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[Questions & Answers] Old Time Player Newbie Help

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Posted on 2018-06-09 02:15:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

I really am embarressed by this... but can someone please tell me where you get the main materials? I have found most now except for the clays and the Original Rubber.
Really appreciate any help in where to go.

Give Arez his rebirth!!
Posted on 2018-06-09 02:26:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

Heya Thyra, why don't you check wlodb ? It's faster that way :^)
The original rubber was a drop from those tree mobs at kelan and the clays were either a drop from the ants past troll cave or..... remember the siren Quest spot? There's a place to farm 'em with the vacuum. Peace

Posted on 2018-06-09 08:00:10 | Show thread starter's posts only

Clay : http://wonderlandonline.wikia.com/wiki/Clay

White Clay : http://wonderlandonline.wikia.com/wiki/White_Clay
(Easiest way is to buy)

Grey Clay : http://wonderlandonline.wikia.com/wiki/Grey_Clay
Sorry, the best way for this one is to vacuum from kelan village cave

Black Clay : http://wonderlandonline.wikia.com/wiki/Black_Clay
Same cave as grey clay, not sure if it was the same vac spot.

Dry Clay : http://wonderlandonline.wikia.com/wiki/Dry_Clay
Same Cave

Yellow Cave : http://wonderlandonline.wikia.com/wiki/Yellow_Clay
North Island, have some other clay along with it as well.

Red Clay : Just farm the same spot as yellow cave. You would get it eventually.

Original Rubber : Well braolet already told you. There is an another area just south of where you found niss at the start. The trees in there have a tendency of dropping original rubber along with wood which is really nice since you are looking for mats.

I'm sure there are other spots like oslya but for the sake of convenience, Kelan Village Cave is better IMO.

Posted on 2018-06-09 12:32:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

THanks XD I really have forgotten everything here

Give Arez his rebirth!!
Posted on 2018-06-10 05:45:17 | Show thread starter's posts only

Feel free to ask everything you need to know, Thyra. Nice having you back. :angel:


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