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[Experience Discussion] PLEASE READ AND CONSIDER

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Posted on 2018-01-13 01:18:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

Well, since everyone's pretty much have their wish list going about, I guess I can voice a few tidbits from my station to all:

New Server. This is the topmost response to breathe life back into a game that we all love. I am all for a new server sans transfer of characters from the old servers. This will most definitely get folks to spend for IM based items, especially e-remotes since that was the hot commodity of all time. Two or three branches of the new server will be sufficient to allow for breathing room for everyone (and their alts, since many of us tend to have our own teams when developing, resource gathering, and/or doing other things) when it comes to training at spots. Having one branch does put a damper on things, especially if there are those who are starting new but couldn't find a training spot due to the overcrowding. Also, to be fairly honest, when I see something in the yellow or red, I often fear that the server will kick out people inadvertently just to make room for the new ones or just deny the new ones from creating or logging in.

Events. Yeah, I am a fan of such, but after reading about such things, the last time WLO had an event was somewhere in 2012; and since then, it's been stale. Many of us enjoyed the Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and any other holiday that wasn't mentioned in between that many had participated in such. I am hoping there will be a return of such to keep the game alive.

Incentives. For those of us who have been loyal in playing the game, we should be rewarded for such. For those of us who put forth money in this game, we expect "in-kind". No incentives equals folks wanting to leave or put this game on the shelf. And by the show of support in the last forum post in putting a stop to the axe that otherwise would kill the game, I think we can get better. This game is being loved, therefore it should stay. Getting more people in would depend on everyone, and not just one side.

Stricter Punishments. IGG dropped the ball when they dropped out of the Live Support thing. They even dropped the ball further when they allowed the duping situations (yes, there has been more than one for as long as I can remember) to burn like wildfire to the point they could not do anything about such. I am hoping more GM involvement when it comes to real-time reporting of issues as well as the pro-activity of the support staff when resolving issues and/or dealing harsher punishment for things that violate the terms of service.

Better Forum. Sorry, but this cheapo won't do. Half the things don't even work correctly that it looked like garbage in the end. I liked the old forum layout much more because we can make our posts stand out instead of looking like generic email posts.

These are some ideas from the top of my head. I am hoping there will be more as time goes along, but only if everyone decides to be on the same page.

Posted on 2018-01-20 03:51:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

Let's summarize problems and soltuions offered so far:

1) New Server option:
Some people are debating over the possibility of having a new server, seeing this as the only solution of getting rid of so called "dupers", people who obtain expensive in-game Item Mall items and burst levels in a non-legit way, dupers though, have covered the most of the servers, and now represent the most part of the playing characters. Considering even many legit players have bought duped items (due to legit trade) it would be really hard to get rid of all characters which previously violated the game rules through duplication of IM items.. (xAmyAsuna) it would be more reasonable instead to find, if possible, what were the duplicated items and erase them from game, (Snowflake22) if there are specific item codes, but again, this probably looks undoable. So, in order to prevent an unfair challenge between OP characters (with full duped IM equip, using third party non-legit programs) and normal players (who bought equip through IM, using real money)  some people state it would be better to have a new server without the possibility of transferring characters and starting all from lvl. 1.
Against this, other people claim that it is not fair to let the old, hard trained characters in a world where they are in competition with full dupers, basically spoiling the pleasure of playing with your old trained character. (landmine36) Others arguabily state that forcing people to start all over again is not a solution to have the "old players" back to play.. since they could as well start another game, most of them might been playing other IGG games so they unlikely might want to start all over with their character.
To the former I would add that, a new server would soon be fooded by dupers so, most likely it would be useless in this state of things.

So the new server might not be seen as an immediate option. it has to be implemented, but not yet, and not in these conditions.

2) Rollback option:
Other people suggest a server "rollback" as option, that is, to leave the dust on the server backup, bringing the game to the state which was before being flooded by dupers. This would be practically impossible as it would demand IGG to have kept a backup of several years ago, and it would bring all of the characters, money, IM points, items, quests, NPC all, back at their previous state.
Some people oppose stating this cannot be done because it's very hard that IGG might have kept those saved data, but mostly because it could mean a massive refund policy.

Actually, if they kept that saved data (backup which they always do before a maintenance or a merge) and if they could give a bonus to every player account which is affected by that characters change, for example, a fixed amount of IM or some special pets or items, it might be done. But the main problem is, again, that the game would be again flooded by dupers.

3) More control over the game:
Some other people suggest that a GM must be online to ensure and enforce the respect of the game rules, (Kitty) and that the game should be heavily updated, others suggest more old glitch fixing and anti-hack software, (braolet) and others a more cooperational Live Support (xenonigredo).

Anything else?

Please check this thread: http://wl.forum.igg.com/topic?fcid=21&ctid=98292&nfid=0

The thread in brief:

This thread aims to collect the moods and opinions expressed in the forum lately, and eventually to sort out a solution for the current WLO situation.

The first thing to do is to stop the illegit programs from working into WLO environment.
The opening of a new server is not a solution, it is a palliative.
If you do not correct the scripts and if you do not implement anti-third parties softwares, your nice new server will be flooded by duplicated items again. And once you correct the scripts and hacks problem, you might not need any new server as well.

The following order, should IGG decide to follow it, might be reasonable:

Phase 1: Heavy game debugging, getting rid of bugs, glitches, improve game security and introduce anti hack softwares.
Phase 2: Heavy restructuring of the game, ig economy, more content update, temporary limitations on servers contacts.
Phase 3: Heavy advertising on the main social media, and opening of the new server, but with temporary restrictions.

Only after having implemented heavy anti-hacking, anti-third party programs measures you can start a new server.

Upon Flame's suggestion, I would like to ask xAmyAsuna, what she thinks about the idea of merging the two threads ([Experience Discussion] PLEASE READ AND CONSIDER + New WLO guidelines according to Players Community members)

"Forever Red"
Posted on 2018-01-20 11:04:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't mind it either, but what do you exactly mean that it is not an option?

I noticed this new forum is really bad, no poll possibility, no post editing (or yes?) .. very simple style (not to tell about safety issues).

Perhaps though, a moderator might turn your thread "[Experience Discussion] PLEASE READ AND CONSIDER" http://wl.forum.igg.com/topic?ctid=98184&crid=1812181&ccid=7872&p=1 into a "sticky" always on top thread, so it can get everyone's attention..
After all it's about Community suggestions for game improvement so it would benefit everyone..

"Forever Red"
Posted on 2018-01-20 13:22:39 | Show thread starter's posts only


"To the former I would add that, a new server would soon be fooded by dupers so, most likely it would be useless in this state of things."

Hold on, let me quote you on something. I assume you meant flooded.
You ever heard of the meaning "clean slate" ? 
Yes you might have players who duped before in that new server, but you wouldn't be able to dupe. Of course, you have to ban transference of characters to the new server as well.
So it isn't useless like you claimed it is. 

Let's be honest.. People who duped are most likely people who can't rely on themselves in the first place. They would have suffered more than players with real experience in this game.

I don't get you. Do you have no opinions for yourself? I have seen you copy and paste people's opinions. Never really seen you copied mine which is a good thing considering my opinion always ended up on the HARSH end.(Yes Harsh, Deal with it) Yes i do agree some points from landmine does make sense though(i didn't say all, so don't be too happy Landmine, It is those points that i debated back to you is the key factors. The rest are minors)

Posted on 2018-01-22 09:36:10 | Show thread starter's posts only

"would"..."if it is necessary" :ermm: Not enough for me...I'm still gonna spam them daily (cuz ofc I have the most intresting life on earth)

Posted on 2018-01-24 11:28:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

GM Reply "we would consider opening one new server if it is necessary. Please kindly stay tuned" (Habel)

This might look like a scandal for some of us who commented threads like these:

[Experience Discussion] New WLO guidelines according to Players Community members
[Announcements] Breaking News : No Closure for WLO
[Experience Discussion] The State of WLO, and how we got here.

But let's remember though that IGG never asked for Community feedback (or did it?) to solve the problems of WLO, we offered that help and IGG Inc. is "considering" if to accept it, or not.
But this also mean the sole responsible of the game trend is deemed to be IGG Inc. and IGG Inc. only.

It still might seem rather unpleasant to be keeping the players community in this hectic situation without informing them of the future plans for the game.
Therefore it is understandable that they receive on a daily basis tickets concerning ideas and suggestions, if their initiative is the one of not making any communication to players Community in that sense.

"Forever Red"
Posted on 2018-01-25 04:37:34 | Show thread starter's posts only


Not sure if you even read my comments considering you never once reply to me.

1."It still might seem rather unpleasant to be keeping the players community in this hectic situation without informing them of the future plans for the game.
Therefore it is understandable that they receive on a daily basis tickets concerning ideas and suggestions, if their initiative is the one of not making any communication to players Community in that sense." 

I personally feel that, it is not that they do not want to reveal future plans but rather they are still planning on what to actually do with the game. If you haven't notice, we still aren't sure of how long the contract was extended. Depending on how long the contract was extended, there might be different plans for the game.

2. Are you landmine? I mean landmine haven't be around for quite awhile and you kinda pop out when he is always missing. I don't know whether or not to trust the time stamp of account creation.(I kinda miss him considering he has better debating skills than a certain somebody.)

Posted on 2018-01-30 14:44:47 | Show thread starter's posts only


Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience or frustration that this problem may have caused you.

Regarding your concern, we do regret to tell you that there is not exact info that released by our team,i would like to advise you to keep eyes on our official website and forum,thank you for your kind understanding.

Thank you for your continuous support."

This was the most recent email I received. Doesn't sound too promising since till this day no info was released by the developers. I shan't give up tho. 

✼ Guide to different fonts BB-Code http://bit.ly/2nQnj1Z
✼ NEW WLO SCAMMER LIST! http://bit.ly/2BVxVB6
✼ PLEASE READ AND CONSIDER http://bit.ly/2smnarL
All our words from loose using have lost their edge
Posted on 2018-01-30 15:16:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

A little update.

I asked around during the last days within the server, and responses are very negative.
Most people don't believe in a new server, they don't believe in anything and expect nothing good to happen anymore. They are salty to one another, they say they have barely reasons to login - at least during the last weekend I cannot tell that I felt any hope on New-Cancer server. But most of them are not forum visitors.


Entertainment? Here: https://youtu.be/zJGWv_axOiY
Posted on 2018-02-03 06:23:17 | Show thread starter's posts only

A few words on WLO economy

Several people lately complained about WLO economy.
Items go for ridiculous amount of in game gold, some people claim the inflation of prices is due to the introduction of the money bag, glitches, gold exchange cards (items which allowed players to exchange IM for in game gold) thus introducing too much in-game currency, as a result, prices skyrocketed.
Other players instead claim that this system is the most efficient within its inefficiencies, (braolet) despite this, they all agree on the statement according to which "nothing has a fixed price anymore". (Habel)
As a result of this, people is not using in game gold as exchange value but other IM items, syrups or furniture.

Theoretically the dupers activity should have made prices lower since they produced IM items out of nothing, but this is not what happened, they kept those for themselves and sold the ones in excess for high prices, since gold were affordable by IM buyers.
Some people claim the "dupe" is over, some others say it's not. (xMimio)

An effective economic reform could make a general auction system, eventually with a levy over each auction accepted, this would surely lower the amount of in-game money circulating.
Slot machines should accept in-game money and give out special items affordable with credits, and no IM buyable item except as special prize.
NPC should have a wider range of buyable goods, for example they could sell syrups or other in-game progress necessary items for a high amount of money. This implement would allow a fixed price cap, if not a suggested minimum, or average price.
It should be made readily available a juice (if not syrup) distributor in accessible zones like Carnie or in the first towns, introducing a level requirement for the buy or use of certain goods.
Many new players can't afford a travel to South Pole or Japan or even Oslya.

Several players suggest a comparative price analysis, comparing the most traded items (syrups, scrolls, weights) and the value in gold/IM as well as their trade value. (Fiara)
Please check this old thread: http://wl.forum.igg.com/topic?fcid=21&ctid=94825
Indeed this is a good idea for IGG to fix a price for the juice/syrups/items on new distributors.

Drastic solutions implemented in other games include: NPC automated alchemy service, selling of goods and stuff from NPC, auction system, levy on special items over time, buff system, guild system taxation.

In other games, IGG solved the issues introducing quest-droppable character bound equipments, and that's a big mistake towards normal in-game economy. But on the other hand it lets players to spend IM points for progress in the game, in pets, cosmetics and more.
The sale of empowerment items might be boosted especially in the case of bound equipment, when the empowerment items are used to improve a bound equipment, the equipment is not tradeable whilst the item is.
The most of the IGG Inc. computer platform games have these issues, the inflation, and the loads of in-game currency circulating.

One of the mistakes IGG Inc. did was to merge sane economy servers, with insane economy servers.
This drastically skyrocketed prices also in those server in which people were working to keep them low and fairly accessible for anyone. (Whales)

Again, if you don't prevent third party softwares from working the economy will keep dumping.
Please read the following threads:
[Experience Discussion] New WLO guidelines according to Players Community members
[Announcements] Breaking News : No Closure for WLO
[Experience Discussion] The State of WLO, and how we got here.

@xAmyAsuna "This was the most recent email I received. Doesn't sound too promising since till this day no info was released by the developers. I shan't give up tho. " (AmyAsuna)
Great job, check also this new post here: http://wl.forum.igg.com/topic?fcid=6&ctid=98176&nfid=0&p=5
apparently they said they might "try" to update the game content, does this mean they changed mind within a few days or just that IGG is having disagreements upon the possible solutions concerning WLO?

"Forever Red"