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[Experience Discussion] PLEASE READ AND CONSIDER

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(Notice:- Debating is allowed. However, please do not be disrespectful in anyway possible. Thank you)

Recently we were able to save WLO. As you probably already know IGG announced the end of WLO. Because of our unity, and our community we were able to affect IGG's biggest decision regarding WLO. Some people might say "This was planned by IGG in-order to grab old players' attention to WLO and have us log-in for sake of the nostalgia" Some others think it was a "prank" from IGG. 
Personally I don't agree with these people. a 10 year contract sounds very logic for a game. If this was a so "prank" I think they would have probably let it continue for more than 3 days don't you think? 
I think this is very real, and we as a community convinced IGG that we still want this game, and we can support it. Also please don't start the (IGG did this for money) argument. They are a running a business. Not a church charity for you. It is very normal for them to think about money and profit before anything. Why else do you think they are hosting the game?

I sent a ticket to IGG concerning the server(s) we are currently playing in. Some players and myself think that they are not suitable anymore. It is also very hard if not impossible for IGG to ban the "duppers", since there is now way IGG is banning almost 90% of the people playing today, with also the fact that it is too hard to determine who dupped and who took dupe without knowing, and who wasn't even involved in this.
I think a perfect solution for this issue would be a new server. A clean server where we can start fresh, and live our old fun memories again. So we can still support IGG with points, and they would still keep considering keeping this game for us.

IGG's respond to my ticket was
""Regarding your suggestion, we will submit it to our team for further checking and if it turns out feasible, you will see it implemented in the game on the near future and if not, please do not be disheartened for we will do all that we can to improve the game to meet our players' expectation.""

I know the first thought in your mind after reading this message. "It is a auto reply AKA copy and paste". However, just because it is a copied reply, doesn't mean the GM did not read the issue. Also people who sent tickets to IGG regarding the closure for WLO, they were replied by automated replies as well. So don't make this an obstacle please. 
If we all try sending one ticket to IGG it will make a difference hopefully. Even if you don't believe in it, just try it. What could you lose? We are already in enough Sh!t. Please consider this, and send a ticket to IGG suggesting a new server for us, so we can have the old fun back.

In-case you don't want too write your own message, you can copy this template from here, and send it to Service center

Dear GM, thank you for taking the decision in letting us continue our journey in WLO. However, we would like to support your company, and have fun while at it. I would like to suggest making a new clean server for us. The dupe has spread too much, and we cannot avoid it in the other old servers. This is not giving a fair opportunity for new players.
Best regards

TL;DR , we want to save wlo by making a new server. Please if you agree send a ticket to IGG asking them for a new server. Maybe it will work.

PS:- A new server should not affect the old servers.

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All our words from loose using have lost their edge
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That is a really good idea, it would make me came back to the game. But new updates (chinesegamer has more equipments and reborn pets to offer) and drop events would be awesome too.

Posted on 2017-12-30 20:56:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

Not to be negative, but none of the ex wlo players I know would come back because of a new server nor would it attract anyone new. The only solution to make the game active again is if they start updating it. A game this old cannot ever be very active if it does not get updated :/ Players need new challenges to stay entertained or they will all move to different games and spend their money there - cause why spend money on a game where the money are not used to futher develop the game, but simply keep it as it is. You can argue you can use the game for chatting still - but you can do that pretty much anywhere.. I wouldn't wanna proberly play wlo again unless it got some big update that made it worth it

Posted on 2017-12-30 21:44:38 | Show thread starter's posts only

Frankly a reboot server was an initial thought, and I'm all for It.
However It doesn't do much In context, sure It's a clean slate of the game with fresh economy,players under the pure assumption that players would migrate over.
I know for a fact that players I personally know that have quit would struggle to see their work go.
Now If there's movement on updates or even events that could change things for the better.

Temporary Wlodb solution:https://goo.gl/qMSo4u
Posted on 2017-12-30 23:23:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

In regards of the latest events, i'll refrain from stating a personal (=subjective) opinion on IGG's behalf or leading abilities.
Anyone is entitled to their own opinion or express their concern on the subject, the why, the how and the when it's something that, at the end of the day can be, -and allow me to remark this- , can be -only implied- by any member of the community. ( Inb4 "B-But muh friend works at IGG/chinesewlo";)
A healthy debate it's more than welcome, probably i'd rather avoid proposing random "solutions" by now because, what's good for some might not be the best for others and so on. I cannot think  in a smart reason to point with my finger over a theorical guilty, over the closure nor the ingame inactivity, it's frankly a waste of energy.   But instead, i'd go for a more practical/efficient route: "What can i do now?"
The situation is simple, there's a 10 years old game ( like some other -popular- mmos) with a low and hella dramatic playerbase. If the main problem was/is the lack of meaningful updates since 2012 (and this topic isn't nothing but an old staple) nor when the dupe became mainstream and no one could've solve it flooding IGG's mailbox -by then- it's up to the criteria/ interests of the players whom remained ingame until now.
Sure, i could rant with an actual reliable source about those things i found disgusting  about the game & community over the years until i get tired, but then again, that would be my personal input, and thus, i'd have to remember myself how many promising and popular projects didn't endure even 2 years in the market, while WLO is still around, making people write walltexts in caps since 2008. Peace out

Posted on 2017-12-31 03:46:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

Should create a new server so that everyone may migrate and have a new start. Maybe lock the 3 remaining(old) servers, so that no one from them can transfer characters to any new and/or future servers and vice versa.

Regarding PVP SERVER event - Aries, Cancer, and Taurus servers should only be able to compete with each other and not any new/future servers to keep everything fair. All the older servers are full of people who are too overpowered from the dupe.

We should go harder and have closer monitoring on future bugs/bots.
Maybe have a GM available in new/future servers to keep watch and participate with the community.

Maybe to promote migrating to the new servers, make it to where people are unable to make new characters in the old servers. (I'm sure there will be people who won't like this one, buts it's just an idea, lol)  I'm sure no one new wants to join a bugged server anyway.
If possible, an update to the game, and advertise the update on the mobile games to try and get more players in.

Posted on 2017-12-31 07:07:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

Wonderland holds all the possibilities of becoming a great success again, and I don’t think it would take a lot.  You have to remember that people have been playing this game for 10 years, and people still play disregarding the fact that the game has not had any updates!! The game, as it is, holds so much content for new players – but of course new players don’t join, when they don’t know about it. WLO has a dept and a richness of activities people can do, which most games of newer date lack. Of course new players would join the game as it is now, if only they knew it was there. It would take a bit of marketing. Surely updates would be more than welcome, because it would send a signal to newcomers of a game well maintained, and since I’m out of quests:ermm:

Dupe did create a major problem for the game, because people stopped spending money on im. But as lots of you say, this problem cannot be solved, without it affecting “clean” players in a negative way. I have been playing since the beginning, and I don’t even dare to estimate the number of hours of my life I spent in wlo. If the servers were indeed rolled back, I would leave the game and never look back. I am rich and my chars are powerful, but this is due to hard work. I still play daily, and I still pay for my e-remotesJ. I myself own duped items, which I got through trading. But there is a difference between this and between those players who owns thousands and thousands of stacks of duped items. The closure message from igg might have helped to level things out a bit, cause some dropped items and gave items away when thinking the game was coming to an end. But still, some are selling their duped items for real money. Personally I believe this is one of the biggest killers, if not the biggest killer, for this came. First of all, some of these dupers sit on almost endless stacks of duped items, because they had time to sit and dupe 24/7, before it was fixed. Secondly, when they want to get paid in real money, I see it as a severe form of stealing from IGG. They do not spend the income they generate from dupe on in-game points, but on stuff in real life. The money leaves the game and IGG! It is sad. IGG listened to us, and kept the game running – but some obviously couldn’t care less, since they still keep their sad real-money business going. If IGG updated and added new items in item mall, and had gm’s looking out for new dupe and acted on player reports of new dupe, IGG would generate income from im again. And of course – the people selling for real money would have to get the kick! Immediate IP ban of these sellers and of new dupers would help tremendously.

Creating a new fresh server where players cannot transfer to is a wonderful idea, as it would, without a doubt in my mind, generate income for igg. The other servers should be kept as they are minus the real-money-sellers – they are actually spitting us in the face, pissing on our beloved game and IGG.

Posted on 2017-12-31 07:51:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

Done! Hope they listen this time.

Posted on 2017-12-31 08:18:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

honestly, i dont wanna start at lvl 1 again, but id be fine going to my old lvl of 116 rb :)
the idea isnt suitable for everyone, some people wont mind it but others will be against it, however the new server idea is good, for those who dont wanna see dupers n wanna start afresh, they can go to the new server, and i also had the same thought as u, that since they listened to us this time, maybe they can listen to us asking for an update (but ur idea wasnt update, it was a new server) 
i think if they make more servers, update wlo and promote it, the duppers amount will be 1%, cuz there will be so many new players if they promote it, and the economy will be good, and more alchemists and cuss bursters will make threads and stuff, n it will be more fun. :P so i simply think an update + promoting, will do the job. cuz honestly
why a new server? if theres no players? the wlo itself is dead, how will ppl make that new server alive? XD
but thats just my opinion


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