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[Experience Discussion] A comprehensive guide for beginners in Wonderland Online [86% COMPLETE]

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Before you'll ask 'Whales?? Why have you moved half of your thread onto the next post?', I'll explain.

I wanted to update this thread. However, I received a system prompt that my first post reached maximal capacity of letters written and images posted... Therefore I'm forced to split this guide into two, separate posts. That makes me realize why my other threads with way more massive content still work and can be edited easily (I non-intentionally splitted the threads for categories, so I have less chance to hit the characters/img cap by accident).

I'll slowly add the content to this and other guides (only questionable one might be Wonderlandopedia). I hope you understand my action taken (especially you, mods).


11. Beast pets and human pets - your best companion during adventures

In many MMORPGs we encounter something like mounts and summons. We can capture, raise and use various creatures. Wonderland Online is a very unique MMORPG due to its Human Pet system. Meanwhile Beast Pet system is quite mainstream (aside of Arez, Monkey and Charlotte who have their own quests and storyline), Human Pet system introduced by the game creators is totally mindblowing. We have friendship, slavery and mentoring mixed up in that particular system. In order to get Human Pets, player needs to go through entire storyline of the certain humanoid pet (only difference are Human Pets from Lucky Eggs in IM Mall). Once you complete the questline to get the Human Pet, humanoid companion joins your team.

Highlights of Human Pet system:
Power of your companions can be boosted with Friendship Brooch (the power gets doubled, even if your companion wears high quality EQs)

Highlights of Beast Pet system:
Some(!!) monsters you fight can be caught (they're gonna be your Pokemons), you can equip creature pet with a saddle and ride it to obtain certain stat boosts

Pet's amity system:
Each pet in Wonderland Online has amity (a.k.a friendship) points. The number of points represent how much our companion likes us. If your human/beast pet has 100 amity (which is a cap), we don't need to worry about anything. It's also important to keep Human Pet's amity at 100 if we wanna use Friendship Brooch. If pet's amity is close to 20, stop using that pet! There's a chance during the battle your companion will leave you (they will be fed up with your reckless actions and lack of interest about their own condition). You increase pet's amity by feeding them with amity food or just by levelling up (+1 amity point per level up). You decrease pet's amity by letting them die constantly and also during the trade system (it affects Beast Pets that can be traded between players).

Three basic things you can do with your pets:
1) Rest – your pets stay away from fighting (recommended when they have really low amity and you have no stuff to increase it)

2) Ride – you jump on the head (sometimes literally…) of your pet (no matter if it is Human Pet or Beast Pet) and ride it; a.k.a mount system (in case of saddled pets – certain stat boosts are transferred to your char)
3) Battle – your pets are set into the combat mode (they come along to battle enemies)

Pet slots in your party - let your companions sortie or consign:

[Placeholder for content]

Important hints regarding both systems:

+ If your companion's amity (a.k.a friendship) falls below 20, there is a chance the pet will escape from you
+ Pets that aren't storyline pets will leave your party forever then
+ Some pets have to be trained manually, some can level up faster during burst
+ Some storyline pets have their death quest
+ Pet that dies after completing one's story, can be revived in Holy Village's Church (Priest Abba will ask you if you want to revive dead companion by paying X quantity of Stars)
+ Revived pet, if has lv 100 or higher, can be reborned in Babylon (a.k.a Hanging Gardens) in the secret cavern
+ If you dismiss storyline pet that isn't RB'ed or that pet leaves you due to the low amity, you can get that pet back in the place where you originally obtained them
+ If you dismiss storyline pet that is RB'ed or that pet leaves you due to the low amity, you need to go back to church in Holy Village and pay Stars again...
+ You increase pet's amity with amity food or by levelling up that pet
+ You can freely rename your pets (prohibited words are not allowed/max name cap is 14 letters)

If you wanna learn more about pet's death quest system and pet's rebirth system, I'll redirect you to the right place (with a reaaaaally nice guide):

Where do I get certain pets?:
Well… It might be quite difficult for me to look up or insert so many links to each human pet guide. As long as Wonderland Wikia site exists, I’ll redirect you there to obtain some basic information about the questline of each Human Pet:
In case you’d like to find out something specific about Beast Pet locations, wlodb.com might come handy – both the search system and Forums (in case of beast pets that have really weird locations in specific areas):
Which pets would you recommend?:
It is quite impossible to suggest just one, the best pet in the game. There are many factors that determine the selection of the rightest choice for your character. You can see people fighting over who's better - either on Forum or in game.

The safest idea is either choosing a pet of the same element that would combo with you and boost overall damage dealt against weaker element (or just any enemy) or the strong-weak approach (i.e. I'm Fire, I'm weak against Waters, so I need to have Earth pet to aid me).

Alternatively, you can read some of my mini-guide/opinion flow in one of the Forum's threads. Meanwhile the first section is purely biased and disputable, the second part (the small overview of each pet in WLO) might be interesting for you.

What are Pet Return Scrolls and Pet Lethe Scrolls? Why are they so important for players?:
The items mentioned above allow players to remove 1 unnecessary stat point for Human/Beast Pet’s stat pool (eg. WIS) and add it to something more important (eg. STR).
Players can lethe their pets from lv 20 and above. Lv 20 for some pets might be quite crucial for further stat distribution. Some experiments made by old players have proven that some pets like to add more stats that are determined at early levels (in that case – lv 20). If you’ll use scrolls then, you have higher chance that your pet will distribute stat points in a desired way. Alternatively – you’ll have to use LESS scrolls that in the scenario where you gave no **** about your pet’s faulty build.   
Where can I get them?
Pet Lethe Scrolls are IM, tradeable scrolls. You can buy them directly from IM Mall, obtain it from opening Lucky Packs or as a reward from IM Mall mini-games.

Pet Return Scrolls are in-game, non-tradeable scrolls. They work exactly in the same way as Pet Lethe Scrolls. You can obtain them from various quests, treasure chests located in various places in the world or from Daily Draw.

List of quests/places to get Pet Return Scrolls:
It is nearly impossible to dig out Pet Return Scrolls quest guides from our old databases hidden in the Forum platform. Hence I can redirect you to the guide somewhere else (the guide is quite detailed): http://guidescroll.com/2012/02/wonderland-online-quests-and-places-to-get-forgotten-and-pet-return-scrolls-guide/

12. Star system - how to get Stars and where should you spend them

During your adventures in Wonderland Online you can obtain Stars. The Star item is unique because (a) it is considered as a quest-type item and (b) you can spend them in various places and quests to obtain something unique. By "something unique" I mean:
+ Rare skills
+ Rare items
+ Revival process of a human pet that has gone through a death quest

The complete (I believe) guide for Star Quests can be found in the following link:
If you wonder on what kind of stuff you can spend obtained Stars, I’ll redirect you to the thread that hints nicely all Star spendings in WLO:
Note(1): Please NEVER EVER spend Stars for entering Cursed Palace event! It is much wiser to save them up for something better. You can enter CP with Registeration Vouchers that can be farmed really easily and they are available on each server’s market.
Note(2): Obtaining the Underground Passage Key should be done to your alt or one of the least important. If you’re 100% sure a certain character will need less Stars to use than others, it’s a good idea to reserve 5 Stars for underground key for that char.
Note(3): Expanding the size of your tent is viable when (a) you manufacture a lot and you need plenty of space for all necessary instruments and machines or (b) you want to open a huge shop in your tent and you wanna fit in as many products for sell as possible.

13. Life skills - everything you should know about them

In the previous sections you learnt something about skills (overally). You probably remember that in WLO you can use melee skills, magical skills and assistant skills. There's also a label in your skills list that leads to Life Skills. What are they?

Life Skills are those skills that refer to the specific job. In WLO you can be an alchemist, a fisher, a lumberjack, a miner or a collector. For each of these there are quests where the reward is obtaining the specific life skill.

Requirements to get 'Fishing Skill'
: Catch a Pink Earthworm (can be found in KaMa Cave, lv 13 monster)

Requirements to get 'Mining Skill': Collect 3 Iron Ores (they drop frequently from lv 4 rock monsters in Kelan's Cavern)

Requirements to get 'Collecting Skill': Collect 5 Barleys (they drop from lv 10-11 chickens)

Requirements to get 'Cutting Skill': Obtain Bei's Ore (can be found in KaMa Cave)


14. Vehicles - get ready for a long journey

At a certain point you'll realise you're stuck on an island (well, both of them). Yet you can see people walk down the village in some really pimp EQ, they get really unique materials, heck, some of them are in completely different location than yours! You might ask yourself a question 'How can I leave those goddamn islands and go on an adventure somewhere else!?'. With a specific vehicle. WLO provides various vehicles that allow you to travel in specific way around the world. However, don't be fooled that getting a vehicle is easy (with exception of basic ones, like Boat/Jalor/Hot-air Balloon). It's not even easy to maintain it (a boat being exception, because it doesn't use any kind of fuel). What should you keep in mind when we talk about vehicles in WLO?

1. To craft a specific vehicle, you need to get the design first. Not only get it, but also have it stored somewhere (if you'll drop or discard the vehicle design by accident, go to final phase/place of the quest where the vehicle's design is a reward; you can re-obtain it there).
2. To maintain the vehicle, you need to supply it with fuel (that is dedicated for that vehicle). Vehicles have 2 bars: RED one (looks like HP, it's vehicle's durability bar; once it reaches 0, the vehicle gets destroyed and you can no longer use it) and BLUE one (shows how much fuel your vehicle has stored; once it reaches 0, vehicle will start to lose durability instead of fuel).
3. If you possess a really valuable vehicle (be it - a cabriolet or a yacht) and it's durability nearly reached 0, you can repair your vehicle at Electronic's Convenience Store island (it's placed on the north from Oslya). If I recall correctly, you have to pay max. 10 IM pts (it could be 20 or 25) for fixing the damaged vehicle (and make it's durability bar reach 100%).
4. Vehicles can be used on certain terrains. There are vehicles that can be used on the ground, they can hover in the air, they can swim or they can go underwater.
5. You store vehicles in your backpack. Some of them might take a lot of place. If you wanna minimize the pain of carrying certain vehicles without reorganizing the whole inventory, get a Space Capsule from IM Mall. That item allows you to turn huge vehicles (i.e. 5x5 squares size into 1x1 square size).

[spot reserved for crafting]
[spot reserved for quests]
15. Instances - kill some time, get something worthy

For people who ever had a chance to play other MMORPGs (eg. WoW, AK) it won't be a surprise how instances work or generally what are they. Also I'll point out what are these for new players or those who never had a chance to learn what are MMORPG instances.

Instance is a kind of a dungeon which has a time limit, a number of players participating limit, minimal lvl requirement, etc. In case of WLO, instances have dedicated number of players to activate it. It means - if the instance requests you to gather 12 players, all 12 players have to sign up for the instance in order to start it. If there's a lack of hands, people are ready to join with their alts (or sign them up just to make the instance start). Of course, instances in WLO also have minimal Lvl requirement to join the instance. The lowest tier instance is lv 10+ player, while the top one - 120+ lvl.

You can view available instances to run in the [GROUP] interface, label [INSTANCE]. If no one's trying to run the instance, you can start your own and gather people from the server.

Below you can find a full list of instances in WLO (instructions how to clear it and what are rewards):

YoYo Family
12 Mascots Instance Guide
Slame's Residence Instance Guide
Mali Attack
Ghostdom Instance Guide
Sea Animals
Dark Flame Den Instance Guide
Rescue Chang'er Instance
Jurassic Pasture Guide
Emperor Alexander Instance Guide
Suppress Thief Instance Guide
Fiery Challenge Instance
Eighteen Coppermen
Save Bluestarnese
Instinct Temple Incident Instance Guide
Yiar and Jiar Instance Guide
Eight Warriors Instance Guide
Mahabrahman's Instance Guide
Sealed Demons Instance Guide

16. List of in-game events

Wonderland Online provides several events that you can join at certain days/hours. Below you can see a list of them with some small info.

I. National Treasure (a.k.a NT)
Day: Monday
Time: 8 PM - 10 PM (UTC+0; non-DST); 7 PM - 9 PM (UTC+0; DST)
Place: Welling Village Capitol, F4
lv 130+ non-rb, decent water sealer or earth sealer (or both), ice pack
Description: National Treasure can be either loved or hated event. It's like that because during this event your team's power isn't the major factor that is tested in each room. It's your luck. In every room you see several boxes to open. One of those boxes contains a key you insert into the slot nearby rock doors. That way you are able to enter the next room. The problem is - some of boxes are traps (opening them triggers a battle against monsters). Some boxes hold some minor yet worthy items, like HP/SP food or Registeration Vouchers (you'll need them badly for CP). Those who aren't blessed by RNGesus rather avoid this event, because it can be really time consuming. People with insanely bad luck might need up to 1 hour 20 min to clear the event with one team. Those who are insanely lucky can finish the event in.... 5 minutes. Yes, you read it right - 5 minutes (my best time record on NT is ~10 minutes). First 3 rooms have very easy enemies hidden in trap boxes. Room 4 and 5 become quite challenging, but not so difficult yet. The final room with boss fight can be challenging for some people. Fire Minotaur Boss and little red Majin-Buu can cast HF. Make sure to equip ice pack if you can't outspeed enemies in the boss battle (900+ spd needed to outspd Fire and Ice Minotaur, 600+ spd needed to outspd basic mob). The most valuable items in this event are: Magical Egg, Big Magical Egg and Registeration Vouchers.

II. Q&A (Question & Answer; a.k.a Quiz)
Day: Wednesday, Saturday
Time (Wednesday): 8 PM - 8:30 PM (UTC+0; non-DST); 7 PM - 7:30 PM (UTC+0; DST)
Time (Saturday): 3 PM - 3:30 PM
(UTC+0; non-DST); 2 PM - 2:30 PM (UTC+0; DST)
Place: Welling Village Capitol, F4
Recommendations: lv 10+, basic WLO knowledge, maths/geography/sociology/language/history knowledge (or ask one smart person to "carry you" by giving answers)

Description: Q&A is one of the most casual events in the game. Once you talk to Witty Presenter, you'll begin the participation in the "intelligence/knowledge contest". Please keep in mind two things: (1) there is a timer and (2) you have 5 lives. When you give a wrong answer to the question or you don't pick any answer within 5 seconds (you can see a timer warning) - you lose 1 life. Once you lose all 5 lives, you finish the participation in the event and you won't be ranked. If you want badly to rejoin the event, you need to pay 1 Registeration Voucher. Every 4 or 5 good answers to questions given, you regenerate 1 life. There are 2 factors that determine at which place you'll get ranked: (1) number of good answers given and (2) speed of picking the right answer. The most valuable items in this event are: Magical Egg, Big Magical Egg, Sweet Packs and Riddle Papers.

III. Golden Compass (a.k.a GC)

Day: Tuesday
Time: 8 PM - 8:30 PM (UTC+0; non-DST); 7 PM - 7:30 PM (UTC+0; DST)

Place: Welling Village Capitol, F4
lv 10+, basic WLO knowledge, maths/geography/sociology/language/history knowledge (or simply follow the smartest person)
Description: Well, I'd say that GC is a little bit more active version of the Q&A event. In case of Golden Compass, you need to walk around a huge, colourful platform that is divided into 4 pieces. Each triangle field has a dedicated number for the number of the available answer. During Q&A event you have to pick the correct answer by clicking on it from the list. During GC event - you need to stand on the correct numeric field. GC is actually much easier event, because you can simply follow the smartest person that participates. The problem is when the smartest player is trolling his/her followers... Or when there are no decent players participating and there's a risk you'll follow a noob. Here you have 3 lifes. If you lose all of them, you're washed out. After getting several good answers (like 4 or 5), you regenerate 1 life. The most valuable items in this event are: Magical Egg, Big Magical Egg and Riddle Papers.

IV. 20 Rounds Challenge (a.k.a 20rc, 20rds)
Day: Friday
Time: 8 PM - 10 PM (UTC+0; non-DST); 7 PM - 9 PM (UTC+0; DST)
Place: Welling Village Capitol, F4

a) to pass 5th floor – Lv 40
b) to pass 10th floor
- Lv 80-100
c) to pass 15th floor
- Lv 50 RB -110 RB, one quick water (or slow with high hp/int), one quick earth or wind, Ice Pack (just in case), 2k+ HP will make you more comfortable while facing 14th and 15th round
d) to pass 20th floor
– Lv 120-190 RB, one quick water (or slow with high hp/int), one quick earth or wind (earth FS is a life-saver in last 4 rounds; preferably Knight class for JS), Ice Pack (just in case), 4-5k+ HP will make you more comfortable while facing 19th and 20th round, Baked Potatoes of Attack Pestle (to make life easier in dramatic situations), FB skill on Earth/Wind and Water, mages should have 350+ INT to feel more comfortable in this event part
Description: 20rds (previously 15rds) has always been in the centre of players' attention among all of WLO events. The reason why it is so famous and often attended - it provides plenty of goods you'll make good use of. Right now it is the hardest event for many to accomplish (when 15th round was the last one, CP was on the top of difficulty qualifications, now with rounds 17-20 being really hard, it got dethronized). As you probably noticed from reading the description - the further you go, the fights get harder. Thing that I actually like about this event is - if you can complete it, it's a solid proof you are doing really well in WLO and you're capable to clear the end-game content. If you cannot accomplish a certain room - it's a sign you need to work harder on your chars (or techniques/strategies).
The most valuable items in this event are: Magical Egg, Big Magical Egg, EXP Potions, EXP Capsules and 20rds Chest.

V. Band of Brothers
(a.k.a BoB)

Day: Saturday
Time: 8 PM - 10 PM (UTC+0; non-DST); 7 PM - 9 PM (UTC+0; DST)

Place: Welling Village Capitol, F2
Recommendations: lv 10+ to enter (lv 80+ RB to participate for real),
strong chars dedicated for PvP
Description: Band of Brothers is one of few PvP events in the game. There are 2 active NPCs during the event - a Curer and a Match Registerator. You talk to the Curer to heal your entire party after the battle. You talk to the Match Registerator to start searching for the battle. Searching battle party system will try to find active (by "active" I mean the enemy's team who clicked on the Match Registerator too) and with similar average lvl (for example your team full of lv 80+ RBs versus two lv 150+ RBS and two lv 10s) team of enemies. Please keep in mind during BoB your EQ might lose durability if you fight players 19 lvls above yours. Not to mention fight matching system is unfair (I'm not talking just about team average lvl choice, but also not including the fact some people are p2w). If you win the fight, you gain 1 victory point. If you lose the fight, you lose 1 victory point. The quantity of victory points accumulated for all people will determine the place you will take after finishing the event. If you didn't obtain any victory points or you hadn't enough of them, you won't be ranked at all. If you'll appear in the TOP3 of best BoB fighters, your rank will be hovering above your name for a period of one week (see the second picture posted above). The most valuable item in this event is Magical Egg.

Source: http://wonderlandonlinegames.blogspot.com/2012/07/wonderland-online-guide-on-cursed.html

VI. Cursed Palace (a.k.a CP)
Day: Sunday
13 PM - 1 AM (UTC+0; non-DST); 12 PM - 12 AM (UTC+0; DST)
Place: Athens, Athena's Temple
Recommendations: lv 80+ RB, one Water magician (high INT), one quick earth (900+ SPD) or at least one fast Xaolan (900+ SPD), water and earth chars having FB skill (for speeding up the clear time of the event), lots of Black Coffees, Water/Earth glazes for casting FS (just in case), lots of HP/SP food, 2 Registeration Vouchers per char
Description: Before you step into the Cursed Palace a.k.a Athena's Temple, make sure you have Registeration Vouchers with you! Spending 1 Star to enter this place is completely redundant - Better keep that Star for something else. Now about the event itself - it's quite challenging. In the previous era of WLO, it was classified as the hardest event in the game (because 15 rds existed). When we received an update with 20 rds, CP fell down in the difficulty's classification. Make sure to read carefully my recommendations, because that way you'll get a clue how to make through this event smoothly and quickly. If you go there unprepared, welp... Get ready to either spend a lot of time there or to never clear it within 12 hours limit (assuming you enter this place when the event teleport is ready). In terms of difficulty: Palace 1-6 is easy, 7-8 is challenging, 9 is again easy, 10-11 is hard, 12 is hardcore (especially if you don't have Earth char with 900+ SPD) and Final Palace is just challenging. After defeating Athena your entire team is allowed to open the chest with the reward (everyone gets the same item, but with different stats). The most valuable reward you can get in CP are: Strong Scroll (!), Dragon Wing Spear, Double Rings (a.k.a Emerald Loops) and Moon Wand. If you get Twin Rings or Shining Bow, get ready to cringe for the next 48 hours <3 .

VII. Trojan War
(a.k.a TW)

Day: Sunday
8 PM - 10 PM (UTC+0; non-DST); 7 PM - 9 PM (UTC+0; DST)
Place: Castle Battlegrounds, South Island (nearby Holy Village)
Recommendations: strong chars dedicated for PvP, being in a guild (joining defenders is highly recommended if you wanna get rewards)
Description: Trojan War is a unique PvP event. It works like a castle siege, where one guild holds the rights to own the castle, while other guilds storm the castle and try to reclaim it as their. Defenders' role is to stop attackers from taking the castle away. In the old era of Wonderland Online, defenders could put some defending items to slow attackers down. Nowadays it isn't worth to put any fortification and defence items, because (a) OP attacking teams will break them in no time and (b) more fortifications you put, lower evasion of the 'Stone of Protection' will be. There are 3 areas in the TW: Outskirts, city and audytum. To reach the city, the attacking team has to destroy two Guarding Towers (~10k HP each). To reach the audytum, the attacking team has to destroy Knight Statue (~55k HP). Once the attacking team destroys the heart of the castle - Stone of Protection (~65k HP), the event finishes. Defenders pack their suitcases and are forced to leave the castle while the new owners celebrate the victory. Defenders have much harder job than attackers, because (a) they can jump in teams of 2-3 people, while attackers can go fully teamed and (b) they are always 1 battle turn behind. If no one destroys the Stone of Protection within 2 hours time limit, defenders successfully keep the castle and they get rewards. The most valuable item in this event is 5% EXP capsule (for successfully defending the castle, not just taking it over) and Abby entrance (gonna explain what is an 'Abby' in section 18 - Extras).

VIII. Interserver PvP
(a.k.a interserv)
Day: Saturday, Sunday
Time: 10 PM - 12 AM (UTC+0; non-DST); 9 PM - 11 PM (UTC+0; DST)
Place: Welling Village Capitol, F2
Recommendations: lv 30+ to enter,
strong chars dedicated for PvP
Description: This event is somewhat a bigger version of BoB. There are few major changes in this event, compared to BoB: (1) you enter an external server where people from over 11 servers come to fight, (2) you have fixed amount of gold that you can spend on some helpful stuff (like feathers, glazes, ice pack) and (3) this PvP event is much more challenging (thanks to dupers, before dupe was legit getting ranked was easy, even tho you were fighting human pet on steroids, legal ones, not duped). The rules of Interserver PvP are very similar to BoB ones. If you wanna leave the PvP server, just log out. The most valuable item in this event is Magical Egg.
Note(1): According to the information I've gathered from players, you can no longer participate in this event.

Note(2): If you don't like the way I presented these events, you can find out about them at: http://wl.igg.com/event/system_events.php

17. List of WLO acronyms and terminology you're not familiar with

Below I listed some acronyms and words that are confusing for most of new players. I'll also hint how often the certain acronym is used.

SB - Starter's Beach - the place where you drift to after leaving Unknown Island (where is Robinson) [very common]

OSB - Outside Starter's Beach - the map you enter after leaving Starter's Beach [quite common]

Carnie - Small, but fancy marketplace; put your tent here and run business in a convenient way; also you can exchange your Lottery Tickets here at the female NPC in the middle of the map (or turn gold into a gold pack) [very common]

DPT - Damage Per Turn; most of you might know DPS (Damage Per Second) from other MMORPGs with active battle system; I don't find 'DPS' suitable for the game with turn-based battle system [not too common]

AoE - Area of Effect; you refer to skills and seals as AoE if they can harm/affect more than just 1 target [very common]

RNG - Random Number Generator; another name to "luck" - if someone is incredibly lucky, he prays to RNGesus, if he has really bad luck, RNG rejects that poor player [not so common]

GS - Goddess Skill; one of the most demanded skills in the game; it costs 5 Stars to get GS [very common]

FS - Fairy Skill; pretty good skill - most likely dedicated for assistant-like elements (water, earth, wind); it costs 7 stars to get FS; to use FS you need to use Power Glazes dedicated for each element [very common]

DS - Dragon Soul; very demanded skill by melee characters (some magicians get it for fun or for fixed 24% chance to seal the target); it doesn't cost stars at all [very common]

JS - Job Skill; very demanded skill by few classes (neglected by Seers for some reason (*cough cough*) and sometimes by Priests (wth?); it costs 5 Stars to get JS [very common]

FB - Fatal Blow (a.k.a Deadly Hit); very demanded skill by supporting characters - skill allows to kill instantly any humanoid enemy (including other player) that is below 50% HP and isn't the stronger element than you; it costs 8 Stars to get FB and you need to be lv 180+ (lv 81RB+) [very common]

RB - Reborn; a way to call players that completed the reborn quest (also a way to call the reborn quest itself); player needs to be at least lv 100+ to undergo the RB quest; it doesn't cost stars at all [very common]

Volley (Arrow Rain) - a skill that allows you to shoot multiple arrows from your bow, harming all targets in your sight (as long as you don't miss on enemies); it costs 2 Stars to obtain the skill [very common]

SD - Soul Dodge; a skill that allows you to drain SP from enemies (including players); the amount of Mana drained is determined by your INT and DMG buffs (FA, HF); it costs 3 Stars to obtain the skill [common]

BS - Blood Suck; a skill that allows you to drain enemy's HP (max. 300 HP); the amount of Health drained is determined by your STR and DMG buffs (FA, HF); it costs 2 Stars to obtain the skill [common]

SS - Strong Scroll; shorter way to call the item 'Strong Scroll' [very common]

PL - Pet Lethe; shorter way to call the item 'Pet Lethe Scroll' [very common]

FW - Fully washed; "fully washed" are pets that undergo "Pet Lethe Laundry" (in other words, FW pets are those who have all demanded stats on their optimum, because the player used Pet Lethe Scrolls/Pet Return Scrolls to minimize the least wanted stats and maximize the most demanded stats; for example - Deadly Flower lv 180 with 200+ STR or INT or any other stat prioritized by some players = FW) [very common]

Rep Spanner - Repairing Spanner; an item from IM Mall that allows you to enhance equipment's durability 10 times [common]

TW - Trojan War; PvP event that takes place every Sunday [very common]

NT - National Treasure; PvE event that takes place every Monday [very common]

15/20 rds - 15/20 Rounds Challenge; PvE event that takes place every Friday [very common]

BoB - Band of Brothers; PvP event that takes place every Saturday [very common]

CP - Cursed Palace; PvE event that takes place every Sunday [very common]

interserv - Interserver PvP; PvP event that takes place every Saturday and Sunday [very common]

Burst slave - a char that is dedicated for burst purpose only; burst slaves are specific Fires that go full STR or full INT to provide the highest possible DMG (which means getting higher EXP for bursted person) [common]

IM - Item Mall; a place where you can obtain exclusive goodies for IM points (p2w aspct, you need to spend real money to get IM points) [very common]

HF - Hot-Fire; fire element buff skill (GS) [very common]

SW - Stone Wall; earth element buff skill [very common]

WS - Water Shield; water element buff skill [not too common]

Jumper - a way to call a player that jumps in and jumps out the battle; jumping is quite essential during difficult fights and your teammates die a lot (dead player logs out and other person jumps in in the empty slot) [quite common]

STS - Safe Trade System; a system that allows you to trade items/gold via ATM system [not too common]

GP - Gold Pack; a pack that holds 100 000g inside [not so common]

ER - Electron Remote; IM version of Remote Control [common]

Carry - a very funny way to request someone to help us in some events or quests; when you see someone yelling on World Channel "Need strong fire and earth for 15rds, pls carry me senpai", that means a poor person needs strong people to aid him/her [not common]

mob - other way to call a big group of monsters [common]

Seal - other way to call debuffs [very common]

Rev/Resu - Revive/Ressurect; one of the most demanded skills in the game, water characters can revive fallen team members [very common]

AGI wind/FB wind - kind of character of wind element that has incredibly huge AGI (SPD) and is used for specific quests [very common]

RP - Repairing Potion; an item from IM Mall that allows you to enhance equipment's durability once [common]

EB - Escape Button; an item that allows you to leave the battlefield immadietely (without need of logging off) [quite common]

SC - Spacecraft; a vehicle used to travel in the air (also used to travel to the Moon and Mars) [quite common]

Sub - Submarine; a vehicle used to travel in the sea (needed badly for Elin's death quest) [quite common]

gz - gratz; means nothing else but "congratulations" [quite common]

Lead - when someone says "lead me", it might either you take that person somewhere else or you let him/her become a leader of the team (click GROUP button, then choose [Appoint leader] on the certain person) [quite common]

AB - Alchemy Book; an item used in alchemy to make specific rank jump of the item received from compounding (might also be used as 'currency', due to the fact we have hyperinflation) [quite common]

18. Extras

a) Entering 'Abby'

The guild that successfully wins the Trojan War then defends the castle in the next week, is granted with two rewards: 5% EXP Capsule and entrance for 'Abyssal Demon Challenge' (that's why we call it 'Abby' ).

The challenge (that looks like an instance) is fairly easy. You'll see a lot of humanoid enemies that act in similar way as tribe people in Mayan Forest. They have approx. 800 HP and some of them have seals. AoE nukes will do well here (going 1 by 1 will take it longer and you might lose some HP). At the end of like 6 waves of enemies you'll face the abyssal demon himself. Again - really eassy stuff (11k HP, earth element and doesn't hit that hard). After defeating the boss, you go downstairs to get your reward.

The best reward you can get from Abby is Strong Scroll (!).

Whales' WLO Guides and other stuff:

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Nice guide! Hope there will still be newbies to learn from it.


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