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[Experience Discussion] Official Scammer List (ALL SERVERS)

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Posted on 2018-02-03 16:22:10 | Show thread starter's posts only

WLO's Scammer List
Supervised by the OP, and the Mod team.
Locked thread; not meant for spamming
Last updated on 2/4/2018

After the forum change, the moderators were forced to close our old Aries Scammer thread, because our hide code didn't work anymore. In-order to prevent further accusations, and bickering; MysticalBlue has locked the thread. 
Aries Scammer List

A scammer is o
ne who does everything in his/her power to steal from another, usually by means of trickery, deceit, and force. With the accessibility and anonymity that the internet provides, scammers have become increasingly prevalent in modern times. Usually driven by personal greed or even outright amusement, they are unhindered by sympathy or morals and are the very face of human corruption.

How to report someone, to be added in the list?
1. Make sure you have fully documented the transaction that you got scammed in. Either by screenshots from in-game, or a video that shows the method you were scammed by, along with the scammer's IGN.
2. Post your screenshots on an image hoster like tinypic , or postimage.org. If it is a video, please upload your video on YouTube, or any other website.
3. Direct message me (xAmyAsuna) on the forum, with the sharing links to your proof. Please include your IGN, along with your server, and the scammer's IGN.
4. Invalid proof is subjected to be ignored. Please make sure to document all your transactions in a way that makes it easier to identify if a scam occurred or not.

Notes to keep in-mind
1. All names that will be listed, have all proof of scam linked with their name. To prevent any biased accusations and argues.
2. Controversial, or ambiguous proof will be run through our moderators for further checking, and opinions.
3. If you find your character's name in the list, feel free to PM me.
4. If you ever feel that your proof was valid, and I did not accept it. Feel free to contact our Super Moderator (Taru). She supervises the thread with me.
5. Anyone who was scammed by a transaction that is considered illegal according to IGG's terms and conditions, will not be considered. 
6. Never give out your password. IGG will never obligate you to release your password to them.
7. Always consider gold packs, and STS. If ever feeling sketchy about someone, try shouting on world asking for their reputation.

What counts as a valid proof?
Screenshot of a conversation with the scammer; trying to ask for your password, asking for payment first without considering STS or a fair trade system.
Screenshot after you traded the items, and the scammer logs out or blocks you.
Screenshot of the scammer trying to trick you by not trading the right item to you, or the right amount of gold.

Messages that do not display any kind of these evidences will not be considered. 
Separate scammer threads on the forum, are subjected to be removed.

Aries Scammer List:-

enney ; Evidence :-  A   B
shiu-chan ; Evidence :-  A   B   C
Hirume ; Evidence :- A

Taurus Scammer List:-

TheBlade ; Evidence:- Video Proof

Cancer Scammer List:-

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