valley. Take the other portal outside of the city.

Here you will see two guards doing something. Click the guard and the fight will start. Guard HP about 8-9k. Done.

8. Peace

Location: Persia - Palace Hall
Reward: 1k exp

Just a small conversation with the king.

9. Truth

Location: Rome - Senate Hall
Reward: 2x exp potion

In rome, enter the Senate Hall. Have a conversation and ready to fight the guards. Guards' HP about 8-9k

10. Trapped Lover

Location: Rome - Cellar near the hotel
Reward: 4x holy exp potion & space agreement

First, talk to a villager near the colloseum.

Go down into the cellar near the hotel. Walk until you see a guard that guarding the doors.
Talk to him and have a fight. HP about 8-9k. You will get the key and and click the door on the left one. Enter the passage.

You will have a scene automatically once arrived at the location. After the conversation end, talk to Oddysea and guards will come. Let's fight again.

Once you settled, go back to the first level of the cellar.

Walk until you reach the destination.

Once you arrived, click on one of them and ready to fight. Guards HP 8-9k. 

Credit: http://wonderlandonline.wikia.com/wiki/

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Wow, such a nice quest guide! Keep the good work up. :)


Entertainment? Here: https://youtu.be/zJGWv_axOiY
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The Story of Princess Kacy(Love Story) here is the link to all quest involved.

The links are to all quest in the post are videos doing the quests.

You are missing Prequest of the mathematician.


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