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[Multimedia] My Accomplishments 2008 - 2015

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I found this game in 2008 while looking for an mmo to play with my best friend, we didn't have nice gaming computers so we had to find something simple, and stumbled upon this gem. We manual trained to the 40s with bazookas because we didn't know about remotes, and explored attempted to explore the map with an outrageous amount of wooden boats (which didnt work out so well). He eventually got scammed and quit because of it, but i stuck with the game. I remember how difficult it was for me to level up, being a wind character without a nice enough computer to run multiple accounts, and a loyalty to my element. I got passed along from team to team at southern island once they noticed the shit exp we got, and eventually scraped my way to 100, i rebirthed immediatly. +10+60 cape BABY.  I stumbled into a guild called J.A.G which was run by two players named Mynx and Peteyg, they were really sweet and helped everyone out in the guild alot, and we had lots of fun times in that guild, similar to alot of your memories im sure, and that guild is one of the reasons this game is so important to me. Towards the end of it's life, i actually grinded this game out, since i actually had a nice computer. most of what you see here was acquired from 2013 - 2015. the reason im making this thread is because i didn't want to leave my beloved characters/tent and the game without a place for people to see them. So this is sorta my goodbye thread, though ill still always be around the forums. No dupe was used for any of this (which is why it may be underwhelming for some)

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Those are such cool screenshots and memories.
Congrats on all your accomplishments!


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It sad to read that this is a goodbye thread for you.
Also, I feel sorry for your friend who got scammed. I know how it feels to dedicate your time on a game, then suddenly lose interest and willingness to continue.

I love your characters, and I respect them very much.
Hope you have a great life. Also congratulations on all your accomplishments.
Make sure to check in on us through forums, like you mentioned!


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Aww you will be quitting? have u ever played on leo btw? ^^


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Makes me sad to see these types of things, especially from dedicated players. Take care of yourself and cherish your memories.

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PS if my teams stats look weird it's because my earth is a super tank and my fire is a buffer/sealer :3

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Sad to see you officially leave. Even though it wasn't for too long, it was great being guildmates! You'll always be the most pro person in Wardens' history! xD
Anyways, have a great life!

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awe yeah all my experiences with guilds in wlo were the best, maybe ill come back if they fix the mess but it does not look like they are =(

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So sad to see you quit despite never having met you, I know how it feels lately with wlo being so lifeless and different~ sigh. I hope that everything goes well for you <3

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I think I've seen you once or twice on the forums back in 2014 or so while I was CosmicCrystal or LightSideLotus. I think you were one of the many people I kinda envied for being so active and helpful. It's a shame to see you go, but I know you'll be missed in game!

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