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[Experience Discussion] A comprehensive guide for beginners in Wonderland Online [86% COMPLETE]

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This guide is dedicated for fresh players who decided to enter the realm of Wonderland Online. It is also a perfect memory refresher for existing players who quitted long time ago and they totally lost a track about what’s going on in this game.

As you can notice, this thread is still under construction. I believe you can use already some small portions of information included in a raw form of the guide. I also want to mention this guide is going to be image-heavy, so you can expect a lot of ilustrations - everything for the sake of making things clear without necessity for longer explanations. This thread is going to be huge - make sure to use 'search' function (the one built in your web browser) to jump between sections. Below I'll place a table of content to make your navigation in this thread easier.

1. Few words before the main part of the guide will begin
2. Selecting server, character and element
3.  Getting through prologue
4.  Now we can seriously begin!
5. A little introduction to tent system - how to use and furnish your pocket house
6. How to get a bow - the best weapon for low levels
7. Using Remote Control as a key to afk training/farming
8. A little introduction to alchemy
9. Everything about battle system - combat monsters and players
10. Stat points allocation
11. Beast pets and human pets - your best companion during adventures
12. Star system - how to get Stars and where should you spend them
13. Life skills - everything you should know about them
14. Vehicles - get ready for a long journey
15. Instances - kill some time, get something worthy
16. List of in-game events
17. List of WLO acronyms and terminology you're not familiar with
18. Extras - minor hints that you might find useful

1. Few words before the main part of the guide will begin

Wonderland Online is the MMORPG that aired on 2008. The creator of the game is ChineseGamer, while IGG is the publisher. Game has had several servers – from Taiwanese to English. TWWL (Taiwan Wonderland Online) and JPWL (Japan Wonderland Online) got closed few months/years ago. Right now you can play this game on ENWL (English Wonderland Online, this is where you are right now) or HKWL (Hong Kong Wonderland Online, also known as NWL x980). This game was heavily advertised on websites with manga, anime and otaku stuff. Most of players expected it to be a game where furnishing your house is the main source of fun. Most of us realized this game provides something more than that. Thing that I found the most enjoyable is turn-based battle system (those who have played games like Final Fantasy, Romancing Saga, Rudra no Hihou or Breath of Fire, know what I’m talking about). This game is F2P (free to play). However, as you can notice in any F2P MMORPGs nowadays, WLO is P2W (pay to win) friendly. That means you’ll struggle a lot at the beginning without some real money. If you have a lot of patience, motivation and dedication to the game, you can stay here. If not – better find other MMO game.

2. Selecting server, character and element

When you decide to create an account in WLO, the very first thing you have to do is to pick a server you want to play in. Welp… To give you an honest answer, right now Aries is the most populated server. It’s the oldest server that ever aired in this game. All servers are located in the US (United States) timezone. Previously we also had servers with EU (Europe) timezone. After the latest merge process, EU servers got integrated with US servers. Thus, people from Europe/West Asia/Africa might struggle now a lot due to the terrible time of events' start. Like I mentioned already - we had a server merge process some time ago. Some of the least populated servers or simply underappreciated ones got their glorious moment to fuse with other playerbase. As the result, we obtained:

+ Aries - the oldest server ever, contains the biggest playerbase, functions as one, alone server
+ Taurus - slightly lower population than Aries, it got merged with following servers:
Leo, Libra ,Scorpio and Pisces
+ Cancer - probably the least inhabited server, but with really nice community; the server got merged with:
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Cap&Aqu

Now, when you have a small overview of each server’s activity, you can create the character. Keep in mind that you can run several WLO clients on your device, meaning you can use all of your e-mails in order to create more characters. I recommend doing it if you can’t rely on your friends in the game or your fellas have problems in taking part in quests/events because of a serious timezone difference.

Which character should you pick? It depends a lot.

1) Pick a character that seems pretty good looking for you
Pick a character that will compensate lack of power output against certain enemy units

If you’re wondering about the best decision you can make, I’ll send you to the WLO Labs page, made by our old player – Talitayn. On this page you will find each character’s newbie skill element, its power output, SP usage and range. If you’d like to take a strategic attempt of creating character, you should pick element that will harm seriously opponents you are weak to.


Below I placed a chart (well, a picture) about element weaknesses in this game.

As you can see, Water beats Fire, Fire beats Wind etc. etc. If you’ll decide to make a fire melee character, make sure to pick Daniel. His newbie skill is earth elemental, so you can spank annoying water foes. If you’ll decide to make an earth magician, pick Moore. His newbie skill is fire elemental magic spell, so you can counter wind enemies that bully you. Keep in mind that you can use newbie skills as long as you wear newbie clothes (the one you get after creating the character).

If you’re planning to make a magician and you worry about healing problems (lv 10+ hotel fee, farming HP food, making bathtubs/showers for your tent), pick Maria. Maria is very useful character, especially if you want to make Fire/Wind/Earth character. Water element comes with healing skills – something that other elements are lacking. Maria’s newbie skill allows her to heal 2 people – a char and his/her pet. Very neat and it doesn’t consume so much SP. But as I said – that choice is the best for magicians, since healing of ‘Cure Spell’ strongly depends on your INT.

NOTE: Please write down the date of your account and character creation! Day, hour, month, year! This information is needed in case of account retrieval (when you get hacked)! Also please to remember e-mail dedicated for the certain account and password to that e-mail!

3.  Getting through prologue

You will begin the game on the board of a ship. Here you can transfer your character into Breillat (female waiter), play on slot machines or talk to random NPCs. If you don’t wanna waste your precious time here, go immadietely to the captain.

Note: If you want to get Breillat as a playable character, make sure to talk to her 10 times. You'll activate a cutscene where you will swap places (?) with her. Keep in mind that Breillat will keep your name.

After talking to him, you will activate a cutscene and then you'll appear on Unknown Island, where Robinson Crusoe is a resident. Take a raft from the chest that is behind him, then roam around the island to pick up some HP/SP food. Once you’re ready, use your raft to enter the portal to Starter Beach.

4.  Now we can seriously begin!

If you’ll decide to play on a crowded/lively server, you’ll encounter some afk/talking players. If you are completely new in the game, I strongly advise you to NOT talk with them YET. If you wanna get some serious friends, colleagues or helpful fellas, build up a relationship. Come to SB or Carnie, observe what people talk about, try to find out something about them, then get some courage to talk to them. If you're just a random beggar who wants some help with no obligations or something, I can guarantee that you'll be ignored. Acting like a selfish who doesn't want to blend into the community won't really help you. If you're already known in the server, feel free to talk to people, even on your fresh alts.

Since our last patch (which was some time ago...) we are able to get plenty of HP/SP regen items really easily. On the upper right corner of WLO client there is a function called 'Online Draw' (a.k.a 'Daily Draw' ). This function allows you to obtain 3 random items stored inside the box - from HP/SP regen bottles to Pet Return Scrolls and 1% EXP capsules. You can use Online Draw every 24 hours (according to IGG's information from patch notes - every 20 hours).

Since I already mentioned there are functions in the game, I should explain all of them and how they work. On the picture below I labeled them with numbers.

1] PK (Player Killer) - You can use this function to begin a fight with other players (please notice that you and your opponent need to have PK mode enabled)
2] Join a combat - You can use this function to join either PvE or PvP combat (you can help other players to spank some nasty players or to kill tough monsters in quests)
3] View a battle - You can use this function to watch the on-going fight (you're a spectator); please note that there is an upper limit for players able to see a certain fight
4] Join a party - You can use this function to join your friend/alt/helpful person and form a party of 2-3-4 players in the team (4 is upper limit)
5] Make friends - You can use this function to get some players into your friendlist - that way you can communicate with them easily
6] Commerce money - You can use this function to trade or sell items/pets/tent equipment or to discard some gold you have
7] Event Schedule - You can use this function to see if there is any event on a certain day and to join it (thanks to that function you can teleport to the event)
8] Daily Draw - already explained
9] Item Mall - You can use this function to obtain some rare, valuable goodies with IM pts (you purchase IM points with real money)
10] Skill/item hotkeys - Here you can place certain skills or items to use quickly during battles (F1-F8 keys on your keyboard are used as a shortcut)
11] Item - You can use this function to open your inventory; you can also see your character stats and equipment
12] Skill - You can use this function to see what kind of combat/assistant/life skills you possess (click and hold left mouse button and hover some skills you like to your hotkey bar, then release the button)
13] Compound - You can use this function to compound some items you have (your life skill called 'alchemy' determines what kind of items you'll obtain from compounding; sometimes it's pure RNG)
14] Group - You can use this function to see your party status, to see what pets do you own (upper limit - 4), to join some instances (note: you can join each instance once a day, some of them have a level requirement) or to chat with your guildmates (as long as you belong to any guild)
15] Social - You can use this function to communicate with your friends, use some emoticons or actions while talking to people or set up a birthday (during your b-day, in-game system sends you a B-day happy pack)
16] System - Here you have bunch of other functions

And this is what you're going to see after clicking on 'System'.

Don't mind that dizzy letters allocation (I'm too lazy when it comes to edit things in MS Paint). Now I'll explain them one by one:

A] Player's PK on/off - [CLOSE] You don't allow other players to combat you and you're not allowed to combat other players; [ON] You let other players fight you and you can start a fight

Note: You can't attack a person that has PK mode turned off (has CLOSE active); other players with PK active can't attack you if you have PK closed

B] Fighting on/off - [CLOSE] You don't allow other players to join your combat (they temporarily fill the place in your party; [ON] You let players jump into your fight and help you

Note: Many people refer to that function as view; if there are people fighting on SB or somewhere else, you can jump into the fight, even you have PK mode turned off (as long as the certain person you want to help has view turned on)

C] Trade on/off - [CLOSE] No one is able to trade with you; [ON] People are allowed to trade things with you

D] Channel on/off - Here you can select which channels do you want to work; [CLOSE] the channel is muted; [ON] channel is working

Note: There are 5 channels used in the game: LOCAL (you can talk with people in the same location), GUILD (you can talk with people who belong to the same guild), TEAM (you can talk with party members), WHISPER (you can whisper a certain person in the game) and WORLD (you can talk with all people located on the same server branch)

Extra note: In order to use World Channel, you need to get a Radio Set in Kelan. Radio set consumes 15 SP per use (a.k.a per message sent on the World channel).

E] Character's information - Hee you can set which information do you want to be visible in your game client (more things you'll hide, less you'll lag)

F] Camera zoom in - [CLOSE] Camera doesn't zoom to the person or monster who uses a certain item/skill during the battle; [ON] Camera positions all the time the person/monster in action

Note: Not recommended for daily use, especially for people with seizures...

G] Party enable mode - [CLOSE] No one is able to join your party; [ON] players are capable to form a party with you

Note: Enable this function ASAP!

H] Block list - This function allows to you to blacklist some annoying players

Note: I'm not sure about max. capacity of blocked players, I think it's something like 20; blocked players can't join your party, watch your fight and talk to you

I] Official Site - Click on this and you'll be redirected to the Wonderland Online main website

J] Readme - Quite useless... Bunch of small, not accurate hints and instructions for the game

K] Chat Box - Allows you to set storyline chat box transparent or with a blue-ish background (second one is a default setting)

L] Recharge - Broken function/doesn't seem to work...

M] Buy Card - Click on this if you want to purchase IM points

N] Change Password - Click on this if you want to change your account's password immadietely

O] Spawn Point - Probably the most useful function in the whole game; click on that button then select where do you want to be teleported to

Note: You can be teleported immadietely to Starter Beach, Carnie or any destination that has saved a record; you can save a record in any town/village - just find a hotel owner and select 'Save a record'

Extra note: You can save a record in any place (literally) you want as long as you own a Normal GPS (item which can be purchased in IM Mall); You can enhance Normal GPS with Memory Crystal - you'll be allowed to record one more spawn point

P] Balance inquiry - Click on this and check how much IM points you have left

Note: Also known as 'dc enforcing' button; spam-click that button to overcome some heavy lag (or to get disconnected)

Q] Log Out - Click on this and you'll log out; you'll be redirected to the server selection mode

R] Exit - Exit the game

Note: I personally find logging out and then clicking 'Leave' safer

Of course, you can also change the font colour for respective channels and change the music/SFX volume.

5. A little introduction to tent system - how to use and furnish your pocket house

As I mentioned at the beginning of the guide, Wonderland Online was promoted with a specific housing system. It's something that dragged attention of female gamers. To be honest, I thought that making your house is the main fun source in this game. Well, for some people it is and this is something I can't disagree with. You can create a home to invite your friends here and chat, a supermarket where you can sell some in-game goodies, a cafeteria where people buy your cakes and coffee, then sit down and chat or even a maze to troll people. It's totally up to you what do you want to do with your pocket house. Why do I call it a pocket house?

Enter the cottage at the bottom of Kelan Village, nearby a pig pen. Here you will find Astrologian. Talk to her, then click 'Yes'. Once the chat is finished, head to the exit. You'll activate a cutscene. As a result, you will obtain a Tent and a Notepad. Indeed - the tent is going to be our pocket house!

In order to enter your tent, open inventory and find it. Double click on the tent icon to put it nearby your character. As you can notice on the picture below, every tent has a designated owner. Above every single tent there's written who owns the home (or rather the tent). Click on your tent once - you'll enter it that way.

Well, as you can see... It's quite empty. This game forces players to craft the furniture or to purchase it from other players. On the picture below I placed some basic things we get in the tent.

A] Exit - come there and you'll leave your house/someone's home
B] Recycle Bin - an item that allows you to discard unnecessary items or recycle high rank items (gonna explain later)
C] Work Platform - A basic manufacturing instrument that allows you to create other instruments

In order to create some furniture, you need a lot of instruments. I'd take me quite a while to explain which instruments do you need the most, how to create them, where to get important materials etc. Instead of that, I'll redirect you to the popular WLO database. There you will find all the info you need.


For starters (new players) I strongly recommend getting a Storeroom first. This furniture allows you to hide plenty of items you don't need at the moment in your inventory. If you still don't have enough place - visit any Props Keeper in the village/town. Later, try to get either Stairs or Elevator. That way you'll expand your home with additional floor to decorate/to use as a labour place.

Note: Press right mouse button on any furniture or manufacturing instrument in your tent to rotate it or to put it in your inventory.

Extra note: Press and hold left mouse button on instruments that enhance your Work Platform, move them on the Work Platform, then release the button. That's how you add new, handheld instruments for your Work Platform.

Now continuing the recycling system... It's something important to use. Your recycle bin allows you to 'downgrade' some items. It's quite crucial to obtain some really rare, valuable low rank items. How to recycle items? Open your inventory, left click and hold mouse button, hover the item on the recycle bin, then release the button. You will get a system prompt asking you if you want to recycle the item. Once you choose 'Confirm', you will successfully recycle the item.

Note: If you want to recycle several items/a whole stack, press and hold left Ctrl button, press and hold left mouse button, hover the item on the bin then release. Now you can select how many items you want to recycle.

If you'll work hard, the final result should look like this:

I used to run a cafeteria in this tent. People were stopping by for a black coffee, some cookies and for a chat with me (or with each other). Now it's closed (kinda too lazy to cook new sutff + Virgo isn't so active as it used to be).

Thing that you might like is the fact that you can close your tent anytime you wish, anywhere you are. If you went somewhere else (i.e. to train in Rome) and you left your tent in Kelan Village, don't worry. Open your inventory, press right mouse button on your tent. That way you'll close your tent and get it back - even if it is placed on the other edge of the world.

6. How to get a bow - the best weapon for low levels

I think I mentioned it many times in my other guides - a bow is the best weapon to go with for low lvl characters. Thing that makes any bow OP is fixed dmg it provides. If you want to learn more about bow's damage calculation, I'm sending you to Wonderland-o-pedia, section 2.

Now a good question is - how to make a bow? The answer is simple - with a help of alchemy. If you need to learn more about alchemy, I'm sending you to further section in this thread. In order to create the bow via alchemy, we need two ingredients - a wood and a grass. The rank of wood and grasses you'll collect/purchase determines the rank of bow you can get from compounding. Higher rank of materials = higher level of bow.

In Kelan Village there's plenty of Ordinary Wood to collect. You can find it:
1) Nearby a pig pen and the village leader's cottage
2) Below a cooking pot
3) In Xaolan's home
Okay, that's how to get some wood easily. How about grass? On OSB (Outside of Starter Beach) there's a lot of lv 1-2 jelly monsters. Make your way through to the upper left corner of the map. Nearby a small sandy beach there's a lot of trees and a bush. This bush allows you to pick up random grass-type item every 5 minutes. Things you are interested in are: Common Grass, Harl Grass or Vine Grass. Once you get any of these, we can begin with alchemy.

Now the most important - you put a wood material first, then grass material second (see the picture above). Then you click on [Synthesis] button. If you obtained a bow - sweet. If not (like in my case, obtained lv 6 spear), no worries. Kelan Village isn't the best place to pray for good RNG. Let's head to Welling Village - there's a plenty of grass-type items spawn places (and material respawn every 2 minutes!).

In Kelan Village, use eastern exit to leave the village. Now you can see on the picture above how to reach Welling Village. Don't worry if some monsters (especially dragonflies or chickens) will kill you. Soon you'll take a serious revenge on them...

In Welling Village there's plenty of items to collect. Keep in mind that Daphne isn't a grass-type item, but a leaf-type. You can use them to "harden" (or rather should say - to rank up) some wood and grass materials.
Common Grass has 2, really close spawn points - nearby a man who has lost his axe (quest). Ordinary Wood can be found under Auntie's cooking pot. This village gives you bigger chances to successfully create a bow. But if you still struggle after 10 attempts, get Primary Alchemy ASAP to reduce your pain of compounding.

Note: Keep in mind that some people might find the bow not convenient. It surely gives you a huge power output without necessity to use skills. However, some people would like to enhance their fighting and assistant and obtain their higher profinencies/forms - Hit or Beating. If you have planned to burst your character then reborn it at lv 100/180, keep using bow. If you want to make that character lv 199, make pauses during burst and level up your skills!

Keep in mind that Welling Village is a great place to level up (some minor, really easy quests that can boost your levl quickly, as long as you are low lvl). Make sure to record your spawn point here.

7. Using Remote Control as a key to afk training/farming

Thing that you should get immadietely after coming to Welling Village is a Remote Control. It's probably the best item in the whole game. It allows your character to train or to farm valuable items from monsters while being AFK/doing something else on your PC! Wonderland Online is a friendly game for busy/working people, who don't wanna be behind other players.

Note: If you want your characters to be bursted (a fastest way to level up from lv 1 up to 180), make sure to purchase from IM Mall an advanced version of Remote Control, called an Electron Remote. It provides more functions, but lasts for 30 days only.

To obtain a Remote Control you need to complete a very easy quest in Welling Village. Between a weaponry shop and the wine master's cottage there's an old woman nearby a cooking pot. Take a quest from her, go and talk to old gardener nearby the vineyard, come back to Auntie and voila - we got the Remote Control.

Now you might wonder how that weird item works? I'll explain every single function of Remote Control below.

1] Auto fight - check this option and let your character attack the target with the skill that was used before setting the auto fight mode

Note: If you have used some skill that uses a lot of SP and during the fight your SP will drop below the certain mana benchmark, your character is going to use a regular attack (poke) to fight monsters.

2] Auto move - check this option and let your character walk in circles (excellent for farming and training in places with random spawn rate of monsters)

3] Auto supply after Battle - check this option and let your character eat HP/SP

4] Supply from X to Y - Your backpack (also known as "inventory" ) has 50 squares (slots) to store items and furnitures; if you'll input a number X=1 and Y=50, you'll eat everything stored in your backpack

Note: X=1 - upper left corner of your inventory, Y=50 - bottom right corner of your inventory; feel free to experiment with that function (e.g. X=20, Y=30 -> you'll use HP/SP food placed in the middle rows of your backpack)

5] Players supply - set when do you want to recover your character (when HP or SP falls below a certain % benchmark, 50% is default setting)

6] Pets supply - set when do you want to recover your pet (when HP or SP falls below a certain % benchmark, 50% is default setting)

7] Auto leave (no supplies) - check this function if you want to be teleported to the recorded spawn point if you'll run out of HP/SP recovery food

8] Leave (player died Z times) - check this function if you want to be teleported to the recorded spawn point after dying a certain number of times

9] Leave (pet died Z times) - check this function if you want to be teleported to the recorded spawn point after a certain number of your pet's deaths

10] Leave in V minutes - input a number of minutes you want to afk train/farm (when V minutes pass, your character is teleported to the recorded spawn point)

11] Auto unequip - check this function if you want to place your equipment that is slowly breaking (has WEARING status) to your inventory

12] Auto discard - check this function and let your character discard 5 items you don't need to collect

Note: Please notice there is an upper limit for quantity of discarded items on the map (if there are players on the same map as you and they discard the same items like you)!

13] Here you can place 5 items you want to discard while afk training/farming

14] Remote information - quite useless (since I already explained them all)

Thing that you might be interested in is how to set up Electron Remote (from IM Mall). I'm pretty sure someone already explained it really well on WLO Forum. I'll redirect you to that thread for more info (looking for info source in progress)

8. A little introduction to alchemy

At first glance it seems the game doesn't provide any decent variety of items and equipments. Later you will realize it's a wrong feeling. Some of basic and low tier collectibles and purchasable items can be evolved into mid-tier and high-tier goods. How to do it? With the help of alchemy. You have experienced a little start with the alchemy system in the section "How to get a bow?". Make sure to read it again.

As you have noticed in the section 3 of this guide, there's a button called 'COMPOUND'. This is the alchemy interface. On your left you can see items you have right now in your inventory. On your right - a symbol of an alchemy mixing pot and 5 squares.

1) These squares inform you that you cannot combine more than 5 different (or similar) kinds of items.
2) You can combine a stack of item A and (for example) 7 pieces of item B. Quantity doesn't matter THAT much. If you compound items in various quantities, the final product will have quantity of the smallest number of items included in your alchemy pot. So - if you combine 50 Apples and 7 Beetle Horns, you might end up getting 7 Watermelon Juices. I think this example should help you realise how item quantity system works in the alchemy.
3) Every item in the game has its basic genre a.k.a type of material and rank. That kind of information is crucial to get any idea what we might get from combining items with different types and ranks. For example - if we compound wood type item, rank 2 with grass type item, rank 2 we can get a bow rank 4 as the result.
4) If you need to make sure you will obtain item you want badly, use Alchemy Books. Alchemy Books are responsible for rank jumps of compounded items. Even if you'll fail, costs of the failure will be minimal than in case you'd compound without books. There are kinds of Alchemy Books: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

How to get Primary, Junior and Superior (Senior) Alchemy skill?
There's one, really nice guide that shows what are requirements to obtain each of Alchemy skills. The guide can be found here:

There's the other guide, with pictures and a lot of humour:

Where can I get specific formulas?
One of the most visited, reliable place to look up for formulas is the Wonderland Online databse (wlodb.com). There you can find a lot of instructions with pictures included.

Our IGG Forum also has some threads about specific formulas. You should look them up in the Experience Discussion Index; the last section.

9. Everything about battle system - combat monsters and players

As I mentioned at the beginning of the guide, Wonderland Online has a turn-based battle system. I believe you had time to experience it a little bit while making your way to Kelan Village (through OSB) or to Welling Village (through North Island). If you didn't have a chance yet or you're not familiar with it (never had chance to play any Final Fantasy or Romancing Saga), this part of the guide is perfect for you. I'm gonna explain it with the help of pictures below.

A] Defend - block the incoming attack

Note: This function allows you to decrease damage taken by 55%; if you are attacked by the element you're stronger to, you'll get just 1 DMG.

B] Catch - catch a hostile beast

Note: This function only works on some (!!!) beast pets/monsters; you cannot catch humanoid enemies at all.

C] Run away - lets you run away from the battlefield

D] Use item - opens your inventory and allows you to use some items

Note: You can use things like HP/SP food, status inflict items, buff/debuff items and X Damage dealt to enemy; you might as well change your or pet's equipment.

E] Auto fight - switches from manual fighting system to auto-battle system

F] Attack - the most useless button ever (I personally find it easier to just click on enemies)

G] Use skills - lets you pick skills you want to use in a certain turn

Note: I don't find that funcion convenient to use, since it only shows skills recently used; better use the normal skill button (the one between inventory and compounding buttons on the bottom).

H] Skill/item hotkeys - allows you to use keyboard keys from F1 to F8 to use skills/items (as long as you have assigned some of them for a certain key binding)

Note: There are several sets of hotkeys - use arrows < and > to swap hotkey bindings; you can change hotkeys during the battle.

Keep in mind that there is a time limit for each turn (for regular mob and boss fights it's 20 seconds, during some PvP events it's 30 seconds). If the time passes out, you are unable to perform any action.

10. Stat points allocation

As you have probably noticed, each level up you get 3 free stat points to allocate for your character. Now you may wonder how should you distribute points you get. Before I'll give you my suggestions, let's explain briefly what each stat is responsible for:

STR - increases ATK: the physical damage you deal against enemies; it is also rumoured to raise (in a very very low % manner) chance to counter enemy's attack

CON - increases both your HP and DEF: you reduce the damage taken from enemies' physical attacks

INT - increases MATK: the magical damage you deal against enemies; your raw MATK (no equips and boosts) also decreases chances to get sealed by enemies, as well as increases your chances to seal the enemy

WIS - increases both your SP and MDEF: you reduce the damage taken from enemies' magical attacks

AGI - increases your SPD: quite important factor in many aspects, especially PvP, combo chaining and attacking first in certain fights

Some very old guides mention the most appropriate ways to distribute stat points is using ratio, like 2:1. I kinda disagree with that approach, since (a) bursting has become truly mainstream and it isn't a big trouble to get into some burst teams, (b) sometimes that approach locks you in a specialisation path and you can say 'bye bye' to making a diversified (hybrid) build and (c) it might be not economical enough (adding suitable WIS for your character first allows you to drain less SP while bursting and it doesn't matter if you'll add remaining stat points later).

If you wonder how your character should look like and what you want to achieve, you have few options:
I. Risk adding stat points yourself without anyone's assistance
II. Ask some strong fellas to help you out with the build
III. Use WLO Stat Calculators to find out what stat allocation will give you the most benefits
IV. Click on this link and read slowly, carefully...

I added stat points in a wrong way! What should I do?
No worries. As long as you didn't add too much of stupid stat points, you can get these stat points back. It is possible with two items: Lethe Scroll and Forgotten Scrolls. These items (while used on the character) allow you to pick 1 unnecessary stat point (say it - WIS or INT or anything) and obtain 1, distributable stat points on yours stat pool. This time you can add stat points wisely (or silly again, if you're drunk or insecure).

Where can I get Forgotten Scrolls?
There is a guide written by one of our Forum members. Link for the guide: http://wl.forum.igg.com/topic?fcid=21&ctid=66084&fcp=18

The Forum platform didn't allow me to carry on with editing this post further. Therefore I guess we can call it the end of PART I of the guide. The PART II is placed on the 2nd page, alongside with updated (or planned to update) section 11-18.

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why did u already published this thread before posting any content in it? o:

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Lex: Maybe it's easier for him to post up a thread and edit from there (add/delete/change things) compared to typing out everything in an external word processing programme before posting here? If he's the type who's particular on the formatting of the thread, then the latter procedure would be a problem since there will be changes in the formatting when transferring texts and pictures to the forum from the word processing programme.

Like you implied though, it would be better off if there was a [WIP] tag in the title to inform others that the thread info is incomplete as of now and thus to prevent more questions like yours popping around LOL.

On the flip side, I guess we can expect more frequent updates here...?

Whales: Look forward to seeing some updates here LOL. For the meantime, here's your free bump.

P.S. WIP= Work In Progress



It&#039;s about time I moved on...

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Yeah, yeah, I can understand that. It just looked a bit weird..

Wish I could fix some of your typos hehe. Also, You should tell a bit more about breillat ^^
I'm looking forward for more updates

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I know, I know... I promised long time ago that I won't slack with my guides.

Heck, I even decided to quit AK temporarily to finish or simply to update some of my guides '-' I'm not sure if I'm capable to put the whole effort into this one thread or rather spread my willpower on some of them (I still have a thread about PvP to make; not to mention articles that are avoided, so I can dump that idea atm). Check stuff with ON-GOING status frequently. Maybe one day one of them will finally get a beautiful, green COMPLETE :3

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Looking forward to seeing the finished guide. Maybe in the future, you might want to add links to a specific part of the guide if it's going to get even longer.

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I like the way you write the content for your thread, is quite attractive and interesting. Hope to see more update in the future. xD

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A comprehensive guide for beginners in Wonderland Online  - summary




Paragraphs 11 is almost complete, paragraphs 13, 14 and 18 are raw

Downloadable PDF file: n/a

Version of guide: v.0.1

Recent changes:
+ added some content to 'Life Skills' section

Comment: I'm quite busy in rl these days, but it doesn't mean I won't finish this guide. No worries.

Whales' WLO Guides and other stuff:

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Missed the game on the ship although for a piece of food may not be worth much. Play the games 'Whack a Mole' and Hunting game for Vouchers then talk to Breillat to cash them in. I got 1 Ice Cream for a voucher. Machines in the same room as she is.


did you get your Daily Credit http://wl.igg.com/main.php