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[Questions & Answers] Can't get past beginning of the game?

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Posted on 2018-06-07 12:27:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

The game crashes every time it tries to get past the first cutscene. I've found multiple threads that never went answered because none of the solutions worked, so I assume they just gave up and stopped trying to play the game. But I've played this game for years and just reinstalled it to play it again, and this is the first time its ever done this? this is all i see when i try to get past the ship wreck.
I've played this game multiple times and never had this problem until now. Also noticed that theyve done several server merges since i last played, so not sure if its just something they fucked up in the process??

Posted on 2018-06-07 17:43:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

trying to play on aries? if so probably because the server is congested/too full, best bet would be to get past that point ASAP after a maintance, or try having someone else do it for you, barring that, try a different server.

Posted on 2018-06-07 17:55:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

nope, tried every available server. happened each time. I've been trying them all since last night.
Tried reinstalling the client too, tried running in every compatibility version, tried running it in 16 bit color, tried running as administrator, tried installing it to a flash drive? instead of the computer because a different thread suggested that might work for some reason. (it didn't.)

Posted on 2018-06-08 03:33:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ask somebody you trust to play this part for you. Till now that is the only fix.

Posted on 2018-06-08 07:55:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

That is....one interesting angle. Could you post your computer's specs? (if you don't know, go to the Control Panel/System and find Device Specifications), you might need to update your drivers. Also try to run WLO's file repair?

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Posted on 2018-06-08 08:00:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

I had this problem before. Just ask somebody trustworthy to help you with it. It solved my problem.

Played this for awhile, finally i have decided to create an account on forums. I had also been looking at it for the past few months.
Posted on 2018-06-09 10:49:31 | Show thread starter's posts only

i havent played in years i dont know anyone lmao
and the chat doesnt work in the game before you have the radio so
and how would they even "help" me with it? its literally the beginning cutscene of the game you dont even hit the rest of the world until you get past the shipwrecked guy?

& specs are processor: AMD A10-8700P Radeon R6, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G, 1.80 GHZ
Installed Memory Ram: 8 GB, 7.44 usable
64 bit operating system x64 based processor (windows 10)

ive seen like 3 other threads about this so it doesnt really seem like a unique problem? just none of them have a fix. the games just broken for some reason

i also contacted support but idk if they're gonna respond
but if they do maybe theyll have some answers for other people experiencing the same problem?

Posted on 2018-06-09 10:51:59 | Show thread starter's posts only

said it before and said it again, pretty sure this is a bug in new/freshly installed clients, and the only way to not have it happen occasionally, is to have a client from before this started happening.

and by help, they mean log onto your account, and get you past that part.

Posted on 2018-06-10 16:32:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

well support didnt help
it just responded with a scripted message saying to reinstall it over and over again
i dont even think they have real people respond to report tickets
guess im not playing this game again
honestly hope it dies if they cant even fix a bug thats been there since last year and have no real customer support

Posted on 2018-06-11 03:54:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

people gave you options on how to get past it, but if you don't want to use those options thats on you

and fear of getting hacked isn't even a thing, considering you haven't even gotten into the game yet, so no one would bother