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[Experience Discussion] Guide on DIY Fuel Fast

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Posted on 2017-08-10 20:14:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

This is my Cost Estimate to make Fuels for yourself.

This is Using all Time Saving Devices :
Save 3% time by itself. Time use 97%
Mill Make Full Stacks at a time of an item.
Air ConditionSave 15% time by itself. Time use 85%
Wood Bell
Save 2% time by itself. Time Use 98%
and Stand BellSave 3% time by itself. Time use 97%

Use all (100% - 3% - 15% - 2% - 3%) = 77%

For Total Time to make Include sub processes.

Example Diesel Primary Raw Material are Coconuts and Ordinary Wood.

A) To Make Crude Oil (Item 4 Chart Below) for a Stack 0f Diesel.(Fuel F5 Chart Below)
    1) Buy 500(10 Stacks) Coconuts at Bangkok NPC.
    2) With Centrifuge Make 250(5 Stacks) Coconut Oil.(Item 1 Chart Below)
    3) With Resource Recycling or Make 250(5 Stacks) Crude Oil (Item 4 Chart Below)
    Recycle Stacks until it is Crude Oil Can be done as a Stack Press Control on keyboard to pull a Stack.

    Crude Oil Steps are as soon as you Click your Mouse.

B) To Make Firewood(Item 3 Chart Below)
    1) Buy 150(3 Stacks) of Ordinary Wood also at Bangkok NPC.
    2) Stone Knife of Work Platform make 300 (6 Stacks) Firewood (Item 3 Chart Below)from Ordinary wood.

    Firewood Steps are soon as you Click Mouse.

C) To make Diesel.(Fuel F5 Chart Below)
    1) with Crude Oil Equipment Make 50(1 Stack) Diesel. (Fuel F5 Chart Below) from  250 (5 Stacks) Crude Oil ,and 300 (6 Stacks) Firewood.

    Diesel takes 770 Minutes for a stack if you have all Time Saving Equipment in your tent.

If you use IM Furniture Sand Glass Time Saving Equipment is ignored since it take 10% of normal time as to less than 80% of time required.

 Components for Fuel Table


IDItemTypeMethodTimeUsesRaw 1Quan/StackCost/StackTypeUsesRaw 2Quan/StackCost/StackTypeUsesRaw 3Quan/StackCost/StackType
1Coconut OilComponentManufacturing0N/ACoconut1005,000GoldCentrifuge
2Lauan WoodComponentManufacturing0N/ALauan25750GoldStone Knife
3FirewoodComponentManufacturing0N/AOrdinary Wood25750GoldStone Knife
4Crude OilComponentRecycle0#1Coconut Oil505,000GoldResource Recycling
5Magnet AVGComponentAlchemy JR+26N/ASlivery Shoes589,860GoldN/ALauan Wood781,170GoldCompound
6GasCooking  FuelManufacturing0#3Firewood17255GoldCrude Oil Equipment
7Boiled WaterComponentManufacturing39N/AFresh Water1003,000Gold#3Firewood2503,750GoldKitchen Range
8Bottled Boiled WaterComponentManufacturing39N/AFresh Water501,500Gold#6Gas2001,020GoldGlaze Table
9Heavy OilComponentManufacturing770#4Crude Oil505,000Gold#3Firewood1001,500GoldCrude Oil Equipment
10OilComponentManufacturing578#4Crude Oil25025,000Gold#3Firewood400GoldCrude Oil Equipment
11Half UraniumComponentManufacturing77N/ABluestone100160CreditGrinding Equipment
12Iron MaterialComponentManufacturing77N/AIron Ore1005,000Gold#3Firewood1001,500GoldMelting Furnace
13CharcoalComponentManufacturing39#3Firewood50750Low-Temperature Kiln
14TarComponentRecycle0#1Coconut Oil505,000Resource Recycling
14TarComponentManufacturing770#4Crude Oil505,000#13Charcoal1502,250Gold#3Firewood2503,750GoldGold
15Coal SandComponentManufacturing77N/ACoal Ore50Red Stone MonstersBattle#3Firewood50750Gold
16Coal BallComponentManufacturing77#15Coal Sand50N/A#3Firewood50750Gold
17CoalComponentManufacturing77#16Coal Ball50N/A#3Firewood50750Gold
18Cotton ThreadComponentManufacturing39N/ACotton50N/ABattle
F1Liquid GasFuelManufacturing963#10Oil400200,000Gold#3Firewood1001,500GoldCrude Oil Equipment
F2GasolineFuelManufacturing770#4Crude Oil10010,000Gold#3Firewood2003,000GoldCrude Oil Equipment
F3Unleaded GasolineFuelManufacturing770#10Oil10050,000Gold#3Firewood6009,000GoldCrude Oil Equipment
F4Great GasolineFuelManufacturing963#10Oil200100,000Gold#3Firewood75011,250GoldCrude Oil Equipment
F5DieselFuelManufacturing770#4Crude Oil25025,000Gold#3Firewood3004,500GoldCrude Oil Equipment
F6Hot WaterFuelManufacturing963#7Boiled Water60081,000Gold#3Firewood2003,000GoldAutomatic Filter
F7Bottled Hot WaterFuelManufacturing963#8Bottled Boiled Water60030,240GoldAutomatic Filter
F8Fine UraniumFuelManufacturing1155N/ABluestone150240CreditGrinding Equipment
F9High UraniumFuelManufacturing1348#11Half Uranium100320Credit#3Firewood1502,250GoldHot Kiln
F10Magnet StoneFuelManufacturing1348#5Magnet800169,760Gold#12Iron Material10013,000GoldGrinding Equipment
F11Coal BlockFuelManufacturing616#17Coal4000Gold#14Tar (Recycle)20020,000GoldLow-Temperature Kiln
F11Coal BlockFuelManufacturing616#17Coal4000Gold#14Tar (Manufacture)20044,000GoldLow Temperature Kiln
F12Magic Wool BallFuelManufacturing385#18Cotton Thread6000GoldN/ASheepskin4000GoldN/ADye2000GoldAuto Machine

Time Total and Cost For Fuels per Stack

IDNameVehicleMaterial Cost GoldMaterial Cost CreditsTime MinDayHoursMinutes
F1Liquid GasHot Air Balloon201,500N/A55873217
F3Unleaded GasolineTurtle Car, Motorcycle59,000N/A1926186
F4Great GasolineCabriolet, Yacht111,250N/A32752635
F5DieselJailor, Airship, Robot29,500N/A77001250
F6Hot WaterMighty Airplane84,000N/A143102351
F7Bottled Hot WaterMighty Airplane30,240N/A143102351
F8Fine UraniumSpacecraft0240115501915
F9High UraniumSubmarine2,2503201502112
F10Magnet StoneUFO182,760N/A19181758
F11Coal BlockSteam Ship20,000Coal Ore Collect61601016
F11Coal BlockSteam Ship44,000Coal Ore Collect416422124
F12Magic Wool BallMagic Carpet0Collect85301413


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