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[Experience Discussion] Quest By Notebook (Proof reading left to do)

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Nearing the end of Questing for T1d4lW4v3 Quest to Finish list

Linked Items may have same Video because some quests were combined in Video.

For a listing of a Pet's Quests Click the Pet's Name in the hyperlink in table.

Pet List Index

Special Thanks to Cloudie and Questor101 from Cancer Server for Posting Videos on YouTube.

The Bulk of Videos Linked here are theirs.

Cloudie's Video Guides (keep Hitting Load More)

Questor101 Another good Source of Videos

I have been doing this because of Dead Links, Gutted Guides, and Incomplete Guides.

Note I have used indexing similar to military style so referencing quest from another quest should be easier. Example on Page 1 Quest 1.8 (first number is page, second is where it is on page) requires you to do Quest 5.4

This is a Video and Written listing of Quests
Green is for Video Guides
Blue is for written Picture with Text Guides

Unlisted Quests are light Cyan - not in notebook but required for an event to happen or another quest to happen.

Unlisted Quests

Shiny thing at bottom of the Sea
Overcoming Grief (Roca)  This is after Quest 7.5
Mirror Secret  During Quest on Quest 16.10 or  Quest 37.3
UFO Design After doing Quest 6.2
How to Rebirth Pets After any pet's death quest
Key of the Feedlot Training area access
Athena/Venus Bath Amity +30 After obtaining either pet go to Woman near Coliseum and talk to her she will tell you about Bath House. Pet will go by them self. Cut scene will happen of pet taking bath then pet returns. 


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Quest#Page 1AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
1.1Zhuang Zhi's Poached EggArthur61Fishing VillageNoneWhite Fox FurQuest Prop Hen's Egg
1.2The Angry Monkey IncidentQuestor101Starter BeachMonkeyMonkey as petNone
1.3Find the Lost BookArthur61Mayan TribeNoneMagic Carpet DesignYaro Safflower
1.4The Dentist IncidentArthur61Mayan TribeNone5% Experience CapsuleSilvery Ore
1.5Red Wine MissionQuestor101Welling Village, Holy VillageNoneWine SP +250Quest Props Grape Seeds
1.6A Cave Bear MissionArthur61Southern South Island, Maka CaveNoneExperience +1000None
1.7The Squirrel MissionQuestor101Welling VillageNone12  Brown NutQuest Prop 1 Meng's Hazelnut
1.8Dinner Incident(Side Quest 5.4)Questor101Kelan VillageNone1 Radio SetQuest Prop Hill Pepper
1.9Pig Taking a WalkQuestor101Kelan VillageNone1 Fine Stick ATK +1, DEF +3Find Pig in Kelan
1.10Sister's Wish (Prequest 2.6, 3.3)Questor101Holy VillageNone1 Gem Necklace  +4 MDEF + 4 DEF 1 Nun's Necklace

Quest#Page 2AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
2.1Auntie's Special Soup IngredientsQuestor101Welling VillageNone1 Remote Control (Standard)Quest Prop 1 Farmer's Potato
2.2Sheep's NightmareQuestor101Northern South IslandNone5% Experience Capsule and a StarWhack the Wolf Game
2.3Avenging PirateQuestor101South of Kelan Village, Kelan VillageXaolanget Xaolan as a PetBattle Pirates
2.4Find the Courage StoneQuestor101Holy Village, Maka CaveNone15% Exp Cap, Cat's Eye Ring, 2 StarsBattle Rock Monster for Brave Stone, Exits to Whack a mouse +200 Experience, and Hot Spring (+10 HP/SP)
2.5Quick OfferingPickle JuiceMayan Tribe, Cellar(well)ShashaShasha as pet, Magic Carpet VehicleBattle ETs
2.6Undeserved RocaCloudieHoly VillageRocaRoca Amity +5, Quest Prop Maid Uniform1 Battle w/Guards under Lvl 30
2.7A Guard Drinking with FriendsQuestor101Welling VillageNone8 Wild Pig Meat (HP +150)Talk to Aer for Guard
2.8Auntie's WineQuestor101Welling VillageNoneLyme Liqour (SP -+150)1 Aligote (HP + 50 Grapes)
2.9Jack's Blue FlowerQuestor101Welling VillageNone1 Piece of Ocean Heart1 Blue Flower
2.10Let's be good friends againQuestor101Welling VillageNone1 Simple Fishing ToolTalk to Elliot and Yuna

Quest#Page 3AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
3.1Pig's NightmareQuestor101Kelan VillageNone1 StarWhack a Wolf game 1 target
3.2Ill GrandfatherQuestor101Kelan VillageNoneBeast Bracers Def +21 Honeycomb
3.3UnbelieversCloudieHoly VillageNoneJalor Design and 2 StarsBattles Guards Under Lvl 30
3.4Bucolic KidQuestor101Northern South IslandNoneTitle Deedrequires 5 Stars to increase floor space of Tent, Fight Wolf to earn it
3.5Hide-and-SeekQuestor101Southeastern Holy VillageNoneExperience +100, 3 Bowling BallsPlay Hide and Seek
3.6MermaidQuestor101Southern and Northern North Island,NoneQuest Prop Pyschic DaggerWelk from North part of North Island
3.7Grandparent and Grandchild who are robbedQuestor101Kelan VillageXaolan2 Shale and 1 StarBattle with Pirates
3.8Legendary Weapon(Prequest 3.6, 3.10)Questor101Welling VillageNonePrimary AlchemyPyschic Dagger, Golden Axe
3.9Mayan Door Ball CompetitionArthur61Mayan TribeNone1 StarPlay Dodgeball type game
3.10The Spirit of the Golden AxeQuestor101Welling Village, Southern North IslandNone5 Lauan, Quest Prop Golden AxeFind Iron Axe

Quest#Page 4AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
4.1Hawaiian DodgeballArthur61Large IslandNone1 StarPlay Dodge Ball
4.2Mayan Tribe is RaidedArthur61Mayan TribeNone1 StarBattle rampaging wild boars
4.3Protector of the Holy SpiritCloudieStoowa Isle (South Island Southern)NoneWar Copper Spear, or Dreaming StaffSpecial Key and t Battles with Mori Statues
4.4Story of the Hood GirlQuestor101Southern North IslandNoneGrain Shoes SPD +2, 1 StarFight 2 wolves
4.5Hou Yi IncidentCloudieWestern China(outside Fishing Village)None2 Stars2 Battle with 3 Suns each
4.6Please Buy Some Matches!Arthur61Holy VillageNoneExperience +1003 ea Firewood
4.7Beautiful Immortal FoxGamerFishing VillageNoneWhite Fox Fur, 1 StarBattle With Immortal White Fox
4.8Unknown FateQuestor101Kelan VillageNone1 Tent and 1 NotepadTalk to Astologer
4.9First TestQuestor101Kelan Village, Kelan Village's CaveRoca1 Honor Claw or 1 Honor Wand MATK +2 MDEF +2Battle with Giant Cameleon for Scroll
4.10The Lost DogQuestor101Kelan VillageNone2 CoconutsFind Lost Dog

Quest#Page 5AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
5.1Test in Welling VillageQuestor101Welling Village, Kama CaveNoneSoul Dodge Skill3 Stars, Get Scroll at Kama Cave Opposite Exit for scroll has Hot Spring (+10 Max HP & SP)
5.2Make a RaftQuestor101Welling VillageNoneRaft Design3 Lauan
5.3Start off again with RocaCloudieWelling Village, Kelan VillageRocaRoca returns +2 AmityTalk to her at Kelan
5.4Emilie's AgeQuestor101Kelan VillageNoneQuest Prop Hill PepperAnswer Math Question
5.5The Little Monkey and His Parents AgainQuestor101Welling VillageMonkey3 Latina Peel, 1 Blooded NecklaceBattle Guards, followed by Alien Monkey
5.6Send the Wine to Holy VillageWikipediaWelling Village, Holy VillageNoneBlooded Necklace or Jade RingDeliver wine to bartender at Holy Village
5.7Evru's PuzzleQuestor101Welling VillageExpress PetChoice of Express Pet, Boat Design is bonus questionAnswer Questions about Animals
5.8The Princess Eloped!CloudieKyotoNoneBight Bead(Quest Prop), StarDeliver Token to Princess, Fight Shiv Guards
5.9Hit RabbitsQuestor101Kelan VillageNone10 CarrotsWhack Rabbits game
5.10The DoormanQuestor101Holy VillageNone5% Experience CapsuleAnswer Question about how many time does a bell toll in 12 Hours

Quest#Page 6AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
6.1Sibling LoveCloudieMayan Forest, Mayan Tribe(Pyramid)Qlaya10% Experience Capsule, Cherish Necklace MaxHP +40, Qlaya as petBattle Troll and Rock Monster, Battle Priest and Guards, Battle ET Priest and Ets, talk to Qlaya
6.2Don't Leave ShashaPickle JuiceMayan ForestShashaBroken UFO Design, 3 StarsBattle Ets, upon Completeion Shasha dies
6.3The Mysterious GirlQuestor101Southern North IslandNissNiss as petWake girl under tree
6.4The Guided FutureArthur61Kelan VillageNoneJust Notebook Quest completedTalk to Mary Lou
6.5Niss's DangerQuestor101Welling VillageNissNiss briefly leaves teamBattle Guards Level 10
6.6The Kidnapped PrincessCloudieKyoto, KoyotaNone10% Experience CapsuleBattle River Boy
6.7Fair JudgeArthur61KyotoNone5 Mixed NoodlesWho is the real mother case
6.8Xao Lan's FateCloudieStoowa Isle, Southern South IslandXaolan2 Stars, Xaolan diesFight Spider
6.9Giant Corpse FlowerQuestor101Southern South IslandNone15% Experience CapsuleFight Corpse Flower
6.10Naive GirlQuestor101Kama CaveXaolanXaoLan Amity +3Click Bushes to get

Pages 1 to 6.


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Quest#Page 7AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
7.1Matchstick GirlZuki1996South PoleNoneStarDeliver Girl's money to her Father
7.2A Man in the BarQuestor101Holy VillageMagellanKing's CertificationHelp Magellan at Bar
7.3Fish FoodQuestor101Holy VillagePink EarthwormFishing Skill, Star(if you let worm Live)Pink Earthworm (found in Kama cave bottom floor)
7.4The Fairy's RevelationCloudieNorthern South IslandRocaPrequest to GSTemporary Loss of Roca and Xaolan
7.5Death of Roca's FatherCloudieSubway, Kelan Village, Welling VillageRocaPrequest to 5.3Temporary Loss of Roca
7.6Pirates who turn over a new leafArthur61South IslandCliveClive as pet, 15% Experience Capsule, 3 Phoenix Feathers, 5 Poisonous Potion2 rounds of Battles with pirates
7.7Dr. Dinosaurdotnet54OslyaArezArez as Pet, 10% Experience CapsuleMany Dinosaur Battles
7.8Mystic Indian ElderCloudieCalcuttaNoneArroe Rain SkillBattle Snakes then Snake Lord, 2 Stars
7.9The Piper's Snake FluteArthur61CalcuttaNoneStone Ball(Speed -20), StarRecover Flute and Fight Snakes
7.10Elf's TearStopperbudSouth Island, Holy VillageNoneVacuum Cleaner(Collection Tool)Quest Prop Elf Tear

Quest#Page 8AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
8.1The Busy Old FarmerArthur61South IslandNoneCollecting Skill5 Barley
8.2Axman with a broken axeArthur61Kama Cave, Holy VillageNoneCutting SkillQuest Prop Bei's Ore located in Kama Cave
8.3Miner Without OreQuestor101Kama CaveNoneMining Skill3 Iron Ore (Cornwall 50 Gold ea)
8.4Frog PrinceAnna ZhangOslyaNoneStarBattle Witches Disciples after puzzles
8.5Magellan is Dangerous!(Clive must be Battle Mode to talk to Magellan)CloudieMagellan's FleetMagellanMagellan as Pet, 10%v Experience Capsule, StarBattle Magellan's Crew, Battle Pirates
8.6Magic StaffQuestor101Kama CaveNissLucy's Staff (Niss) MATK  +25, MaxSP +100, Niss's Amity +6Click Staff in tree
8.7Who's the better hunter?Arthur61ChinaNone1 StarArcade shooting game
8.8Battle in the Crater of the VolcanoArthur61Revival IslandNone10% Capsule,  Key to StatuesBattle Dragons in Cave.
8.9Match Maker's Red ThreadArthur61China, Fishing VillageNoneExperience + 2000, 2 Red ThreadHelp a couple in Love, Battle Dark Spirits trying to spoil their life
8.10Help the boy's motherCloudieKoyota, Kyoto
River BoyExperience +2000, 5 FuguFight small Battle

Quest#Page 9AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
9.1Which came first, The Chicken or the Egg?WLOgamerChinaNoneExperience +3000, Necklace+40 Max HP or SPBattle Green and White Women, followed by Snakes
9.2Colossus RelicArthur61Revival IslandNone10% Experience Capsule, Airship Design2 Battles with Moai Statues
9.3Auntie's fungus soupWikiapediaHoly VillageNone1 Dark Chocolate Amity +1Various Mushrooms Pictures could improve Guide.
9.4Dick's WishQuestor101Welling VillageNoneExperience +30, 10 Lobsters2 Common Grass, 2 Comon Stone, 2 Dapne, 1 Blue Flower, 1 Aligote(Grape)
9.5Mysterious SwordsmanCloudieKyotoNoneExperience +2,500, Smile Mud StatueBattle Casino Owner's Guards
9.6Queen from the Snow CountryArthur61IcebergNone2 Clear Devil's Spars,Experience +3,000Battle Snow Envoy team
9.7Please help YunaWikiapediaHoly VillageNoneSmall Love Bouquet6x Small Daisy, 2x Chrysanthemum, 1x Blue Wild Flower, 1x Persian Mum 
9.8Challenge the WarriorCloudieKyotoNone2 undead Bird Feather, Guard Necklace HP +60Single Combat
9.9Fashionable VillagerArthur61CalcuttaNone3% Experience Capsule, Tight Waist Band (Speed + 20)Green Snake Skin, Yellow Snake Skin, White Snake Skin, and Fire Snake Skin
9.10Vanished VillagerCloudieSouthern South Island -Stoowa IsleRocaRoca Amity +5, 5 Energy Stone, Amber Devil's Spar2 Battles (4 Guards then Mooter)

Quest#Page 10AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
10.1The Other Side of the CaveCloudieSouthern South IslandRocaTim's Lease ATK+50, HP +350, Quest Prop Skull for QlayaBattle La Tim
10.2Hide-and-Seek againQuestor101Holy Village (Southeast)NoneEscape CuffsPlay Hide and Seek second time in Holy Village, 3 Stars
10.3That's the light!Arthur61OslyaNoneMighty Plane Design, Amber Devil's SparWings, Propeller
10.4The Captain from the South PoleArthur61South Pole - Ice CaveNoneSteam Ship Design, Forgotten ScrollFight Wolves, Large Assembly Tool, Staem Engine
10.5Master Sanbo, where are you?CloudieFishing Village, ChinaVictoriaEast Kings CertificationBring Master Sanbo Home to fishing Village
10.6Meet with KanakoArthur61KoyotaKanakoExperience +500, Kanako's CombNigiri Sushi
10.7Secret Path under the GravestoneKioshiTsurukoHoly Village (Main)NoneBelly Chain NecklaceNeed knife in Picture, Unlock Musical Combination Lock
10.8Who stole the badge? Location same for Quest 16.5Arthur61Holy Village (Southeast), Cook's FleetNoneStar, Smile Mud StatueFind Captain  Cook's Badge.
10.9Marine ExplorationCloudieZhengHe's FleetNoneRock Armlet(+50 DEF, MaxHP =350), Amber Devils SparFight Pirates Max Team is 3 Characters
10.10Seabed Dragon PalaceCloudieKoyota, Seabed Dragon PalaceNoneExperience +200, Forgotten Scroll (In Palace)Guess Old Man's Age (85)

Quest#Page 11AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
11.1Hanging by a threadArthur61KoyotaKanakoExperience +300, Kanako as petKanako's Comb, 2 Battles (2nd Battel team limit 3 members)
11.2Deep into the PyramidgamegutsCairo, EgyptNone15% Experience Capsule, Robott DesignAnswer Riddle, Fight Sphinx
11.3Oh! Ginseng!Arthur61KoreaNoneSmile Mud StatueHelp Grandma get Ginseng
11.4Contract with ArezArthur61OslyaArezSoul Ring (Arez +78 ATK, HP +300)1 Star
11.5What an odd kid!Arthur61CairoNoneExperience +200, Dark ChocolateFind missing little sister
11.6Easy Mission?CloudieKyoto, Koyota CavernNoneRed Chest Key, StarFight Shading Puppet
11.7Inchon VendorArthur61InchonNoneGreen Chest Key20,000 Gold
11.8Take it Easy!Questor101Holy Village (Southwest)NoneRed Chest Key20,000 Gold
11.9The Ancestral KeyArthur61CairoNoneBlue Key for Chest20,000 Gold
11.10Devil PattisCloudieInchon, EgyptNissSealed BeadFight Carbiff and Mummies

Quest#Page 12AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
12.1Strong Enemy, Frederico!CloudieHoly Village (Main), Revival IslandCliveRed Devil's Spar(Chest behind Fredrico), 3 Stars, Swift Necklace(Wind Type Item)Fight Fredrico and Clones, Clive Dies
12.2Urashima TaroCloudieKyoto, Koyota, Seabed Dragon PalaceNone5% Experience Capsule, 3 Undead Bird's FeatherBattle Seadragon at his Palace
12.3Pandora's BoxCloudieSnow IslandNone1 Star, 15% Experience CapsuleBattle Several Rounds of Snow men, Battle Medusa
12.4Female Doctor Chang JinArthur61InchonNoneGreen Chest Key, 5% Experience Bolus10,000 Gold for Iron Medicine
12.5OpasArthur61Mayan TribeQlayaDazzling Armlet, Black Devil's SparFight Skeletons for Crystal Skull
12.6I want a Mantis.Arthur61CairoYellow MantisBlue Key ChestCatch Yellow Mantis
12.7Melhilis's Blessing (begins when you step into Hexagonal where you got Crystal Ball )CloudieInchon, KoreaNoneGoddess Skill5 Stars, Battle Dracula Bats 8 ea
12.8Open your heart  ends when you get 5% Experience CapsuleCloudieInchon, KoreaNone5% Experience CapsuleGet Crystal ball from under waterfall in Korea and Battle to get it
12.9The Stranger Never Eats and DrinksCloudieCairo, Grassland (North)NoneExperience +1000, 3% Experience Bolus, StarFight Martians
12.10ApolloArthur61Cave North of CairoNoneCyan Devil's Spar, Red KeyMust have Nether Generals Ambition?, Battle Ayatollah twice

Pages 7 to 12.


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Quest#Page 13AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
13.1Brave Kanako (Where Kanako heals up Spring +10 HP/ + 10 SP)CloudieShayii HillKanakoKanako Amity+8,  StarFind Staunch Grass to heal Kanako after she Battles Wolves by herself
13.2Worry in the HeartCloudieKoyoto, KyotoKanakoKanako Amity+6(10,000 Gold), 2 StarsBattle Huan, then Pay 10,000 gets better Amity and another Star
13.3Man-eaterArthur61Southern Mayan ForestNoneGun Design, 1Pet Return ScrollFight Canibals
13.4Pirate's TeaseArthur61Centaur IslandNoneSmall Love BouquetFight Pirates(easier battle)
13.5The Door God's TrialCloudieIcebergNiss15% Experience Capsule, Sealed BeadFight Bead Protectors(Door God's)
13.6I Want to Go HomeCloudieEgyptNoneForgotten Scroll, Baked Potato3 Magnets, 1 Magnet Stone
13.7Momotaro who hits ghostsCloudieKoyotoNoneExperience +500, 1 Tao Rice BallFind his missing team (3 Pets)
13.8Let's Hunt together!Arthur61Mayan ForestNoneLong GunArcade type hunting game
13.9Curse of the Ghost ShipCloudieHoly Village(Main), Ghost ShipNone5 undead Bird Feather, 15% Exp CapsuleFight Skeletons
13.10Scholar's troubleArthur61Fishing VillageNoneExperience +300, 15 Riddle PaperAnswer 2 questions

Quest#Page 14AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
14.1Aladdin and His Magic Lamp(Picture Replaced)Arthur61EgyptNoneBig Magical Egg, 5X Experience PotionPure Water, 10 Water Mellons, and TV
14.2The Egg of the Fire PhoenixArthur61Holy Village (Southwest), Revival IslandNone5 Phoenix Feathers, 3 Magical EggsTrip to Volcano at Revival Island, Wooden Bridge(Required to make)
14.3Rebuild the GunArthur61Mayan ForestNoneShotgunArcade type hunting game
14.4Take the High RoadCloudieEgyptFrederico5% Experience Capsule, Key to GhostdomBattle Anubis, then Anubis with Mummies
14.5Light and dark Twin GodCloudieMayan TribeNiss10% Experience Capsule, Niss' Amity + 10Fight Darius Fighters then Niss W/Darius Fighters
14.6Who damaged the Giant statue?Arthur61Revival IslandNoneKey to Rusty ChestCoconut for a Hermit Crab
14.7The promise under the sky (Alternate Exit from floor to do quest is a Hot Spring +10 HP / +10 SP)CloudieLarge IslandNissStar IndexNone
14.8AttendantQuestor101Holy Village (Main)NoneExperience +600, 1 StarGet Orders rightg for 4 guests a t bar
14.9King Howert (Frederico as pet, Niss dies, Roca will also if Quest 23.1 activates do Quest 15.9 before 23.1)CloudieGhost IslandFredericoFredrico as Pet, 20% Experience CapsuleNiss Dies, Battle 5 Fredricos
14.10Help Momotaro hit ghostsCloudieGhost IslandNoneExperience +1500, 1 Tao Rice Ball, 1 Pet Return Scroll3 Stuffed Buns

Quest#Page 15AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
15.1ET rest zoneunborn2Welling VillageNoneExperience +500, 1 Forgotten Scroll
15.2Valkyrie's trial (starts at Time Index 1:51)CloudieLion IlseNoneFairy Skill, & Glazes according to your School Type7 Stars
15.3The secret of Barnya Sky CityCloudieBarnya Sky CityNissStar, Dalis's Oracle, Niss' Amity +5None
15.4Husband is fishingArthur61Ancient Yaxhou CityNoneStarFind a fisherman at sea in a Local Map
15.5Goddess Erina (ends at 1:51 Time Index)CloudieCairo, Illusion CellarNoneSky Jade, Experience +3000Make the winding trip, random Battles you can run from.
15.6Help Chang-er find Jade RabbitKuroko TetsuyaChinaJade Rabbit1 Star, 3X Experience PotionChase down and Bop the rabbit three times
15.7Trapped White WolfQuestor101Holy Village (Main)SamExperience +300, Bloody ArmletRelease Trapped White Wolf
15.8Village leader's Secret ChamberQuestor101Holy Village (Southeast)None2X Dexperience Potion, 5 Ship Vouchers, Space Agreementfirst 2 item solve fire on altar puzzle, last item combination lock game
15.9PartingArthur61Southern South IslandRocaTaboo Necklace, Experience +1000, Crystal Skull (behind La Tim)Enter cave and talk to La Tim
15.10Fisherman's WorryArthur61Holy Village (Southeast)NoneSpace AgreementGet Fishing chart is same cave as you get Clive different section of it

Quest#Page 16AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
16.1The tiger in the remote mountainsCloudieChina, JinJan HummockNoneBlood Suck SkillFight White Tiger, 3 Stars
16.2The secret of wellQuestor101Holy Village (Southeast)ElinMagnet Key, 2 X Experience Potion. Middle Mirror has Forgotten ScrollRope Ladder and Battle 3 Defensive Monsters for Chest
16.3Xibei'er's soupGhostWolf2Polo IslandNoneJunior Alchemy Skill5 Dragon Teeth 
2 Chameleon Tongues 
1 Ant antenna
16.4Egyptian acrobatics groupGameplayCenterPLCairoNone5% Experience Capsule, StarFight Inspecting Crew
16.5Pass the Far Miss Location same for Quest 10.8Arthur61Holy Village (Southeast), Cook FleetNoneJade Grass, 1.5 Experience PotionContact Husband on Cook's Fleet ship
16.6Pray to the GodWikipediaKoyotaNoneStarWin Catch the Gold, Misss the Bomb mini game
16.7CleopatraGameplayCenterPLCairo, GrasslandNone3% Experience Capsule, StarGiant Snake twice
16.8Unfolded sealArthur61Egypt, Mystic PassageNone5% Experience Capsule, Luna's KeyBattle Scorpion Dictator
16.9InukamiCloudieKyotoNoneResistant Armlet (MDEF +50, MaxHP +350),Smile Mud Statue, Experience +10002 Battles
16.10Superior Weapon Questor101Holy Village, SoutheastElinExperience +1000, 1 Star, Elin as petMagnet Key, Quest Prop Maid Uniform

Quest#Page 17AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
17.1Plasma Scatter-gun 'Stego City'CloudieOslyaElinElin get Plasma Scattergun+45 ATKBattle several rounds of Stegosaurus
17.2Lost PrincessCloudieMachu PichuQlayaHope Necklace, StarClick Statue Conversation starts
17.3Oh! Vase!gamegutsMachu PichuNoneBaked PotatoGold Foil, 5 Dry Clay, 10 Yellow Clay
17.4Paper is expensiveArthur61Chang'anNone10 Pork Buns, Forgotten Scroll10 Paper
17.5Wine Maker's WorryArthur61Chang'anNone5 PlainNoodle(+800 HP/400 SP), 3 Sake10 Firewood
17.6Parent's heartArthur61BangkokNoneExperience +500, Love BouquetsFind Doerr
17.7Dining time!Arthur61Machu PichuNone1.5X Experience PotionFind Naya
17.8NarkArthur61Great Wall, Great Wall PassageNone2 undead Bird Feathers, a StarBattle Rebels to free Soldier
17.9The Builder of the WallArthur61Great Wall, Great Wall PassageNone3X Experience PotionHandcart (Manufactured)
17.10Sacred FruitArthur61BangkokNone3 Dark Chocolate, 5 Fruit Wine3 Apples, 6 Watermellons

Quest#Page 18AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
18.1Is it a cow or a horse? 1 of 14 Pet Return Scroll quests in this videoGabriella EllerBangkokDark Horse1 Pet Return ScrollQuest Pet Horse
18.2Lack of RiceArthur61Chang'anNone3 Shipping Vouchers10 Rice (Chicken Farm Drop)
18.3First TrialgamegutsBangkok, Budda's ChamberNone5 Forgotten Scrolls, Job Manteau, CrystalFight Moais, Sunshades, Sphinx Scorpian Kings Anubus, Revival Island Dragons, Chinese Dragons, MahaBraham and many othersmore
18.4The Alchemist Dream-Change stones to goldArthur61Bangkok, Secret PathNone10% Experience CapsuleBattle Trados Twice
18.5Tumulus in the east suburb of Chang'anArthur61Chang'an, Underground TumulusNone3X Experience Potion, Tomb Path MapBattle Clay Soldiers
18.6Test from the Sunlight GodgamegutsBangkok, Budda's ChamberNone25% Experience Capsule, Sun God's Oracle, Bodhi SeedFight Elephant God, Holy Griffin, Ruka the Bird God
18.7Elin's Plasma WaferCloudieOslyaElinPlasma Wafer ATK +55Fight UFOs and ET
18.8Monster's DirectionCloudieAngkor WatDirecting MonsterDirecting Monster as petLose Directing  pet
18.9Monster's participationCloudieSnow IslandDirecting MonsterDirecting Monster as petNeed Pet Slot
Monster's participation includes Quest 12.3Arthur61Snow IslandCharlotte
18.10Medicine-Making Jade RabbitCloudieMoonAngela3X Experience PotionCoconut Basin

Pages 13 to 18.


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Quest#Page 19AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
19.1The Impatient Jade RabbitCloudieMoonAngela10% Experience Capsule,  Rabbit's MashuManual Blender
19.2Luna's giftArthur61Mayan ForestNoneSpacecraft DesignFight Guards
19.3The Ninja's TreasureCloudieKyoto - Golden TempleNone15% Experience Capsule,  Water Hickey Plan(Questy Prop)Multiple Battles in Golden Temple, Quest ends when you get Scroll
19.4Adventure on MarsCloudieMarsNone10% Experience Capsule, Star, Mars AerolithBattle Martians twice
19.5Alfer GorgeCloudieAlfer GorgeCharlotteExperience +500Charlotte outwits him for you
19.6Ma StoneCloudieAlfer Village, Main Town of AngkorCharlotteMa Stone, Get Eva Quest Magic Key lower levelBattle Holy Beast
19.7Rescue Laifu Arthur61Chang'anNone10 Wonderful Buns, 2 Pet Return Scrolls1 Ladder Manufactured
19.8Evil Envoy EvaCloudieMain Town of Angkor, Eastern Cave of IncaEvaEva as petMagic Key, Battle with Eva
19.9The Wall Soldiers ProblemsArthur61Great WallNoneExperience +300, 10 Riddle PaperAnswer Questions
19.10The Secret of the Water MachineCloudieKyoto - Lord PassNoneSubmarine DesignBattle Ninjas, Water Hickey Design(Quest Prop)

Quest#Page 20AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
20.1No ink now!Arthur61Chang'anNone2X Experience Potion, 20 Big BunsPrepared Chinese Ink
20.2Chinese Arena CompetitionWikipediaChang'anNone3X Experience PotionBattle in Arena one on one
20.3Vendor's LoverArthur61Chang'anNone20 Riddle Paper, Forgotten Scroll5,000 Gold
20.4Elf's gameCloudieAlfer VillageCharlotteFairy Armlet HP +200, SP +200Play game Catch the Fruit
20.5Younger brother saves companionArthur61Chang'anNone1 Jade Grass1 Common Stone
20.6Precious PearlCloudieSeabed (Main)None4X Experience Potion, Space AgreementFight Holy Ball Numen and Guardians
20.7The Sunken ShipCloudieSeabed (4 Zones Left)None10% Experience Capsule, Key to Captain's Cab(click Coffin)Fight Sleepy Pharoah and Skeletons
20.8The Turtle is afraid of the iron gavel 1 of 14 Pet Return Scroll quests in this videoGabriella EllerSeabed (4 Zones Right)NoneExperience +300, 1 Pet Return ScrollBuild, Borrow, or Buy Submarine (you keep)
20.9The Naughty Fish plays "Hide and Seek"Arthur61Seabed (1 Zone Right)None2 ea 3% BolusesPlay Hide and Seek with Fish,Build, Borrow, or Buy Submarine (you keep)
20.10Farmer's CropArthur61Long-eared TribeNoneSmile Mud Statue20 Organic Muck

21.1The granny who is fetching waterArthur61Chang'anNone3 ea Smile Mud Statues (+50% Experience when Equipped)A Pail (Manufactured)
21.2The Wizards Magic MirrorCloudieMachu Pichu, Western Cave IncaEva4X Experience PotionFight Wizard and Pawns
21.3Luna clanCloudieMachu Pichu - TempleQlaya5% Experience CapsuleFight Berthaud and Guardians
21.4Hunt CraneArthur61Chang'an, Great Wall PassageNone2X Experience Potion, Secular Bird Feather (HP +300)Fight Soldier (no as your answer)
21.5Hijacker in the DesertgamegutsEgyptNoneBaked PotatoBattle Desert Robbers
21.6Saar's ResearchQuestor101Holy Village, Soth IslandQuest required to catch1 Pet Return ScrollSenior Beetle(M), Rain Forest Frog, and Squirrel
21.7Poor old lady beggarCloudieKyotoNone2 Secular Bird's Feather +300 HP10 Nigiri Sushi
21.8Girl's WishQuestor101Welling VillageQuest required to catchExperience +250, 2 Coconuts, 2 ShalePoisonous Mushroom
21.9The Crow Which Stole the NecklaceArthur61Long-eared TribeNoneExperience +500, 30 Olla Seafood NoodlesFind Stolen Necklace
21.10Wish will come true if you are sincere enoughArthur61InchonNoneExperience +1000Play mini-game Catch Gold Miss Bombs

Quest#Page 22AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
22.1The Lost buffalo 1 of 14 Pet Return Scroll quests in this videoGabriella EllerChang'anQuest Required to Catch 1 Pet Return ScrollEasy-going Buffalo
22.2Fur coatArthur61Penguin VillageNoneSmall Love Bouquet10 Beast Fur
22.3Make a Fire in Revival IsleArthur61Long-eared TribeNoneJade Grass, 5 Gooseberry Juice
22.4Assassins PlotArthur61Chang'anNone1.5X Experience Potion, 1% Experience CapsuleFight Assassins
22.5The CowardexiliaChang'anNoneMagical Egg50,000 Gold
22.6Find the Sledge Wolf 1 of 14 Pet Return Scroll quests in this videoGabriella EllerPenguin VillageQuest Required to Catch1 Pet Return ScrollSledge Wolf
22.7Angel's trialCloudieOslya - Dead ValeAngelaGet Angela as petLook for Angela's Missing clothes (Purple Silk), need Ladder (Manufactured)
22.8TutanKhamen's SanctumCloudieCairoNoneThut's Wand(MATK +40, 14% Crit), 15% Experience Capsule, 2.5X Experience Potion(in Room)Fight Thut's Guardians
22.9Luna's PalaceCloudieMoonQlaya5% Experience Capsule, Luna's JadeFight Luna's Guards
22.10Warrior who pulls the hair of lionArthur61African VillageNoneExperience +800, 5 Latina Peel, 5 Secular Bird's FeatherFight a Lion

Quest#Page 23AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
23.1Mooter's ambition (Roca Dies do Quest 15.9 first or revive Roca)CloudieGhost IsleFrederico4 Stars, Amber EarringsBattle Guards, Battle Evil Snakewoman, Roca
23.2Casting the Poet's melodyQuestor101Holy Village (Main)NoneExperience +,5% Bolus, 30 Christmas SweetsAnswer Questions about Music
23.3Broken RoofArthur61South Pole - Penguin VillageNone2.5X Experience Potion, 50 Cuttlefish, Experience +8003 Ice Bricks
23.4Dragon Spirit's trialCloudieMystic Pathway - ChinaNone15% Experience Capsule, 14% Crit Weapon of ChoiceFight 5 Battles Dragons, Stone Soldier 3X, Dragon team
Part IICloudieMystic Pathway - China
Part IIICloudieMystic Pathway - China
23.5Cherish the AnimalsArthur61Korea,, InchonNoneExperience +800, 40 Koryo Insam, 30 Go ColeFight Elephant Poachers
23.6ET's tryst Eighth Picture downwl.igg.comMayan TribeNoneForgotten ScrollFight ETs
23.7Xu Fu's TrialCloudieXufu's CaveNoneDragon Skill, 4X Experience Potion in roomFight Xu Fu's Generals
23.8Don't wake up from the good dream!CloudieCairoEva5% Experience Capsule, 8 Protective Experience PillFight Mightmare and the Illusive Women
23.9Repairing the Giant StatueArthur61Long-eared TribeNone2X Experience Potion, Ladder (Manufactured)
23.10Nangonchon's fellowArthur61Vale JungleNone2X Experience Potion, ,5% Experience BolusBattle Liyi and Pawns

Quest#Page 24AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
24.1The Bully gets what he deservesArthur61Chang'anNone1.5X Experience PotionBattle Ruffians bullying old man.
24.2Delicious CurryArthur61CalcuttaNone30 Curry Rice(HP +1200, SP +600)6 Sugar, 5 Onion, 4 Spring Onion, 3 Caraway
24.3Superior AlchemyWikiapediaPolo IslandNoneSuperior Alchemy5 Clear Spars, 3 Magic Powder, 2 Bluestones,  5 Stars
24.4Huge Crocodile's InvasionArthur61Mayan ForestNone5% Experience Bolus, Forgotten ScrollFight Crocodiles, Boat(manufactured)
24.5Pirate's invasion (Daily Quest)CloudieWelling VillageNoneCollar or ArmletFight Pirates 5 Battles Final with Boss
24.6Stubborn HenArthur61North Island - Eagle Nest, Holy Village (Main)None3 Protective Exp PillsQuest Prop Eagle's Egg
24.7OrachiCloudieYamataikokuKanako indirectCloudy Sword, 5% Experience CapsuleFight Orachi
24.8Find the loving ringArthur61Hanging GardensNoneDoting ChocolateFind lost ring
24.9Help Watching the HouseArthur61AthensNone5% Experience BolusWait for owner to return
24.10The awakened Dark SwordCloudieBangkok, Evil BoundaryEvaEva Amity +5, 3% Experience CapsuleBattle Cow Ghost (First Battle Questor only), Second Battle team

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Quest#Page 25AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
25.1The Wounded Sea LionWikiapediaCairoNone2 1% Experience BolusesRecovery Potion
25.2Disappeared Odyssey 1 of 14 Pet Return Scroll quests in this videoGabriella EllerAthensNone1 Pet Return ScrollFind Odessy book that is lost
25.3The librarians trialArthur61AthensNoneForgottten ScrollAnswer Question about Greek History
25.4The mystery in the bookArthur61AthensNoneProtective Experience Pill, 3X Experience PotionFight Spider Monster and Land Spiders
25.5Resist InbreakArthur61Great WallNone2X Experience Potion, 1% Experience BolusMini-game brick the barbarians
25.6Coward KitaArthur61Hanging GardensNoneDoting ChocolateDeliver Love Letter and response
25.7Alice's puppetArthur61Hanging GardensNone3% Experience CapsuleFight Snake Enchantress
25.8The Guard's treasureArthur61Hanging GardensNone5% Experience CapsuleFight Hedges and Centaurs
25.9Palace on the SeabedCloudieRelic IslandNone5% Experience Capsule, Sealord's KeyFight Huge Violent Sharks and Sea Horses, Trace Sealord and Titan Trace Sealord and Huge Violent Sharks and Sea Horses, 
Part IICloudieRelic Island
25.10Save the little dogQuestor101Holy Village (Main)None2 Dark Chocolate, 3 Ship Vouchers3 Custard Tarts (70 Gold each at NPC in Holy Village)

Quest#Page 26AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
26.1Luban's HammerWikiapediaChang'anNoneFierce Necklace +ATK 25, MaxHP +200Craftman's Hammer(Manufactured), 20,000 Gold
26.2The Ant's TreasureArthur61Hanging Gardens -  Deep JungleNoneExperience +5,000, Big Magival EggFight Ants 4 Battles
26.3The Scholar who went to Beijing for ExamsArthur61Chang'an - HotelNoneExperience +500, Forgotten Scroll, StarFind lost items for Scholar
26.4Sealord's TreasureCloudieSeabed PalaceNone5% Experience Capsule, 5X Experience Potion, Sea CrestFight Sealord again and his team
26.5The Old Love LetterArthur61YamataikokuNone3 Protective Experience Pills, StarCombination Lock Game
26.6The Guard's Letter from HomeArthur61Yamataikoku, KyotoNone5 Olla Seafood Noodles, Smile Mud StatueTrip to Kyoto to deliver letter
26.7Puppet Master's wish (With Robinson Post Quest)Arthur61Voyage Map - MediterraneanNoneExperience +1,000, 5% Experience Bolus, Love Bouquets, Star(Post Quest)2 Life Crystals
26.8The Emperor's bedroomArthur61TumulusNoneJob SkillBattle Clay Soldiers, Dragon and Clay Soldiers, 5 Stars
26.9The Key of BabylonCloudieHanging GardensNone3% Experience Capsule, Key of BabylonFight Megapod Beasts
26.10Question and AnswerArthur61Fishing VillageNone1 Special Dumpling(double Click for a Prize), 1 StarAnswer 6 questions

Quest#Page 27AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
27.1The History of YamataikokuArthur61YamataikokuNoneStarAnswer questions
27.2The Secrets of the Hanging GardenCloudieHanging GardensNoneForgotten Scroll, Small Love BouquetFight Garden Beast and Eagle Protectors
27.3Immortal GrassArthur61AthensNoneForgotten Scroll, Fairy Grass(Quest Prop), StarTalk to Cow for Fairy Grass
27.4Dirty poolArthur61AthensNoneExperience +1,000, Forgotten ScrollFind the Girl who messed up the pool
27.5Innocent AngelaCloudieHanging Gardens - Mystic GardenAngelaStar, Angrela's Amity +827.2 The Secrets of the Hanging Garden quest done
27.6The mark of going homeCloudieMaka CaveRoca quest near not in NotebookExperience +500, Star,  3 Ship Vouchers, Roca Amity +6(Next Zone)Fight Robber Bird Parrot that 'Quacks'
27.7The strange sound from the Mayan CellarArthur61AthensNone1% Experience CapsuleFight Giant Earthworm
27.8Beast Trainer's TreasureArthur61AthensNone5% Experience Capsule, 3X Experience Potion, 2 Glaze BagsFight 3 headed Dog and team
27.9Misunderstanding Hayate the Movie finish at 9Min 42 SecCloudieYamataikokuHayate2X Experience Potion, StarFight Hayate
27.10Divine KirinArthur61Chang'an, Vale LakeNone2 Magical Eggs, 5% Experience CapsuleFight Kirins

Quest#Page 28AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
28.1Sea Salt SushiArthur61YamataikokuNone3 Protective Experience Pill
28.2Southern Robber's HideoutCloudieSouth IslandSamSam as pet, 20 Gold Bullion, x Exp Potion, Space AgreementBattle Robbers in Pine Forest Hideout
28.3Camel with SunstrokeWikiapediaEgyptNone2X Experience Potion, Bright KeyPail (Manufactured) to get Water from oasis
28.4Beast OdorCloudieYamataikokuKanako Indirect10,000, 5% Experience CapsuleBattle Nine-tail Foxes
28.5Adult Ceremony TestArthur61Vale Jungle, Hill Pathway, Rehearsal GroundBloody Tiger3X Experience Potion, 3 Phoenix Feathers(HP +100)Catch a Bloody Tiger, Answer Questions, 3 Battles
28.6Fishing UncleArthur61AthensNoneExperience +800, 1% Experience BolusWooden Hook
28.7Play the Piano to OxenQuestor101South IslandNone3 ship Voucher, 30 Herb MilkAnswer Questions about Music
28.8Nether General's AmbitionCloudieAthensHayate IndirectExperience +3000, Sun Badge,  5% Experience BolusFight Dracula and Medusa
28.9Chuchun's Potted PlantArthur61Ancient Yazhou CityNone3% Experience BolusBodhi Seed, Quest 18.6 Test from the Sunlight God
28.10Cowherd's TroubleArthur61ChinaNoneGlaze Bag, 5X Experience PotionRecovery Potion

Quest#Page 29AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
29.140 Thieves' Treasure PlaceWikiapediaEgyptNoneForgotten Scroll, 15 Gold Block, 2X Experience PotionBattle Robbers
29.2Dangerous Turtle IsleCloudieAthens, Turtle IslandNone2X Experience Potion, 1% Experience CapsuleFight Beard and his Pirates
29.3Attacked ShipCloudieZhengHe's FleetVictoriaVictoria as petFight Victoria, Then Charles and his Pirates
29.4Dispute in BarCloudieAthensLouisExperience +2,000, Louis WatchFight Little Huan 3 Character team limit
29.5Treasure Box's SecretArthur61Cave- Vale JungleNoneExperience +1100, 2 Protective Expereience PillsNeed Flashlight to get Bananas in Taiwan's Tree Cave
29.6Help Scrape IceArthur61South PoleNoneExperience +500, Dark ChocolateBlade
29.7Scholar in Longai HotelArthur61Chang'anNone2 ea 1% Experience BolusesAnswer questions
29.8No 300 Taels of Gold HereArthur61Great Wall Passage,  Chang'an, Fishing VillageNone2X Experience Potion, 1% Experience BolusFind the thief
29.9Disturbing NinjaWikipediaYamataikokuNoneForgotten Scroll4 Battles against single Ninja
29.10Chicken RiceArthur61Ancient Yazhou CityNone20 Chicken Rice3 White Rice, Wen Chicken

Quest#Page 30AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
30.1Fall in LoveArthur61Holy Village (Main), Hanging GardensNoneSweet Door, Wedding AttireTrip to Hanging Gardens, 60,000 Gold each
30.2Secret Fete BookCloudieHanging  GardenQlaya10% ExperienceCapsuleGet Killed by Berthaud, Fight Berthaud, Qlaya dies
30.3Strong Man's Tender FeelingsCloudieSeabed (2 zones Right), AthensNone2.5X Experience PotionFight Elmer then deliver his message to Sonia
30.4Meet Louis Again CloudieAthensLouisLouis as petTalk to Hotel Owner he takes watch
30.5Magic PotionArthur61African VillagesNoneExperience +1,500, 2X Experience Potion3 Ginseng, 1 Rice Wine, 2 Yaro Safflowers
30.6SweetheartArthur61African VillagesNoneSmall Love BouquetFight Lions
30.7Back SchemegamegutsKyoto, KoyotaNone3X Experience PotionFight General Wei in Cave
30.8Beautiful CherryCloudieKoyotaVictoriaVictoria's Amity +8None
30.9Flying Carpet (not page 43.4 This one is with Mystic Man in Persia)Arthur61PersiaNone4 Protective Experience Pill2 Wool Ball
30.10Medicine SecretCloudiePersiaNone3X Experience PotionFight Bick's Attendants

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Quest#Page 31AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
31.1Who Stole the LadderArthur61PersiaNoneExperience +800, Dark ChocolateFing Stolen Ladder
31.2Heave LevyCloudieRomeNone3% Experience CapsuleFight Roman Soldiers
31.3One-eyed GiantCloudieRomeNone5% Experience CapsuleFight One-eyed Giant
31.4Past LoveCloudiePersia, Death DuneNoneSmall Love Bouquet, Forgotten ScrollFight Giant Sandworm
31.5Soldier's TreasureArthur61RomeNoneDoting Chocolate(amity +1)3 Roses
31.6Become a PianistArthur61RomeNone5% Experience BolusPiano
31.7Math MagicCloudieRomeNone2X Experience PotionAmswer Math Problems
31.8Disappeared HomeworkArthur61AthensNone2.5X Experience PotionFight Cow for Homework
31.9Water Path VoiceArthur61PersiaMurlocExperience +1,500, 1% Experience CapsuleGive Murloc a ride over water
31.10Wanted FredericoCloudieRomeFrederico10% Experience CapsuleFight Neil, Archie, Sylvia

Quest#Page 32AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
32.1Crisis behind PeaceCloudieRomeNone3% Experience Potion, Forgotten ScrollFight 2 Guards, Fight Persian Envoy Army
32.2Birthday GiftArthur61YamataikokuPlatinum BeetleSmall Love BouquetCatch Platinium Beetle
32.3Looking for the KidsQuestor101Welling VillageNoneExperience +100, 5 ea White ClayFind Children in Welling
32.4Fishing Mt. TreasureArthur61Fishing Village, Fishing Mountain, CaveNone10% Experience Capsule, Forgotten Scroll2 hard Battles.
32.5Bloody SnakeCloudiePersia - Ancient Path, Dune Path, Snake DenNoneKorean Cake, 4X Experience Potion1st Snake Battle 4 Snakes, 2nd 8,3rd 12,4th 16 Snakes, 5th 1 Biheads & 12 Snakes
32.6Gold TreasureCloudieRome - Hunting Ground, Maze in CaveNone5 Gold Block. 3X Experience PotionFight Treasure Monster and One-Eyed Demons
32.7Uncle in Trouble Arthur61Mayan ForestLouisLouis Amity +5, Pistol HP +100, Atk + 45 for LouisFight Flowers
32.8Want some GrapesQuestor101Welling VillageNoneExperience +100, 5 ea White ClayGet White Grapes from Fruit Grower
32.9BrotherhoodArthur61Chang'an, Fishing VillageNone2X Experience Potion, 3 Protective Experience PillsBattle Wino Cai, 5 Black Jade, 3 Copper Ore, 2 Northen Tiger Skins
32.10Protect CatCloudieKoyota, CavernSamShizune as PetFight Wolves

Quest#Page 33AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
33.1Sunk TreasureCloudieWrecked ShipNoneLove Bouquet, Love Music Box, 3X Experience PotionFight Spirite Captain and Mummies
33.24-Deity War Videos are referencedArthur61Chang'anNone25% Experience Capsule*1, 5X xperience Potion*1, 4-Deity Beast Ring Several very hard Battles, 4-Deity Ring for Rewards
33.3Proud Ninja Hayate the Movie Ends at 17 Min 58 SecCloudieYamataikokuHayate3% Experience Capsule, Glaze BagFight Hayate, then her Boss
33.4CounterattackCloudieRome, PersiaNone3.5X Experience Potion, 3 Protective Experience PillsMaze of Keys and Chest, Fight Guards to get in Maze,General Charlie's Mob
33.5Find Apollo - part 1 (Guards)CloudieDark Island, MazeAthenaAthena or Venus as PetFight Death Guardians 5 times, Final Battle has Medusa, Berthaud, Kirk, and Gibert.
Find Apollo - part 2 (Bosses)CloudieDungeonVenus
33.6Thief in InchonArthur61Inchon, Inchon SuburbNoneSmall Love Bouquet, 3% Experience BolusBattle Thief, 20,000 Gold for Wallet, Help Thief get an honest job
33.7Mao and Xao MoArthur61Bangkok, Wish ForestNone2.5X Experience Potion, StarProtect Mao (Battle), bring cure to Xao Mo
33.8Become ReconciledArthur61PersiaNone3% Experience Bolus, Star5 Small Daisies, Fire Lizard, Fruit Cake
33.9BBQ Pork BunsArthur61Chang'anNoneExperience +800, Small Love Bouquet10 BBQ Pork Buns (1,000 Gold for all 10 at Fishing Village)
33.10Expel HawkCloudieMaka CaveSamSam Amity +3, Shizune Amity +5, StarRescue Shizune, Battle 1 Giant Eagle, Then Battle 4 Giant Eagles

Quest#Page 34AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
34.15-Deity Coming Videos are referencedArthur61Chang'anNoneDeadly Hit Skill8 Stars
34.2Run after the Kill Hayate the Movie ends at 26 Min 21 SecCloudieKoyota - JungleHayateHayate as petFight Ninjas
34.3Grown PlantWikiapediaCairoNone2X Experience Potion10 Organic Muck, Fight Plant
34.4Misia's IndicationCloudieCherry Forest, Secret CaveAngelaLight Armband, 3% Experience Capsule, StarFight Guardian and Spirits after getting through Maze
34.5Antique MirrorArthur61Cairo, Cave behind CairoNone3% Experience Bolus, 10 BullionInvestigate and then Fight Aston's men
34.6Spirite Capt's WishCloudieAthens, RomeNone2 !% Experience BolusGo to Athens Hotel(Sleep) then go to Rome,, Love Music Box
34.7Cattle's TroubleCloudieSouth IslandEva1 Dark ChocolateTalk to Cow and become one
34.8Food PoisonedCloudiePhilippianesMagellan1% Experience Capsule, Cebu StoneRecovery Potion, 10 Roasted Pork
34.9Save UnicornCloudieRome- ForestHayate IndirectVenus Lily, 3% Experience BolusFight Roman Soldiers
34.10Great NavigatorCloudiePhilippianesMagellan3% Experience Capsule, 3 StarsTwo Battles easy followed by moderate. Magellan Dies

Quest#Page 35AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
35.1Most CherishedCloudieKyoto, Eastern ForestKanako3X Experience Potion, Star2 Battles, Recovery Potion
35.2Secret Water VatArthur61Chang'an - Western ForestNoneRed ThreadRequires Searching for escaped Pet Frog
35.3Herbal ResearchArthur61Chang'an, Korea - Frost PeakNoneGlaze Bag, 2 Phoenix Feathers(HP +100)Battle Super Ginseng
35.4Lonely QueenGaakyMystic GardenFlamboyant ParrotStar, Forgotten ScrollPurple Rose, Flamboyant Parrot
35.5Suppress SoulCloudieKyotoNone3X Experience Potion, Dark ChocolateBattle Soul of Dead Warrior
35.6Crete FiestaCloudieAthens, CreteNone2.5X Experience PotionFight Mintaur and Skeletons(Immortal Soldiers)
35.7LoveArthur61PhilippenesNoneDark ChocolateHair Dye, Color Mask
35.8Protect TreasureCloudieCornwall, Fog JungleNone3% Experience Bolus, Little RingFight Drunks at Inn, Fight Kidd at Fog Jungle, Combination Code Game
35.9Liz's CatArthur61DomremyGolden Persian Cat (Read Guide)Jade GrassChase the Cat Pet Space Needed
35.10Dark CerberusSaphiellAthensNoneSpining Spar, 5% Experience CapsuleFight Dark Cerberus and Cerberus

Quest#Page 36AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
36.1French LiteratureArthur61DomremyNoneGlaze BagAnswer Questions about French Literature
36.2Met Joan for the 1st timeCloudieGorge - North of Avigon JungleJoan2% Experience CapsuleFight Alpha'a Militia
36.3Scary AffairCloudieCornwall, Fog Jungle - CaveJoanExperience +10,000, Knights BadgeFight Horrible Tiger and cubs
36.4Merlin's TestCloudieCornwallNoneStarAnswer Questions about England
36.5Assassin from HellCloudieLost JungleEva2% Experience Capsule, Lake here is Spa +10 HP/ +10 SPFight Evil Amoured Soldier and Evil Skull Soldiers, Eva Temporarily leaves Team
36.6Farmer's TroubleArthur61CornwallNoneHoly Water10 Ordinary Wood(300 Gold NPC), Strawberry Cake (70 Gold)
36.7Disappeared KolizCloudieDomremy, Bordeaux JungleNoneExperience +2,500Fight Wolves at Bordeaux Jungle
36.8Kind DanQuestor101WellingNoneExperience +1003 Oakwood
36.9Cursed Scroll Hayate the Movie Ends at 32 Min 51 Sec CloudieYamataikoku, Shayii HillHayate2X Experience PotionFight Ninjas
36.10Collect Cocoa NibsArthur61Mayan Tribe, Mayan ForestNoneQuest Prop Mayan Cacao Nibs, for Darks ChocolateBattle Canibals for Cacao nibs

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Quest#Page 37AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
37.1Sick SailorsArthur61Voyage MapNoneMagical Mirror (Quest Prop)20 Lemons, 10 Apples, 5 Watermelon
37.2Wonderful SnackArthur61CornwallNone10 Takoyaki (SP +700, HP +300)2 Flour, 10 Octopus, 3 Cole, 3 Carrot
37.3Elin's MemoryCloudieOslya, Holy VillageElinExperience +3,000, 2 Protective Elin Amity +3Go to Holy Village where you got Elin for Crystal Glass
37.4Snake in the House!Arthur61CalcuttaNone% Experience BolusFight Boa and mob
37.5SakuraCloudieKyoto, Cherry ForestNone5 Olla Seafood Noodles, 3 Protective Experience PillsFight Gentleman, then Cherry Spirit
37.6Make a WishArthur61KyotoNone7 Blessing Guard (DEF +10, MDEF +10)Paper (Manufactured)
37.7ET's IntrigueCloudieSeabed (4 Zones Right)Elin3X Experience Potion, Jade Grass6 Black Bombs, Fight ET Doctor and ET
37.8For FreedomArthur61African VillagesNone2each 1% Experience BolusGo to Slave Ship and fight kidnappers twice
37.9Shadow Intrigue Frederico FinaleCloudiePersia, Barnya Sky CityFrederico3X Experience Potion, 3 StarsBattle Karl(During Battle Disband Team), King Howert Battle,  Frederico Dies
37.10It's Too LateArthur61Bangkok - Harbor, Oslya, Centaur IslandNoneExperience +3,000, 2 Protective Experience PillFight Dinos protecting Professor Sue, Voyage Map trips

Quest#Page 38AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
38.1Love or HatredCloudieCornwall, Fog JungleNoneHoly Water, 1.5X Experience PotionFight Red Nosed Bear, Then Bears Lead by Feena as same bear again
38.2Pretty DancerCloudieRome - ForestNone3X Experience PotionFight Roman Soldiers protecting Princess Kacy
38.3Matthew's TroubleCloudieDomremy, Fog JungleNone3% Experience BolusFight Wolves in Fog Jungle, 20,000 Gold
38.4Princess Kacy's WeddingCloudiePersiaNoneGlaze BagTalk to Princess Kacy and hgerv Father the King.
38.5Bad LuckCloudieDomremy, Fog JungleNone4 Holy WaterBattle a literal Ghost Writer
38.6AugurygamegutsKyoto, Koyota - CaveNone2X Experience PotionFight Auguar Conman
38.7Disappeared GirlsCloudieDomremy - Lost JunNone1% Experience Bolus, 3 Holy WaterFight Undying Men
38.8Naughty BoygamegutsChinaNoneExperience +1000, Quest Prop Jade30,000 Gold
38.9Drunk CharolotteCloudieDomremyCharlotteAmity +5Go to Inn at Domremy
38.10Kusarikku's HeartCloudiePersiaNone5% Experience Capsule, Forgotten ScrollLife Crystal, Fight Parth

Quest#Page 39AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
39.1Terrific PearlCloudieAvigon JungleNoneJade Grass, 3% Experience BolusSave Aaron from Sea Monsters twice
39.2Something HorribleCloudieGreat Wall PassageVictoriaExperience + 8,000, Victoria's Amity +8Fight Dao Wu and Little Hauns
39.3NnervousgamegutsFishing VillageNonePotential PillGive Naughty Boy his lost jade
39.4Wildboar LeagueArthur61Mayan Tribe - Forestry, Boar's DenNone3% Experience Bolus, Protective Experience Pill30,000 Gold, Battle Wild pigs in cave to save Richard
39.5Protect ForestgamegutsBangkok - Secret JungleNonePotential PillRecovery Potion, Fight Kwint's Guards
39.6BraveCloudieRome - ColesseumNone3% Experience BolusFight Lions to Protect Children
39.7FightingCloudieLiams' LandJoan3X Experience PotionFight Guards Assist Joan 50 French Bread (2,500 Gold)
39.8Magic RecipeArthur61CornwallNoneDark Chocolate3 Strawberry, 2 Snake Meat, 2 Sea Salt, 1 Brazil Mushroom
39.9Aden's GallipotArthur61CairoNoneExperience +6000, 3 Protective Experience PillThrow away Gallipot, Battle Ella
39.10Proof itCloudieRomeNone3 Latina Peel, 2 - 1% Experience BolusFight Ruffians

Quest#Page 40AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
40.1Secret Path need info addedgamegutsCairoNone2X Experience Potion, Forgotten Scroll2 Puzzles, 4 Crocodile Battles, Statue Battle
40.2Water God's LoveArthur61Machu Picchu, Inca -Western CaveNone3X Experience Potion10 Fresh Water, Fight 2 Headed Snakes
40.3Dream about HeroCloudieFog Jungle - CaveNone1% Experience Bolus, Lollipop
40.4Find True LoveArthur61African VillageNone2 undead Bird FeathersShow Lamont Proposing Ring
40.5Disappeared YoyoArthur61Cornwall, Fog JunglePangolin, Red Pangolin(Read Guide)1% Experience BolusCatch Pangolins listed as pets in Fog Jungle
Destroy Pirate Ship

Arthur61Cornwall, Turtle IslandNoneCorsair Bluprint, 1% Experience CapsuleFight Pirates, travel maze to Combination Lock Game, Turn Helm to Destroy Ship
40.7To be a MusicianArthur61AthensNone2X Experience Potion20 Nectar, 10 Chrysanthemums, 10 Tea, 5 Boiled Water, 20,000 Gold
40.8SupervisorArthur61Great Wall PassageNoneExperience +3,000 2 Holy WaterBattle Guards
40.9Final Weapon (Questing team all dies 9,999 Attack damage Wait for second Battle to help)CloudiePenguin VillageElin3 Stars, 5% Experience CapsuleFight ET, Elin Dies
40.10Betrayed SailorsArthur61Voyage MapNone2X Experience PotionFight Sailors

Quest#Page 41AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
41.1Life in the ValeCloudieFrance - GorgeSamSam Amity +3, Shizune Amity +3Battle Wolves
41.2Go Away Parrot!Arthur61Hanging Garden - Back JungleLouisLouis Amity +3Save Boy from Parrots
41.3For PeaceCloudieRome - JungleNone5% Experience BolusProtect Odyssea and Kacy, Fight Roman Soldiers.
41.4Danger! Princess!CloudiePersia, Sand ValleyNone2X Experience PotionFight Persian Royal Guard
41.5Be Careful!CloudieFog JungleFrederico QuestsFredrico Amity +4Trip Trap in England.
41.6Honor & PeaceCloudieRomeNoneExperience +1,000Talk to Odyssea at Senate Building
41.7Tell the TruthCloudieRome - Jungle - PeakNone1% Experience BolusAttempt to talk to Odyssea
41.8Kill DragonCloudieMegalith Attack Area, CaveJoan5% Experience Capsule, Guiding Stone(Talk to Merlin Needed for Saint Joan Quest)Combination Game, Challenging Maze, Weaker Dragon Battle in Cave, Major Battle at Stonehenge
41.9Warrior & DancerCloudieRome, Ghost Hall, JungleNone3% Experience BolusFight Persian Royal Guard
41.10Wanted Notice Hayate the Movie 43 Min 12 SecCloudieChina - Western WoodlandHayateHayate Amity +4, StarVenus Lily

Quest#Page 42AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
42.1PeaceCloudiePersiaNoneExperience +1,000Talk to King Darius
42.2TruthCloudieRomeNone2X Experience PotionFight Roman Soldiers
42.3Trapped LoverCloudieRomeNone4X Experience Potion, Space AgreementFight Guardians 3 times(For Key, For  Odyssea or Kacy, then for Both  Odyssea and Kacy 
42.4Travel around FranceCloudieLiams' LandJoanForgotten Scroll, Glaze BagFight Militia to rescue Lancelot
42.5Protect the Cursed Scroll Hayate the Movie ends at 47 Min 31 SecCloudieFire Maple Forest, YamataikokuHayateCursed Scroll, 2X Experience PotionFight Ninjas, deliver Sky Scroll
42.6Cursed Power Hayate the Movie ends at 56 Min 15 SecCloudieYamataikokuHayate2 StarsHayate dies
42.7Mysterious Icy CaveCloudieShayii HillKanako3 Stars, 5% Experience CapsuleKanako dies
42.8Painful BehemothQuestor101North IslandNone1 Dark Chocolate1 set of Pliers (Manufactured)
42.9Trapped KnightCloudieDomremyJoanExperience + 15,000Fight Militia to rescue Lancelot
42.10Saint JoanCloudieDomremy, Dorjas JungleJoanJeannne as PetFight Kirk, Shadow Tiger,  and Shadow Hill Monster, Knight Badge, need Guiding Stone

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Quest#Page 43AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
43.1Peaceful QuestCloudieRome - Aponni ForestNoneHealing Potion (+10,000), SP Potion(+10,000)Fight Floyd and team, Odyssea or Kacy dies from Poisoning
43.2Kitty in the wellCloudieYamataikokuShizuneJade GrassRescue Kitty in Well
43.3KnowledgeArthur61CornwallNone2 Protective Experience Pill, 2X Experience Potion
43.4Flying Carpet (Merchant Version not 30.9)Arthur61PersiaNone2.5X Experience PotionFind lost Carpet
43.5Priest RequestArthur61PersiaNone1% Experience BolusRed Jade(130 Gold), 3 White Roses(840 Gold), 10 Beast Bones
43.6Needs More MarblesArthur61InchonNone3X Experience Potion15 Marble (Kelan's Cave Stone Monster Water type drops Marble)
43.7Needs More WoodArthur61Penguin VillageNone3% Experience Bolus30 Ordinary Wood (900 Gold)
43.8Corlorful GlazeArthur61AthensNone2X Experience PotionFind Lost Wallet for Merchant
43.9Where's the DoggyArthur61DomremyNone3% Experience BolusFind Lost Dog in Lost Jun for Renault
43.10Need LinenArthur61CairoNone3X Experience Potion30 Linen (150 Linen Thread(300 Harl Grass))

Page 44AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
44.1Making Rice CakesArthur61InchonNone2X Experience Potion10 White Rice
44.2Ill Tempered PriestCloudieDomremy, Evil Elf CaveEva2.5X Experience PotionFind Priest that is Possesed Eva takes care of him
44.3Chinese CultureArthur61Chang'anNoneExperience +800, Mini DragonflyAnswer four very easy questions.
44.4Rescuing SatoCloudieKyoto, Cherry ForestNoneExperience +8,000, 3.5x Experience PotionBattle Wolves with Double Health Bars
44.5PvP For FunArthur61Great WallNoneExperience +8,000, 3.5x Experience PotionBattle General Wu at Great Wall
44.6The Kongmin LanternArthur61Chang'anNone15 ea Bliss LampAnswer four very easy questions.
44.7Quatermain's TreasureCloudieAthensNoneSuper Potential Pill, 6X Experience PotionFight Eligor and Guards
44.8Kikutaro's DreamArthur61Yamataikoku, KyotoNoneExperience +5000, Star25,000 Gold, Round Trip to Kyoto
44.9The Lonely Jade RabbitQuestor101Welling VillageRequired to Catch one2.5 X Experience PotionRabbit
44.10Building DreamsArthur61ChinaNone3.5X Experience Potion10 Lauan, 20 Fine Log, and 20 Fine Wood (53,900 Gold in game)

Quest#Page 45AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
45.1Deathmatch! Charles's revenge!CloudieFishing Village, Centaur IslandVictoria10% Experience Capsule, 3 StarsVictoria Dies, Fight Pirates, Fight Charles as Beast
45.2Last GuardianCloudieBangkok - Jungle, Snow IslandSamShizune Returns, 10% Experience Capsule, 3 StarsWarning in Bangkok be only Questor with out pets,Temporary loss of Shizune, Death of Sam, Fight Dober Army
45.3The Candied GourdCloudieChinaVictoriaExperience +8,000, Victoria's Amity +1010,000 Gold
45.4History of ValentineQuestor101Holy VillageNone4.5 X Experience PotionAnswer Quiz
45.5Brotherly FeudArthur61Michu Picchu, TempleNoneExperience +2,500, Small Love BouquetTalk to Priest and Brothers
45.6Tastebuds of Angels & DevilsCloudieLost Jun CaveAngelaAngela Amity +10, Eva Amity +10, Experience +8,000Through Cave in lost Jungle
45.7Dubious DrugsArthur61Bangkok - HarborNone2X Experience PotionFight Crooked Merchant for cure
45.8Descent of the Fallen AngelCloudieRevival Island, Inca - Western CaveAngelaExperience +15,000, 5% Experience CapsuleFight Antruz and Fallen Angels
45.9Be HonestgamegutsRevival IslandNoneMagical Egg, StarBattle Skeleton Ghost
45.10Possessed by DemongamegutsDomremyEvaExperience +1,000, StarGo to Church in Domremy talk to Nun then Priest will help

Quest#Page 46AuthorLocation(s)PetRewardCost
46.1Wounded KnightgamegutsCornwall, Cairo, African PlainsJoan1% Experience CapsuleRescue Sir Lancelot
46.2Memories of the PastgamegutsCornwall, Enigmatic CaveLouis3% Experience CapsuleFight Dogna and His Aides
46.3Important ItemgamegutsFishing Village, Chang'anNone5X Experience PotionAnswer Question by Matchmaker

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This is EVERYTHING!  (Literally)

Thanks so much for this amazing guide, I added it to our Index.

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