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[Experience Discussion] My Training Diary

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Posted on 2017-09-30 10:15:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Guys

So firstly let me introduce myself I used to be a player here years ago but due to personal issues i had to quit. So recently i got a new powerful computer so decided to come back and i'm back, yay. I used to run a diary in Pisces but when i came back i noticed i only have 3 servers when i log in so i'm starting again. I hope my experience can help others 

I currently have a 2 full teams and 2 train separate. I feel the setup i am creating will be quite useful in later battles (level 60+). I have enjoyed getting back into grinding again and its so fun so i wanted to share this with you all. so here are my teams and their stats. When i am stronger i will let you know what items i get while training but as everyone knows the items early on i have decided i will not name collectible items until i reach level 50. Currently i will not post my pets as i feel i am currently not focusing on them and re organizing their stats. 

Main team
CSModify (Roca) - Earth Mage
LDModify (Roca) - Fire Soldier
SLModify (Niss) - Fire Soldier/Mage
BBModify (Niss) - Water Mage/Healer

Secondary Team
AEModify (Roca) - Fire Soldier
SHModify (Roca) - Fire Soldier
HMModify (Roca) - Water Soldier/Healer
FIModify (Roca) - Earth Soldier/Mage

Third Team
VIModify (Xaolan) - Wind Soldier
IEModify (Xaolan) - Wind Soldier

Well on Wednesday i only made 2 characters CS and LD and trained them to level 10 and left it for the night. On Thursday i decided to make a full team and to make a strong enough team to grind and train with not just now but later on, so i added SL and BB. As i was catching up with levels so my 4 could train together i made my secondary team and set them off training. Once SL and BB caught up in levels i decided to go train at the frogs outside holy city and woah that was defiantly not the smartest idea. I left my computer on over night and one character kept killing everyone and ended up super leveling so i had to remove her from my team for a moment (LD and she stayed in ore cave until the rest of my team caught up and i could use the ores to buy new equipment). Once everyone had caught up i decided to bring LD back into the team and currently my team is training at chicken farm because its an area my full team links attacks together. 

If you are wondering why i have not described the training of my secondary team this is because i want a weaker team so i can perhaps make a bestiary or item drop index so if myself or anyone else needs information about items and where to find them i may be able to help.

My third team as you can see above are wind soldiers so they are too fast to train with my 2 main teams so i am just going to use them as builders/gathers/alchemists and just generally my go-to girls. Dont think im just keeping these 2 low levels i will be training them but not as hard as a full team (i am training these 2 for personal reasons because im not very good with wind characters so i decided i needed to learn)

If anyone would like to talk to me about why i am doing this or items i find or anything at all feel free to leave a comment or send me a mesage and ill be happy to share any information i learn.

Thanks for Reading

I'm just a grind player and thought i would share my experiences with you all
Posted on 2017-09-30 10:46:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

Welcome back to WLO!
I find it very interesting that you will be keeping a training diary, I feel like it would be a very interesting thing to look back too.
I like the teams, and the pets seem good, but wouldn't you rather have a variety of  different elements and different pets? You can have Qlaya and Shasha for seal, Elin for food throwing Etc..

Hope to see more updates to this thread, I'll stay tuned in!

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Posted on 2017-09-30 13:48:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

i am hoping to change a few pets round once i am able to get them
elin is defiantly on the books on my main team (will replace a niss or roca but unsure which)
sasha/sam are going to be a definite on team 2
i would also like 2 qlaya or clive for my wind team (so speed can match)
unfortunately once i get the pets changed i feel like i wont be using them as bait or full assist characters because i will be training to be strong again and see what my limits are so i will need to have them all fighting fit with all skills maxed

one area i will be focusing on training skills will be pine forest (i think that's the right are with the leaf snakey things that drop vines ect..) and once i am strong enough to train here as a team or go to a weaker area or train everyone solo i will be training up all skills such as niss' thunder and multiple hit character skills

I will obviously need to ask for help for certain quests and i was hoping to avoid this unless absolutely necessary but i feel as i will have no choice as it stands at the moment. I am able to easily control 3 characters but i am unable to control a 4th due to concentration and fast enough ability to click

I'm just a grind player and thought i would share my experiences with you all
Posted on 2017-10-01 16:01:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Guys

So it's me again and i thought id share my info on my grinding.

Team 1
they are all doing pretty well my levels are 22/23 for all and pets are 21/22. Grinding has been pretty good for exp but not so much for items. i wanted a relatively easy area to train at for now that would help with exp over the 2x exp weekend and it has helped ALOT. i decided to get all my pets the belly chain necklace from the 'crypt' in holy city and while i was down here i noticed no one else comes down here so its a nice quiet place to train so i stuck my team down here and i may of bought an e.remote for my water (she has all healing skills now) so she can start training recovery skills and revive if needed. now revive is kind of tricky only fighting 2 enemies because if they kill on the second attack i have no way to revive them and bye bye amity/exp so rez wont be trained until i maybe reach oslya or do solo training in pine forest and let someone die (alot). So anyway enemies are spiders and really easy to kill so id recommend it for training skills here and its nice and quiet if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the regular spots.

Team 2
so i finally brought my second team away from chicken farm for now and decided to train at the beetle spawn outside the trojan war castle (the are 3 beetles to fight and it gives better exp). their levels are 16/17 and pet levels are 18 but one of the roca i use is fully focused on speed and kinda ruining my link attack so i took her off and now this team always links. good exp and the apple/cantaloupe/watermelon drops come in useful for healing if i need it. i dont use any skills training because i find they stop the link attack and people tend to get all the exp while one person doesn't get any.

Team 3
My 2 little twin soldiers are doing pretty well. They are training at another beetle spot that spawns 3 beetles (2 of these are earth so i have type advantage yay). Unfortunatly one of the Xaolan on this team had to be taken off because her speed just messed everything up. i was not linking and she was doing nothing but dying and spawning me back to welling. Once i had removed her from the team i link every single time (AMAZING). their levels are 20/21 and the Xaolan that is out is level 19. again the healing items dropped by beetles help alot during training 

On a side note i created 1 more character but will not be refering to this account because he will just be a gatherer for my wind soldier so i can continue her training for a while longer. 

oh i also i got some purple chests on my main team. is there a way to open them without buying purple keys from item mall?

Thanks for reading 

P.S i will only be uploading update pictures every Saturday so people can see the growth

I'm just a grind player and thought i would share my experiences with you all
Posted on 2017-10-02 07:35:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Guys,

So first off i FINALLY finished training in the crypt and omg i lose my link again but y'know what im not even fussed because at least im getting items now. Oh on a plus point i got new equips yay <3. I managed to trade for mini angel wings and mini demon wings with a wonderful seller in my server called 'ZeroXShop' (such a nice guy with loads of stuff i would highly recommend shopping there) and now i got a new addition to my equipment thats super adorable. So i must mention these wings will not be equipped during training because its such a huge risk to them that ill only use them if i take a day off training and just want to look pretty. Under no circumstances will i use ANY IM ITEMS during training to try and make the game as challenging as i can for myself (within reason for example im not going to attempt getting jeanne/joan at level 20+).

Team 1

So my team finally left the crypt because their level is too high for here now so i needed a new area and i checked a bestiary about local animals that are upto level 28 and found squirrels, these little boogers should help me train to level 28/30 hopefully or i may just go fight bees but im not sure which path to take just yet... we will see how i feel tomorrow once all the daily training has paid off and i can see who is levelling well. 

Team 2

So i tried the crypt with this team and what an absolute waste of amity ! everyone kept dying and because i was recovering (i have several medical conditions that can stop me playing for a few hrs) 3 people in this team spawned back to welling. Talk about annoying. So after this huge failure i was on my way back to my beetle spot when i thought i would try ants, they are good but they kept doing linked attacks and i didn't (i might of been a little bit of angry/jealous) so i scrapped that idea and continued to my beetle spot. I think ill stay here for another day or 2 before moving on.

Team 3 

My twins havnt really been doing much. i dont want their levels to surpass my main team so i put them to work gathering resources (ores/woods/grass) and i think i have an ok supply now to start building again, wonder how long it will last though

i am having so much fun on this game, i cant even believe i quit for so many years. I re-read my old diary and i stopped at level 99! can you believe it i was like 1 level away! ugh so frustrating. Lets see if i can beat my record in my new server :)  Oh i noticed not many of you sell low level equips if anyone has any equips for level 20-26 feel free to let me know (im in cancer server) i can buy with gold but i only have approx 50k so please be merciful haha

My dog decided to lie behind me while im writing this so i think he wants to say hi to you guys 

Thanks for reading

P.s i was thinking of ending my diary entries with like a slogan or something what do you guys think? any ideas?
i dont want to keep re-writing my stats out for all my characters or keep favoring my server when i hope people from other servers read this too. Maybe something like 'Thanks for reading and dont forget to smile' or 'Thanks for reading and stay strong out there' or 'Thanks for reading, CS Amity +1'

I'm just a grind player and thought i would share my experiences with you all
Posted on 2017-10-02 07:44:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

Good Luck with your Training Doing the same myself I have 2 teams.

I am in Aries.

Are you in Cancer or Taurus now I am guessing.


did you get your Daily Credit http://wl.igg.com/main.php
Posted on 2017-10-02 07:54:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

Im only in cancer im afraid. Aries was never a server i was interested in because last time i was here it was so broken that gold had no value and the only currency was IM and even then it was so hard to get a foothold in anything. on 2 of my accounts i have people already made in taurus with quite a bit of high equips and many items so i didnt want to delete them so my final choice was cancer and i quite enjoy it here :) people are so nice

Its so nice to know im not the only person who just grinds what are your teams like? level, element, atk/mage/support?  id love to see sometime :)

I'm just a grind player and thought i would share my experiences with you all
Posted on 2017-10-02 13:11:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice interesting thread, i think adding some colors will make it all pop out and more neat ;)


My Threads ~:

Cuss B: http://wl.forum.igg.com/topic?ctid=96902

Quests: http://wl.forum.igg.com/topic?ctid=96941

Posted on 2017-10-02 14:16:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

im not quite sure what you mean and if i have permission to do this yet. Would you mind sending a message explaining how i do this. Thank you in advance

I'm just a grind player and thought i would share my experiences with you all
Posted on 2017-10-03 14:20:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys

Me again and omg i have news!!
so remember ZeroXShop i told you about before (he traded me the mini angel and mini demon wings) well guess what he helped me out on a quest and who was it for you might ask... ELIN yay i finally got elin. i forgot how weak she was at first and i have already maxed out her skill on all 4 characters. obviously i know i cant get her gun yet but he promised he would help get the gun as soon as im able so for now im going to be training my elin instead of my roca and niss. im not sure if they will stay yet or not i cant compare stats fully until both elin and original pets are level 25/26. going to be interesting deciding who will stay and who will leave after this though. Oh i almost forgot as i was talking with Zero i met a lovley, sweet and amazing player called Eliessa <3 such a nice person im so glad i went over now she is so sweet <3.
Oh my builder joined a guild its so nice in this guild its called Empire. the leader also helped me on a quest to get steamship blueprints so pretty soon ill be making them (im going to gift the leader a capped steamship because she helped me solo and i was only lvl 11 shhh dont tell though its a surprise)

Team 1
This is the team i got my elin pets on and having to redo all the training again is a bit boring but y'what what i dont even mind it gives me an excuse to go fight weak enemies again and farm more items. the elins are level 11/12 and doing pretty well. 2 are con/spd based which i dont think is a bad combination to have espicially as how im considering replacing one of the niss for an elin (very tempted you have no idea how bad) but we will have to see how the stats look when they are the same level as previous pets.

Team 2
So my secondary team is doing... average. i havnt really been as focused about training this team like team 1 im happy just to leave them fighting beetles for now. they are building my bank so i suppose its nothing to be mad about.

Team 3
Well my twins have done absolutly nothing. all day i have just had them gathering clay and alum ores so i can continue to craft with my builder and its helped so much. i think im going to train them now as i think they have worked hard enough already and desesrve a break.

I cant believe how nice people are in my server i am so happy i rejoined and doing this diary always breaks up my day. oh there is something i wanted to ask you guys, i was thinking about pets for my second team i have 4 roca on it. just because she is a powerhouse and i dont need to worry about their training with roca there. would you guys recommend any other pets ? i was thinking about sasha or sam but i saw a very powerful kanako and it got me thinking a secondary healer and a secondary debuffer (after water in my team) (earths on both team have not been focused on debuffs yet that will come after level 30 when i start training wis). what do you guys think. please drop your advice down below and ill reply when i can. i also still need advice about pets for my twins aswel. so far i am happy with xao because she is fasr but i would like a wind pet like qlaya or clive but im unsure which because everytime i have had them on previous servers they... well they ran away because i was training in ways i shouldnt with wind pets. does anyone know which is better just for pure speed clive/qlaya/other and which is better for training (i will eventually be using my twins for quests once im happy with all 3 teams)

Well i think thats everything for now though i have probably forgot something, i usually do 
have a nice day guys

Thanks for reading

I'm just a grind player and thought i would share my experiences with you all