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[Experience Discussion] My Training Diary

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Posted on 2017-10-10 17:44:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

I live for these updates TBH.

Since training at pine forest is really bad, have you considered moving to Oslaya? Maybe not to the high leveled Dinos. I remember when I averaged a team level of maybe 30-40, I started AFK(ing) in Olsaya, laying down, letting the dino catch me.....(cash me outside)((SORRY))

But yea, I would definitely try to experiment Oslaya, then after that you can move on to south pole. It must be really fun starting your team from scratch, and training. Not bursting.

Also nice pet rides you have there. I wish I had good pets like these. I will miss the constant updates tho while you are away for the work thing. I wish you best of luck, hope you have fun.

PS: I love the screenshot, literally saved it.


Queen Miquela <3 
Posted on 2017-10-11 02:00:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

i have been debating oslya since i heard that my equipment wont be damaged but im a bit dubious. i have said before that my games get disconnected during the night and if im at oslya i very nervous of my elins losing amity. i always have my remote set to spawn if my characters fie 5 times and pets die 3 times. i suppose as of this moment its just fear holding me back.

i think wolves at south pole are about level 50 correct ?  i think the snowmen there are about 60-65ish and for some reason i usually always start with them because of the dye drops. i have this wierd thing where i love changing my characters hair colour to match their training outfit so having some dye would work wonders for aesthetic appearances.

i am really enjoying myself training from new, because you are always trying new things and finding new enemies and places to train at its so refreshing than seeing beetle battles and bursting and compared to bursting i dont use as many items either.

my pets will get their first mention at level 50 so please be paitent for that, im hoping you will like the update then as it will be my first with a double picture update

also i will still be doing my update i just wont have alot to talk about as i wont be here for most of the day (from 6PM UK time until 10PM when i write my diary for the day, then i will proberbly stay until about 1AM)

also im glad you liked your screenshot, because i dont know if i have met you in game or not so i hope i can do as much as i can for you here. if you want a pet named after you i honestly dont mind (unfortunatly not ride pets on the main team because i have names for those already)

I'm just a grind player and thought i would share my experiences with you all
Posted on 2017-10-11 18:33:07 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys

I am so sorry its a late update today but iv had personal stuff to sort out at home and got a bit sidetracked. well anyway here goes

So since WL updated this morning there was major bugs and glitches i mean like MAJOR. people couldnt move or got spawned in walls or where teleported into the middle of the ocean it way CRAZY. but because it didnt get fixed until 2PM uk time i missed basically half a days training im so angry :( but hey at least its back up and running now. the admin and mods did a fantastic job of keeping everybody calm and kept us updated.
Well i am still at pine forest but iv learned a trick. im training everyone solo here because they like like 80% of the time now so instead of getting low exp im getting on average 70-120 and im fine with using more healing items for that amount of exp. if i can solo train here that means ill be able to survive oslya so as soon as my alpha team gets to level 40 im going there and staying there until level 50 then illmove onto another area.

well because i had a short training day i wont give a team update as nothing has changed since last night except i have a bit more gold and i have sorted my inventory out. im very fussy with my inventory and can only have a certain amount of equips on me at a certain time and a certain amount of healing items, and my tent and remote have to be in the same spot on every single person so i can find them easily.

My builder is going to have some company soon. i am hoping to transfer 3 characters across (3 reborn characters to help with guild quests or basically anything i need) i may train them again but im not 100% as their speed on the characters is between 700-800 at lvl 80+ RB. their items will come in useful though. unfortunatly none of the items transfering across will be used on alpha team as they will not be part of my main teams apperence or training so they will stay on beta team. i do have a wind ring coming across and a few weights too aswel as pets, furniture, gold, items, and the characters them selves (obviously). but once again NOTHING TRANSFED WILL BE USED ON ALPHA TEAM. 

Sorry its kind of a boring entry today i would of had more to talk about if i had more time online but hey we got an update things like this can happen so lets just be glad its not like that now :)

Thanks for reading
CS     (CS Amity +1)

p.s i am sorry its a poop update i should have more good news tomorrow

Edit - So iv been getting my characters ready to transfer over to cancer with all my home items, equipment, pets, gold, everything except food (because i ran out of space) and i asked anyone on taurus (thats where my characters got thrown to) if anyone wanted me to leathe their pets for free as i was quitting that server and moving to cancer. i only had pet return scrolls (which are NON TRANSFARABLE and i did mention this) so i would have to hold the pet and lethe it then give it back as i was quitting i didnt exactly need a pet when im transfering over pets and vouchers. well that is the first time iv have EVER been called a scammer and thief i was completly heartbroken TT. like honestly i hate people who scam and cheat and if i can i try to buy their stuff back for them using points or what ever i have available that the scammer would accept. i ask nothing in return except help if i ever get stuck. and it actually broke my heart. the people there are so nasty and mean. once i have my characters transfered over from taurus to cancer i know ill be much happier.
but seriously i actually nearly cried because i was so upset and it felt like the whole server was ganging up on me when i was only trying to help. 
sorry for the rant but i think writing in here helps me sort of focus my mind and calm me down. for the record i am not saying everyone in taurus is mean and nasty just the ones who where there at that time. even gave like 2 characters full tent furniture and items off 2 characters to a friend of mine who knows me. she said to put all my stuff on her alts and if i ever return it will be available for me when i go back as she cant transfer with me, but after tonights experience i can safely say i would never return there even if asked by the almighty mod taru

I'm just a grind player and thought i would share my experiences with you all
Posted on 2017-10-12 04:48:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

As i think, Team about 35-40  should AFK training at  Velociraptor cave   (3rd cave where lead to Plane Design) in Osyla til 44, cause it have massive drop many minor HP food and AutoWalk  (beter if have Comfortable saddle) there til 50~52. And move to Snowmen of SouthPole  after that will be safer :3
Here is my plan before :  Pine Forest ->Osyla Cave (AFK) ->Osyla Cave (Walk) -> SouthPole's Wolf (at 53 - AFK) ->SouthPole's Wolf ( at 55 -Walk)->  India Diary's Cow ( have milk drop :D :D :D )

btw, you should get Sould Dodge for your Water too :3 Free source of SP will keep your team up to battle longer, get Revive skill too. it'll help prevent from loosing xp :(

Posted on 2017-10-12 08:38:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ahh, training separately was a great idea. The EXP sure is higher now.

Also, sorry to hear about people ganging up on you. It's weird to think that all you wanted to do was help people. Instead they broke you. 

This is our problem (Yes, I said our because maybe I did this before), we judge way too quickly, before knowing someone's intentions.


Queen Miquela <3 
Posted on 2017-10-12 10:46:21 | Show thread starter's posts only


<3 Nico Nico Nii   
Posted on 2017-10-12 17:38:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys

Soooo its that time again (well an hour later than normal because iv just ahad a nap lol)
so im pretty much almost ready to leave cirrus farm, want to know why? its because im almost level 40 !! so in 2 week i have gained 40 levels effectivly because as of tomorrow my main team should all be level 40 and all of it has been done without exp pots. if i can do it so can others, try and beat my record guys :D
well its official ill try my hardest to get 1 character transfered over to cancer by the end of the month, ill be bringing over 3/4 reborn characters to help with guild quests and anything else i may need them for. im excited because they are all super cute characters and have all been trained wonderfully

Team 1
so its been an interesting kind of day, my team have almost hit level 40 and iv managed to get a rhythm going where i only need to leave cirrus farm once a day to sell items now. i cant believe how proud of my team i am. their stats are looking more like they should now. not they are all either full int/str/str+int/int+wis  or as much as can be iv been focusing on raising their hp and maybe once i get 700hp or less depending on how my team grows ill focus on wit skills after that (water is the exception as her wit skills get trained first for recovery and revive)

Team 2 

Sub-team is still farming gold for me but i was thinking of getting them all arez soon and equipping them with comfortable saddles as CrazyMafia suggested above. this should be a good little advantage to have when i move these onto cirrus farm to solo train. apart from that nothing has happened with this team just training away and collecting gold for me

Team 3

So iv stopped adding points on my winds when they level up. i bet your asking yourself if im crazy or not right? well the answer is no im not crazy. basically im going to need to either slow my self down more or speed up my Xao by ALOT so they can still link with the pet/character so im hoping to have them just train for a little longer and collect gold until im happy with a level where i dont need to use my weights. these guys have kind of taken a back seat with training at the moment because i feel im just not as focused on these guys as i should be. i know its proberbly because they are winds as its my weakest class and the class i hate the most (i main earth so i may be biased) i think i need some inspiration to restart training them personally 
Builder has just got a massive request for items so im going to start on them tonight and finish tomorrow hopefully but its a nice easy order so im quite looking forward to doing this :)

So one thing i got asked today was if i was a certain player (cant remember their name so they are being called person X) please please please remember all my characters have been named individually in this thread (apart from builder but i say his name alot in the game i just dont want to post it to forums) and 4 more characters i just created to save my names for characters when i transfer them over. im going to train them a little because i dont really have many pure mages (i have 3 in all my main teams) and they will even have niss trained up because i want these accounts to be used eventually but as of now they are just a pet project for more knowledge.

i learned something new today, comfortable saddles are my friend and i need to make at least 9 more, maybe more depending on who will have a pet or not. oh next week im going to try and get arez done for my sub team, what do you guys think? they are mid 30's and fire/fire/water/earth all with roca pet. 

Sorry its a short update but wait until saturday and your going to get a new screenshot with the full update of my characters because i think iv mastered how to upload pictures to the maximum size now

oh guess how many games i have up running right now... 15!!... why do i do this to myself i guess i just love learneing new ways to train and different set ups ect... do you guys think i should perhaps slow down a bit on my accounts? iv still not even had a single crash or disconnection with all these games up. im so lucky

Thanks for reading
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I'm just a grind player and thought i would share my experiences with you all
Posted on 2017-10-13 05:07:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

You can always buy the EQ found with Weapon Shopkeepers in every village that adds SPD to your Xaos, since they are cheap, and everytime they break you can easily replace them.

Comfortable saddles are great for training, I remember buying one for each character I had.

Also it's great that you are running 15 clients on your computer. As long as you are not experiencing any lag with your PC, and not feeling that your PC is putting way too much effort to keep these opened, then you should 100% leave the 15 clients. Make sure to check your computer/laptop for heating problems during the day.


Queen Miquela &lt;3 
Posted on 2017-10-13 16:55:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Hey Guys and Gals

How have you all been today. My day has been so terrible. A member of staff at work today phoned in sick so iv literally had no way to play WL today, im not joking it literally took me 4 hours to get alpha team set up for training (as i do not train if one character is unavailable all 4 characters lost 4 hours exp). so alpha team eventually got a decent amount and gained almost a full level (70% exp roughly). i feel so guilty about not being able to train sub team, twins, builder and the 4 i made as extras. someone very nice gave me a gift today it was a free christmas tree. but i didnt even know it gives you a star!! im very happy now :D thank you hotlilgirl

Team 1

So alpha team lost so much time training today but ill make it up with the 2x exp weekend tomorrow. im hoping to go to oslaya tomorrow wish me luck guys :) im gunna need it. elins are all doing well and pretty soon if things keep going the way they are going ill have the next upgrade for her in no time at all

Team 2

So these guys have had basically no training at all today due to losing 11 hours at work. the next training for these will be to replace alpha team at cirrus farm and from here on will now follow alpha team. should anything happen to alpha team this team will be built to replace them as a temporary member if there are certain issues or permanent should the worst case scenario happen.

Team 3

my twins again have done absolutely nothing today. no training, no compounding, no collecting... nothing. i feel bad because its so much wasted time but i am losing fondness of these girls. once quadra team and builder are at a level i am happy with i shall focus on them only for a day. learning about winds is something i really struggle to do and i think spending a full day with them maybe doing some quests or skill training or just basic use at all might re-kindle my excitement for them. my twins will be going to oslya first to scope out enemies/spawns/ exp in team and solo/locations. they are literally like ninja spies and will always travel to a new area before my alpha team so i think their levels may be the highest soon as they will be getting the most exp once i am set.
builder has not trained or done much manufacturing today. we had a request from the WMO for 1 stack of 'airship steer' and i completed the quest but i am not particularly happy with the way i did it. so because i lost the 11 hrs today which should of covered my building time easily i had to ask for help from my guild and would you believe it but Zyma had a stack already made and let me have that stack as long as i could replace it. i can replace no problem its just going to take time. 1 stack of 'airship steer' takes 400 minutes which is basically 6 and half hours work so i better get cracking on with this 

Team 4 (quadra team)

So these are my new guys until i am fully able to transfer over the characters. their names are Prill, Gallux, Cotton, Protos though i am not happy with the name Protos i think it will fit better once she levels up a bit or my transfer character comes across. as this is a a4th account i am not 100% sure i want to bring this character across with me as i have to buy VIP to transfer over and this could take a few months to accomplish. (money is not an issues and nothing to worry about i just get paid at the end of the month so can only buy things then.

So what do you guys think, how are my teams sounding right now? i hope they are sounding ok. oh its picture time tomorrow i almost forgot oops XD i cant wait to show you guys.

do you guys have any recommendations  about enemies to fight first in oslya as i may be taking my screenshot there or at least a picture of the map where i am training.

Oh i was an idiot today aswel. today someone gave me a pumpkin riceball (im going to try and make a halloween party for my guild) and im aiming to get some more riceballs to make it monster themed. well i asked someone if they had any more riceballs and they said they still have some left and i asked if i could have them. i think they had a hard time letting go of their riceballs because who wouldnt they are awsome :D and i said to this player 'if you want to keep hold of them but make room i can have an alt hold them for you for a few days or until 2x exp is over' i think this player was a bit weary which is fair. i said if you want to ask about my honesty go ask ZeroXShop (sorry zero i use you as a reference alot) zero can vouch for my honesty. well that was a BIG mistake. there seems to be some issue with the player and zero which i didnt know and i felt i really offended them (i felt so guilty. how do you say to some one you have issues with tell me if this person is honest). i apologized after all it was not my intention to offend anyone or cause issues. well the player messaged me after a few mins saying i could have the riceballs but never mention zero again to them (which i can understand), i turned this offer down. the main reason was pride i guess. i was raised that if you offend someone you cannot ask them for things for free as it is considered bad manners and therefor rude. its a strict code i stand by fully as it is ingrained into my mind from such a young age. they told me it didnt matter to them but that wasnt the point. it mattered to me. if i get hurt/annoyed/offended/have issues with a person or player i will tell that person i have issues and i would not be doing business with them. i expect the same treatment in return as this is fair. i offended someone and even though this player said its ok, it totally wasnt in my book because i was in the wrong and therefor must deal with the consequences (in this instance no free riceballs for my party). i hate self punishment but at times its needed so i dont get too greedy or selfish and become a person i dont want to be. so to this player thank you for your kindness but i am sorry i wasted your time i hope you can find a good ome for your riceballs soon mr niceguy

Thanks for reading
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I'm just a grind player and thought i would share my experiences with you all
Posted on 2017-10-14 17:46:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

hey guys

sorry this post may not be as enthusiastic as normal as i am slightly sick today with one of my health issues.
i finally used one of my exp potions today (just the 2x exp card you get from free daily draw) and the exp was amazing. so amazing in fact that CS, LD and SL have gained 2 levels and BB is on 90%+ and all my elins are now all 40/41 so hopefully ill be getting their chip soon. you do get the chip at level 40 right or is it 50 ? oh as per my agreement that when my elins hit level 40 i would go to oslya well i will be going there very shortly maybe just after this diary entry to be honest then beta team can take their place at cirrus farm. twins will be coming with to to oslya and builder will be going after 2x exp. quadra team will be moving onto beetles when they hit level 15 (they are level 12) 

Team 1

so my girls are doing well. elin training is coming along nice and skills have been levelled too. i have not trained elins skill yet as this will totally drain my sp i wanted to stock up on more sp potions before i did this (maybe have 3 rows of sp pots). with the elin on BB (the water acc) her revive is now level 6 because i have deliberatly turn off healing for her and took off her belly chain necklace in hope that she will die enough to train this skill, also i learnt BB soul dodge so she can recover some spas rez is 139 sp per use it can be expensive. this team will be going to oslya as soon as i have finished this diary as my next training step.

Team 2

So this team has done pretty well in the beetle cave but its time for an upgrade now. because this team does not have rope ladders to get down the well (because im too lazy) i have been joining another character with ladders to take them down the well and its beginning to annoy me because im wasting time. but i am rather looking forward to their area upgrade, things will get exciting soon now

Team 3

So twins will be skipping cirrus farm and going right to oslya as these are basically my scouting squad i should of send them there this morning but i was at work this morning and got pretty sick after work so i needed to completly rest between 4-8PM which meant loading up characters and then just lying down doing and taking bed rest. this has slowed down their training but my health comes before this game even though im dedicated to this i cant risk getting sick.
Builder is doing pretty well training Tony The Pony (hes level 27 now) and they will be going to cirrus farm with beta team as tony is really strong i will definatly survive if i sit down.

Team 4

So quadra team ( i will start to mention this team so you can see when my characters transfer here how i rb train) is doing pretty well they are level 12 and i decided that because these accounts are only temporary i will train a niss on them (i do find it hard training niss and this is just extra practice for me) 3 characters are mages and 1 character is physical. i have equipped bows on them to help with training and niss sky thunder is level 3-5 but as i need to start paying for healing now iv stopped training it for the moment. i will post a picture of my rb team when they are here so i do not ruin the surprise and i will also not be posting pictures of these characters because they are temporary.

So i thought today would be a good day for training as its 2x exp weekend but im so diappointed that i couldnt focus on WL more. i wanted to try oslya before the diary so i could give something new to you guys but im sorry if i let you down.

oh as i have been writing this my healer on alpha team BB got to level 41 so now everyone is level 41 on alpha team.

Thanks for reading
CS     (CS Amity +1)

I'm just a grind player and thought i would share my experiences with you all