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[Experience Discussion] Frederico guide As Requested

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Don't give me any credit for this. I basically just took a guide that already existed, reviewed it, deleted it, and then rewrote it in my own words.

********Last Update by TianDan
Whats new?? Added pictures finally :) It took me quite fast LOL.....

Rescue Frederico

I. Overview

A. Roca Quests:
1. First Test
2. Death of Roca's Father
3. Start off again with Roca
4. Undeserved Roca
5. The Fairy's Revelation
6. Strong Enemy, Frederico!
7. The Promise Under the Sky

B. Niss Quests:
1. The Mysterious Girl
2. Niss' Danger
3. Devil Pattis
4. The Door God's Trial
5. Light and Dark Twin God
6. The Secret of Barnya Sky City
7. The Promise Under the Sky

C. Clive Quests:
1. Pirates who turn over a new leaf
2. Strong Enemy, Frederico!

D. Other quests:
1. Take the High Road
2. Unbelievers
3. Vanished Villager

[Credit goes to wlodb.com] for this list.

The quest to obtain the mighty pet Frederico is long and at times, frustrating and annoying. The actual final battle to obtain him is relatively easy at higher levels but even for the most pro players, going through all the steps can be quite bothersome. It is worth it. When all is done and Frederico joins the team, it will be clear why demand for this pet is so high. Let us start with the very basic question; What is needed for this quest?

II. Requirements

A)        An airborne vehicle (Ex. Plane)
B)        Roca, Niss, Clive, Xaolan (debatable)
C)        I’d recommend bringing a team with you

Surprisingly, this is all you need to complete this quest. For level requirements, I do not believe there are any.

III. Pre-Game

A. The Four Pets

1) Roca/Xaolan: The quest for Fred begins in Kelan Village. Players should pick up both Roca and Xaolan. Roca will join your party upon agreeing to a quest by the village leader. Xaolan can be obtained after rescuing her from bandits twice, once inside her house, and again to the south of Kelan Village. She can be found the second time right outside of Kelan tied to a tree stump.

2) Niss: Once leaving Kelan Village via the South Exit, take an immediate right down a path to the upper right corner of the map. Here is where the pet Niss can be obtained. After obtaining Niss, visit the peak of KaMa Cave (past where you beat the Tiger) where an old tree can be found. At the top of this tree lies Niss’ wand. Conveniently, KaMa is located just south of where Niss is found. Before going, the quest to obtain Welling Village’s scroll can be started.

3) Clive: Clive can be found in the pirate cave, which can be found at the Southern tip of South Island. A boat is required to reach this area although once one person has reached it; a tent can be set up to bring others in. This area can be reached by leaving from the South Island dock near Pine Forest and then traveling south. Please note that Xaolan’s quests must be completed for Clive’s quest to activate. I believe Xaolan must also be in the party. Once the team has entered the cave, travel to the top left corner on the same floor. Halfway there, there will be a cut scene, showing a pirate in red clothing moving to another room. This signals you have everything in order and you can proceed. Ignore the bottom two pirates and instead go up. Two pirates will guard an inner room. Defeat them, and then another three pirates inside the room to obtain Clive.

B. PreQuesting

A small note: This part of the quest is the longest and most boring. It requires traveling back and forth between Welling and Kelan, as well as considerably easy battles.

At this time, you need Niss and Roca in your party.

1. Death of Roca’s Father. The quest where her father is killed. To start, bring Niss into the Hotel Room in Welling Village. There will be a short cut scene and Niss will rest there. After this scene, proceed to the Welling Village Leader’s home. Talk with the leader, and then exit. At this time, another cut scene will occur where Niss is about to be burned alive. Defeat the guards, watch the scene, and then exit out of Welling Village. Approach the cave to South Island where you fight the Troll. Before you can enter, Roca will appear, asking you to return to Kelan so she can bid farewell to her father. Do as she says and return to Kelan. You will find the leader missing. Talk to one of the guards outside to learn he has gone to Welling Village. Go there now and head for the Welling Village Leader’s House. Watch the scene here. To finish up, take Roca to the statue in Kelan next to the Rock Monster Cave. There will be a memorial here. Congratulations. You just completed a very boring quest.

2. La Tims Lease

You will need an airborne vehicle and Roca.

Go to the bottom half of South Island. Regardless of where you are use your plane or air vehicle. Travel towards the question mark that seems to be located in the middle of a mountainous area. It is near the top left. You should see a stone door built into the mountain. Approach this door, click on it, and then enter.

Once inside, proceed further towards a small stand with a skull on it. You should also see La Tim floating over a dead woman. Have Roca in the party and challenge La Tim. Defeat him. I’d say any team level 30+ can handle La Tim with relative ease. Once you win you will receive the pet armlet Tim’s Lease. You can also pick up the human skull here. It is needed for another quest later in Maya.

IV Real Quest

A. Into the Heart of the Volcano

You will need Clive, Roca, and a vehicle that can reach Revival Island

Here is where things get fun and interesting. Have Clive and Roca in your party. Go to Holy Village and head for the bar. The very one where you can spawn to. Near the counter, there will be two pirates. Clive will translate their code talk and tell you that Fred has fled to Revival Island. Head for Revival now.

Upon, reaching the island, take note of the volcano structure in the middle of the map. Enter the volcano through an entrance at the base. Head left and you will see stairs. Proceed and cross the new room to the other side. Before you can get any further, a message will ask if you are prepared to lose Clive. Note: Clive will die after this part. If you want Magellan, I’d strongly recommend doing his quest first.

Accept, watch the scene, and then flee to the next room. You will see Fred waiting at the other side. Equip Roca to your damagers and then prepare for a fight. I say equip Roca to damagers simply because only a person with Roca out for battle can deal normal damage to Fred. For the others, I’d recommend pets with useful sealing abilities such as Shasha. There will be three Freds for this battle.

Note: Roca gets an impressive defensive bonus against Fred. Regardless of level, she will take at most ten damage from Fred’s special skill.

Once Fred is defeated he will escape on his dragon. Take the reward from the chest and then return to the previous room. Clive will die now, but not before giving you a speed necklace for wind elements as well as several stars. Congratulations.

B. Story of a Little Girl

1. Introduction

You will need Niss in your party. You will need a vehicle to reach Korea.

Head for Korea. Once landed, proceed South to the main town (Inchon). There will be a woman walking around here. After speaking to her, she will tell you about a person. I can’t remember the exact details here. In any case, the person you need to speak to is located in the village leader’s house. Enter there, and you will see a person dressed in blue. Her name is Pattis.

Talk to this woman and if Niss is in party, you will be drawn into a boring scene describing Niss’s background. Long story short, you will need to collect three beads to unlock Niss’s memories.

Get your vehicle and head all the way left to Egypt.

2. Treasure Hunting in Egypt

You will need Niss. You will need an airborne vehicle.

Once in Egypt, head to the bottom left where there is a pier. Ignore the sailor there and instead board your vehicle. Travel left past a series of boats and you will leave that map area. Continue traveling left until you reach land again. Note: You must use your vehicle twice. Once to go from Egypt to one island. And again to get off the island and into the pyramids region.

You will know you are in the right place when you see a series of structures and pyramids. Nearby where you land, there is a ruin. A man wanders in this area. He is an archaeologist. Talk to him and you will learn of a gem at the top of a pyramid. The next step is quite obvious. Take your plane and fly up the pyramid. There will be a doorway up here. Go inside.

In the very first room, go left at the first corridor and voila, you’re target. After you pick it up, return to the base up the pyramid. A little bit further along the map, there is a doorway into another pyramid. Go inside this door and down the stairs on the left hand side. On the second map, there will be another set of stairs. Follow the path on this floor and you will see the first sealed bead. A relatively easy fight with some mummies. Defeat them, and then leave the pyramid. One more stop here.

There is a building in the form of a sphinx near the bottom half of the map towards the left. Approach this sphinx and the gem you picked up earlier will begin to react. It will reveal a secret stairway. Enter and proceed to the question mark. Watch the scene and then fight Anubis. The mummies here can seal so be careful of that. Other than that, this battle is no trouble. Watch the scene and gain the Key to Ghostdom. Good job, two more sealed beads to go.

3. Secret Hidden In Ice

You will need Niss, the first sealed bead, as well as a vehicle to reach Iceberg. A plane is also needed to access the secret area at iceberg.

Journey south all the way down to the bottom right corner. There will be a iceberg here. Approach it. Once land, you will notice a doorway leading inside. Do not enter this doorway. Instead, board your air vehicle and fly a bit up and to the left away from the entrance. You will see a steel trapdoor here.

Once landed, click on it, and your sealed bead from Egypt will unlock the door for you. Jump down inside. From here, go towards the bottom right of the map to a stairwell. It will take you to another floor. A question mark will be near the top right. Make your way through the map to this area. You will see some elderly men there guarding the bead.

Talk to them. After a short scene, they will transform into four dragons; one of each element. They can be a bit tough for lower levels, but for most reborn teams, this will be a piece of cake. Defeat them to gain the second bead as well as some further dirt on Niss’s background. Congratulations.

4. Conclusion: Dark Niss?

You will need Niss and the two sealed beads from the previous areas. An airborne vehicle is required to reach the final area.

Head to the right side of the world map to the Mayan area. Go through the wooded area and reach the main town. You will see a basketball court on the right side. Next to it will be a temple of sorts. Board your vehicle, and fly all the way to the top. Go through some twists and turns and make your way two floors down. At the final floor, you will see a single path that leads to a large room. Three pedestals will be in this room. One sealed bead will be in the middle pedestal.

Touch this bead to enter into a battle with some guards. Most of them can seal. While possibly taking longer to defeat than the four dragons, they are considerably easier.

Once they are defeated, Pattis and the Four Guardians will arrive. After the scene, despite the guardian’s warnings, place the remaining two beads in their respective places. You will release Dark Niss.

This battle is relatively the same as the previous one, except you have a Dark Niss to deal with. Keep her sealed and defeat her first. The other guards are simply the same as from before. They do spawn I believe.

Once Dark Niss and guards are defeated, Niss will return to normal. Nothing left to do here. Continue on. One fight remains. But first…a lot more traveling and learning of Wonderland History. Fun fun.

C. WLO Touring 101

Note: You can choose to go to Hawaii or Barnya as your next destination. Since Hawaii is closer, I will describe this first

You will need Roca and Niss. And a vehicle for traveling. Don’t forget that plane.

1. Vacation at Hawaii

Make your way to Hawaii, next to the rank 18 store. Enter the cave in the middle of the island. You will see paths leading to stairways. It’s quite a walk, but make your way through the maps. You will eventually reach the top. Approach the cliff and watch the scene.

On a side note, this is a good place to take your dates if you don’t know already.

Back on topic, after the scene; pick up the shining object on the ground. This pendant is important later on. You’re done here.

2. City in the Sky

From North/South Island, fly (yes you will need to fly) through the world map left and a bit down from these islands. Barnya will look like a fortress on top of a chunk or rock. It’s between Snow Cave (bottom left of map) and North/South Island. Good luck finding it.

Once you reach it, try to approach the gates. Niss will unlock it and you can enter. Watch the rather boring scene here and that’s it. All done with touring. Take the new Decree and now head for the final battle.

V. Ghostdom: Kick Fred’s ***

You will need Roca, Niss, All the items you’ve collected in the quest so far, and a vehicle.

Ghost Isle is just north of Japan. Enter it and proceed to a stairwell just above you. From there, head to the bottom left of the new map. There will be a door here with a keyhole next to it. If you have kept everything from the quests so far, you will have the key needed to open this door. Once inside, you only need to go for the bottom left path. You will need to have the star pendant in your inventory to “dispel” the room’s magic.

If all is successful, you will be on a bridge over lave. You will see a doorway some bit ahead of you. Two guards block your entry. With the decree from Barnya, they will let you in. Enter this final room. Fred will be here.

This battle is a bit tougher than the last time you saw him. He will split into five forms, each with considerably more HP. Fear not. His positioning is excellent for sleeping. Make sure Roca is in battle again. Good luck. Two hours is more than enough time to complete this quest. They do not seal, only damage. So take your time and enjoy pounding Fred’s face into the dirt.

Congratulations on getting Fred - Here is Fred Lv1 Stat

Enjoy everybody :)

-Tian&Lion :)

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Nice Guide, Wonderful description/bunny4 Have a picture?/bunny63

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Tian was supposed to do pictures. I suppose later I can go run through the quest real quick and snap some pictures.

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Nice guide :D.

You don't actually need Xaolan, you just need to have done the "Grandparent and Grandchild who are robbed" and "Avenging Pirate" quests in order to start the quests for Clive.

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Ah right, yeah I wasn't sure about that. I remembered somebody told me it's better to have Xaolan with you just to be safe. I swear, these things get so tricky. So I just brought her along just to be safe.

There was something about you need to be level 20 to get some pet. But I can't remember if that's Elin or Clive. I think it's Elin. So long ago.

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Reply 5# lionheart555's post
Elin :), and need to be level 30 to get her gun.  Both you and Elin must be lv.40 to get the Plasma Wafer.

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Thank you, lion, haven't seen it earlier. :)


Entertainment? Here: https://youtu.be/zJGWv_axOiY
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Neither have I, Thanks Albert :)

That quest is easy to solo,  but it's kinda long....

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thanks :) i'll get fred /fox17  don't have him /fox8

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Throw some pics and mob info on here and this would be the clearest guide on Fred I've seen.
Your formatting style made all the steps much easier to follow.