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[Questions & Answers] Character Building

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Posted on 2018-06-12 13:48:53 | Show thread starter's posts only


After 10-ish years, I decided to replay wlo but discovered that my old characters got deleted. So, I made new ones although i'm not quite sure on how to build them due to lack of experience on their element types (and stat building in general). I used to solely play earth types, and a hybrid one at that (I know, it was terrible), to prevent childish squabbles with my cousins because they wanted be the one with the 'cool' element like fire or water. But now that we're all more mature and stopped fighting over who gets to be which, I decided to make a water melee and a fire mage.

From what I remember, there is this thing called the rebirth system for level 100+ where you can choose a new class for your character. And although it's not required, it is pretty nice to consider those classes while building up your stats. 

To prevent myself from rambling on any further. Here are the characters that I'm asking help with:

What I want for them to have is a mix of damage and survivability, topped off with a nice amount of utility as they're mostly going to be used for questing.

Tldr, I'm asking for suggestions/help on how to distribute stats for these two, comments on their current stat build and, basically, help on what job to choose. Currently, my cousins suggest to become a wit on Yang and a killer on Harin, though, idk, I just want to make sure of stuff before I commit these characters to something.


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Normally I don't send people to my old yet up-to-date guides, but just in case: http://wl.forum.igg.com/topic?fcid=21&ctid=95497&fcp=3

If you feel like this lecture is too heavy, I might just throw my 2 cents in without forcing you to read the comprehensive guide for like 3-4 hours.

Regarding fire:
+ 55 WIS is way too much, I recommend to reduce it to 42 WIS (55 WIS is recommended for PvP against SP pestlers or to rekt people using Ice Packs)
+ the majority of people will tell you 120-150 CON is good enough for questing; IMO you should aim for 150-180 CON, for F2P people having 3.1k+ HP is good enough to survive tougher fights
+ obviously everything else to INT

Regarding water:
+ Like in the previous case, I'd go for 150-180 CON to stay long alive on the battlefield (recommended for very hard/end-game quests like FB, SL, Kusarikku Heart or 20 rds event)
+ WIS and AGI enough to get the final melee skill
+ everything else into STR

TIP 1: not many people decide to make water melee characters, because overally they are lackluster compared to mage types; you'll need a lot of time, dedication and extras (IM stuff) to make it really buffed, I know one fearsome Water Killer that can rekt mobs and players reaaaaally hard, but she devoted herself much to that char)
TIP 2: if you decide to go for Water Killer, keep in mind to:
a) add some extra AGI to be faster than the rest of the team (if you gonna use purely ++ATK equipment)
b) get strong +ATK/+SPD equips (whole Killer Set would be lovely) or any strong alternatives (don't add extra AGI then)
c) reborn as Knight for extra SPD buff and AoE anti-seal JS

General tip: it would be the best for you to reborn at lv 180, lv 100 will provide much weaker cape (I always reserve reborn at lv 100 for awesome hybrids like Magic Knight or Magic Warrior)

Now wait up for other responses, gather all the information from people replying to this thread, gather some essence (the best for you/crucial information and hints) and work on.

Whales' WLO Guides and other stuff:

Posted on 2018-06-12 16:10:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

Haha, yeah I did notice that water has some really nice crowd control + supporting skills that would have gone nicely with a mage, and these skills become quite useless in a melee build. Though I don't mind having to wait for her to scale, I can dedicate the majority of my efforts on her as she's my main.

I'll reduce the wis on the fire one to 42 then seeing as I have no plans on using her for pvp's, I thought it was necessary to get all skills in the assist tree for questing.

Thank you for the reply, really appreciated it. I will read the guide within the link you sent. 

Posted on 2018-06-12 17:01:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

I would just say play however you want. Following the META is ideal but not ideally fun as well. Though, it is also nice to have certain stats at its max like eg. Fire needs 42 wis and no more than that or Water needs 60+ for recover normal(58 for revival). Earth needs Terra and wind needs coma. Other than that, it is more fun to build the way you want rather.

Posted on 2018-06-12 18:22:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

True, I supposed I just wanted some general tips especially on how much con is good for higher leveled quests etc. 

I've always thought that the meta in this game was to become a fire killer. 

Thanks for the reply.

Posted on 2018-06-13 06:42:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

Well since whales replied to you with a detailed way to build, I'll just be wishing you good luck.

Also welcome back to the game after 10ish years!

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PvE+ free player build ? Both on 202-250 CON, rest in STR or INT respectively,  including your eqs. ( the water element has a slighty lower def than fire)

Why 202-250 CON ? Along the decade an item called "potential pill" was introduced. Eating a bazillion of them will give you 48 points in every-single-stat. There are a few quests with a couple of them as reward, being 4 the granted stacked pills until the gamble begins ( the frustrating, wallet consuming of an average of  150-200 PP  to fully feed just one char)

So, if you happen to be a free player go for 250 CON and you'll run any quest smoothly ( Since NA WLO nerfed every single high-end quest)

Now, if i were you I'd focus more on your pets, as they became the "game breaker" element of the party. You could literally spend on their food & potential pills  to max their stats now plus, they also have a rebirth system = extra stats+ More powerful skills.

Finally, a decent ride pet can give you that extra boost on spd ( for quests at least) so adding points there It's kinda meh.

Feel free to add any remaining question and have fun :^)

Posted on 2018-06-16 22:24:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

I've always wondered what that potential button meant, I'll give them those then if I find one. 

I guess it's now time to research if Elin can be re birthed, I really like her for the fire mage. As for the water one, I'm still not sure which pet would go with her (though a wind with a sealing ability would be nice to balance her out).

Thanks for the input.