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[Experience Discussion] How to make Vehicles Invisible (20 Round workaround)

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Posted on 2014-11-01 08:08:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

My other Guides

I made a duplicate of WLO files on my flashdrive.
In the duplicate I removed the highlighted shown in my Regular version.
Chain of directories is shown in address bar.

Alternate WLO2 shown with missing file.

Here is what a Spacecraft looks like.
Look at top left window notice Arthur61 sees the team and no Spacecraft.
Yet SirWalrus has the team and is in the Spacecraft.
You can see health and Fuel Status(SP) of the Spacecraft.

Now if someone else has the vehicle in normal file compliment they can transport you ie. Teleport to Mars.

Arthur61 attempting to access UFO.

Inventory up.

Double-Left-Click to access

I had no luck clicking the vehicle all I saw was a shadow on the ground.

Return UFO by Right-Click

This can be unstable so luckily 20 Round allows relogging in.

I would prefer a Disable Vehicle feature as to  this modification on system menu.

I guess this is a stealth Vehicle approach from 'Wonderwoman'


Mariah gave me only the file name I had find out where.

I have edited added credit to one that did give at least direction.
I generally do not trust chat especially when info given to help as press ALT and F4 (current active program close)as advise that I saw given to 'help' you.
The chat traffic was so bad I could team-up until I went into 4th floor of Capitol Building from all the cussing(bad form of those doing so although understandable) and complaints.
I would not be able to follow instructions from chat.
I use Team Channel to combat Lag issue with one line so I can see combat screen better.


did you get your Daily Credit http://wl.igg.com/main.php
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can you click tho? even tho u cant see the spacecraft?

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delete tranferred

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did you get your Daily Credit http://wl.igg.com/main.php
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Omg tech genius O_O

EDIT: Plz tell us how to make wooden boats tp to Mars 8D jk, but I will pay you TT

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It's nice of you to make a guide out of this, considering I didn't want to bother and simply just flash flooded all chat with the 'how to'.
But it'd be nice if you actually credited the actual person who told you how to do this and not make it seem as if you found out on your own.

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Nice tutorial. #/monkey (180)

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#/monkey (128)
i want more harder than round 20
i want new quest harder

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.you should have atleast credited Al (Life) for this since Al is the one who flooded ALL CHAT regarding that problem yesterday, and he`s the only one who told us a guide like this so far. /ig38

but this is a nice guide anyways

Posted on 2014-11-01 22:00:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

He listed his source from a thread he made in the Q and A section. Check at the bottom of his post.

Posted on 2014-11-01 22:17:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

.yeah i saw it, but mariah edited the post the day Al shouted in ALL,
oh well i guess mrtransistor just didnt know that Al is the first one who told us the guide XD